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Cutting corners smarter.

LeBlond Makino's latest proprietary software development, Geometric Intelligence (GI), improves control of machine dynamics, permitting high-speed machining centers to maintain maximum or near-maximum feedrates despite axis reversals and tool-path changes, even through corners.

"GI is the first software control that can predict and compensate on-the-fly for machine behavior based on programmed dynamics for each specific machine," says Dr Jerry Knobeloch, vice president of engineering. "This not only takes traverse and cutting feeds to new levels without sacrificing accuracies, but also allows more of that speed capability to be productively applied to shortening machining time."

Fitted standard on the company's high-speed A55 horizontal machining center, GI permits rapid traverse of 1200"/min to minimize the major cause of non-cut time and produces cutting feedrates to 630"/min. As a result, the A55 is able to cut a 1/2" dia boss with roundness to within 0.000 58" at the maximum feedrate and can hold the maximum feedrate down to 1/4" radius corners.

Compared to conventional 32-bit controls, a GI-equipped A55 was able to cut a test piece at more than three times the feedrate, while cutting machine time by more than half, yet still achieve far superior accuracies.

Typical 32-bit controls must slow feed rates to reduce servo lag, spindle dwell, overshoot, or droop while doing the number crunching on geometry changes, which diminishes the advantages of high-speed machining and extends overall part processing time. By contrast, GI combines look-ahead capability with dynamic-positioning compensation. Look ahead previews commands to the servos to anticipate axis reversals and compensates for backlash.

Each machining center's dynamic characteristics are mapped upon manufacture and factored into the machine control. GI algorithms predict exact tool-path deviation due to inertia and machine dynamics, then compensate accordingly to maintain cutting accuracy.
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Title Annotation:LeBlond Makino Machine Tool Co.'s new cutting machine control system
Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Jul 1, 1993
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