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Cutest Mom-Son Argument: 3-year-old Mateo Finally Gets Cupcakes on Ellen's Show [WATCH VIDEO].

Matthew Beltran or three-year-old Mateo, who argued with his mother Linda over cupcakes, has finally got it on Ellen DeGeneres show.

The three-year-old shot to fame when a video featuring him went viral on social networking sites. The video has been viewed by more than 4 million times till now.

After watching that video, Ellen DeGeneres invited the kid and his mother to her show. Mateo along with Linda appeared on the show on Tuesday (18 March).

They were warmly welcomed by the show host and the audience. DeGeneres and Linda later discussed about the cutest argument that went viral. After welcoming them, the host said that she wanted to meet Mateo because she found the video to be the most adorable thing ever.

During the show, Linda spoke about her son's debating skills and also about the fame they got in instance

Towards the end of the show DeGeneres told Mateo that she had a surprise for him which his mother might not like it. She then gives him a tower of cupcakes along with posters of three superhero including Superman, Batman and Spiderman, and a poster of Mateo too.

Even Linda got surprise weekend spa package. Also, when the host came to know that Linda along with her husband Kenneth and children stay with her parents, as Kenneth is busy with job and his studies she gave her a check worth $10,000.

Mateo became famous when his debate with Linda for having cupcakes for dinner went viral online. In the two-minute-36-second video Mateo calls her mom by her name.

"Linda listen to me, listen to me dude..." the kid argues with her mom and tells her why he should be given cupcakes for dinner.

Check out the video of the argument

( here

and Ellen's show video below:

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Date:Mar 21, 2014
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