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Cute teaser will help pass time; Cyto iPhone PS0.69.

CHILLINGO has become master of the three-star puzzler, and Cyto is another demonstration of how cute physics-based teasers can while away the hours on your iPhone.

Little plasmoid Cyto has lost his memories and must retrieve them by navigating through several dozen levels where you use his elasticity to fire him from one cell to another, eventually finding a pathway to the next level portal. Small tentacle attachments to cells will stick Cyto to a certain place, while stretching between two will create a cradle of goo for you to fire Cyto from.

While it's not a revolutionary approach to the genre, the game's mechanics, by their very nature, present new ways of thinking for puzzle fans.

Once you've got the gist, though, it won't take you more than a day or so to crack the lot.

But Cyto's crisp visuals and remarkably calming classical soundtrack provide a polished experience that's well worth a few of your pennies.


STICKY A goo cradle helps you fire ahead
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 8, 2013
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