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Cutting The Lines.

Cutting The Lines

Christopher J. Petrilli

Paladin Press

7077 Winchester Circle, Boulder, CO 80301

SKU# CUTDVE, $69.95 1-800-392-2400

Christopher Petrillie is an 8th-degree Doce pares Eskrima black belt master and in "Cutting The Lines: The Vicious Compression Locks of Doce Pares Eskrim" he takes up where he left off in his earlier marital arts instruction DVD "Crashing The Lines". Petrilli goest into great detail to illustrate and demonstrate a new series of locks, throws and chokes that are particular useful when engaged in the thick of a fight. Following a logical profession from the lower part of the body (leg compressions), up to the arm and wrist (finger compressions), and ending at the neck (choke holds), Petrillie goes on to teach the viewer how to access these locks from both the chaotic motion of a fight and from a standing position after an opponent has been softened up through some strikes. Petrilli also demonstrates how to perform these locks using the 'punyo' or but end of the stick, as well as how to counter compressions with simple, fluid motions allowing the re-directions of an opponents force into a more punishing lock or choke. With a total running time of 180 minutes, "Cutting The Lines" is an important and thoroughly 'student friendly' instructional DVD strongly recommended for personal, professional, and dojo reference collections.
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Date:Feb 1, 2007
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