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Cutting edge technology that is revolutionizing pipe maintenance.

One of the most difficult, time consuming, and costly aspects of building maintenance is drainage pipe maintenance. Once drainage systems are clogged, persistent clogging is not far off, and costly pipe replacement or drain bypassing almost always follows. The good news is that technology is now available that dramatically improves upon conventional clog assessment and removal methods.

Modern PVC drainage pipes are actually extremely rugged, they can theoretically last several decades without cracking or failing, and are often replaced not because they crack or are damaged, but because they get so hopelessly clogged that even professional plumbers simply give up and resort to replacement.

The problem lies in the fact the conventional de-clogging methods don't involve actually visibly seeing the root cause of a clog, so even in cases wherein a clog is 'solved', the solution is temporary, and the clog will simply, almost inevitably recur, only worse the second time around, and progressively worse every succeeding time.

Today though the technology exists to actually see clogs or damaged pipes, to locate them with inch perfect precision, and to know the exact substance or combination of substances causing an obstruction. All possible without ever having to remove, detach, damage or uncover a pipe. That technology is exclusively available in the Philippines through RIDGID, a leading global manufacturer of tools favored by highly professionalized contractors all over the world.

The components that make up RIDGID's underground technology solutions are built around cutting edge cameras that represent a giant leap forward in de-clogging. They save hours of unnecessary labor, and incalculable revenue for those with the foresight to employ RIDGID equipped contractors such as VELTRUP Technik Philippines, and Roto-Rooter Philippines.

'Using RIDGID cameras allows us to visually walk the clients through their pipe network, see the problem for themselves, and appreciate the actual results of our job,' says Veltrup Managing Director Michael Scheile. 'That's peace of mind for our clients. It's perceivable proof of our commitment to serve them well.'

'Whatever the customer requires, however seemingly impossible, that's the kind of service VELTRUP Technik Philippines has been offering in our 16 years in the Philippines, and 40 years worldwide.' promised Scheile.

Without RIDGID cameras, solving a deeply buried clog is a matter of trial and error, and after the clog is solved, there is no way of knowing whether or not the problem will or won't recur anytime soon. RIDGID equipped contractor Roto-Rooter Philippines' CEO Mark Puyat has no such problem: 'We are able to place a 90-day guarantee on our services because of RIDGID's technology, and thanks to RIDGID, that's peace of mind for our customers. We have 100% customer satisfaction.'

Does this sound too good to be true? It won't cost you anything to find out. To schedule a free demo, call RIDGID at Tel No. (02) 214 6804, or email us at

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Oct 8, 2018
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