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Cutting board swings up for access to corner storage.

Cutting board swings up for access to corner storage

Getting at the back reaches of a storage cabinet is often difficult, especially where the cabinet runs into a corner. Designer Kevin Buck found a way around this vexing problem in his remodel of Carne Barnett's kitchen in Oakland.

He hinged a section of the 22- by 34-inch butcher-block counter that tops the corner cabinet, making it easy to reach deep into the storage space from above.

Buck first cut a notch along the butcher block's left edge, where it meets the plastic laminate section. He then cut a 16- by 24-inch rectangle out of the butcher block to make a lid. The remaining L-shaped piece was permanently attached to the cabinets below.

Then he reattached the rectangle along the long edge of the fixed piece with a 24-inch piano hinge. The hinged edge was planed to allow for the thickness of the hinge, so the front edges of the countertops would align.

When the hinged panel is closed, it rests on the notch along the laminate side and on the top of the cabinet frame below.

The 6-inch-wide piece of butcher block between hinge and back wall allows the hinged panel to lean against the wall, freeing both hands for stacking or lifting.
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Date:Mar 1, 1984
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