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Cyber Division.

The primary objective of the Cyber Division is to contribute to the national security of the United States by promoting communication and interaction between industry, government and military on Cyber domain policy, legislation, requirements and technology.

The charter of the Cyber Division is to facilitate industry-government interaction in policy, legislative, legal and technical areas directly related to protecting cyber assets, maintaining access to the cyber domain, and conducting information operations. Such interaction is intended to promote the development of a secure, resilient and reliable cyber domain for the United States and its allies, and provide for an exchange of information and views between industry, government and military representatives. The effective cooperation between these three groups is essential if we are to establish and maintain superiority in the cyber domain.



Specific division Objectives include:

* Advocate for national policies that leverage private sector and defense industry cyber capabilities.

* Build public private partnerships, which enhance information exchange and mutual understanding

* Support education initiatives to increase industry and government awareness of cyber threat and technology

* Coordinate member response to proposed legislation affecting the Defense Industrial Base

* Perform systems engineering and related technical work to help advance the state-of-the-art in secure systems

Staff Director: Britt Bommelje, CMP 703-247-2587

Co-Chairs Mr. Mark A. Fedak Salient Federal Solutions, Inc.

Mr. James "Gib" Godwin Northrop Grumman-Mission Systems

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