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Cutting the material risk.

It is estimated that more than 3,500 people die in Britain every year from the effects of asbestos-related diseases.

And there are fears that this figure could rise to as many as 10,000 deaths a year by 2020.

Many people are put at risk because they simply do not know what they should do if they come across asbestos during the course of their work.

To try to combat this, Northern Safety are making their advice and training available to an even wider range of companies throughout the Tees Valley.

For many years, Northern Safety has provided Health and Safety advice and training to the asbestos removal industry.

There is now a new legal duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises which was introduced in the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations last year.

And although the regulation does not become law until May next year, companies need to start work now to manage any risks.

It is estimated that around 500,000 commercial and public buildings across the country still have materials in them that contain asbestos and in many cases, no-one is managing the risk from thousands of tonnes of asbestos in these premises.

Maintenance workers such as electricians, joiners and plumbers are putting themselves at risk from disturbing these deadly materials.

The new duty to manage asbestos requires those who have responsibility for maintenance activities in these premises to assess whether there is any asbestos present and decide either to remove it or manage it, depending on its condition.

All non-domestic buildings, whatever type of business is carried out in them, is affected. It also covers the common areas of residential rented properties including halls, stair-wells, lift shafts and roof spaces.

Northern Safety can provide comprehensive information, training and assistance to all companies to ensure that they can manage their new responsibilities properly and to prevent any accidental exposure to asbestos.

For further information about the services they offer, contact Lyndsey Thomson on 01642 594369.
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Title Annotation:Business Local
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Sep 24, 2003
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