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Cute boys ahead. Now what? Want more boy attention? Fine-tune your crush skills here.

Boys wooing girls? Since when? Probably the most infuriating thing we gals are supposed to swallow is that Hollywood fantasy where the boy chases after the girl because he can't not from the sheer white-light force of his undeniable love. Uh-huh ... right. Or how 'bout when the leading lady can't even decide who to like because there are two guys who like her, darn it! Romance like that is faker than Lindsay Lohan's ... tan.

According to the people who study dating trends, girls go after guys way more than guys go after girls. Whatever the maneuver--the approach, the date invitation, the phone call--females now typically do most of the legwork. These days, a girl really needs some game to get a guy's attention.

To discover your own romance style, take this quiz, and see what type of crush groove is most your speed when it comes to cool, boy-catching strategies. Then, practice on your unsuspecting crush--he'll be yours in no time.

1 The last time you said anything to a boy, you were ...

a. offering him an Advil because he said his head was pounding.

b. asking your cousin to pass the sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner.

c. ordering fries with your burger.

d. getting his spin on the new Halo 2.

e. chatting it up with your crush's best buddy's next-door neighbor.

f. asking him if he'd like to catch The Incredibles Saturday night.

2 Your idea of a bold maneuver is...

a. seeing if he needs an extra hand for the car-wash fund-raiser this weekend.

b. spilling to someone other than your BFF that you have a crush.

c. fake-falling in front of your crush so he has to help you up.

d. asking a guy for his help with your history project.

e. getting your friend to tell your crush that you're into him.

f. telling your crush what flavor lip gloss you're wearing.

3 On Friday night, the best way to get some quality crush time is by ...

a. going to his usual weekend hangout and telling him you need to bum a ride home because your buds bailed.

b. spying on him with your friends.

c. bumping into him accidentally-on-purpose at Tacos Amigos, where he scarfs nachos weekly with his crew.

d. disconnecting your printer, then calling him to see if he'll come over and "fix" that darn thing.

e. having your girls scout out where he and his boys will be hanging, then making sure you're there.

f. dialing him up to see if he wants to come over to your house and watch Van Helsing on DVD.

4 Your crush is kinda sorta getting that you dig him. Your next move is to...

a. let him know you noticed he got a C- on the English exam and you'd be happy to help study next week.

b. just keep sending him telepathic crush thoughts, and hope he picks up on your "I like you" vibe.

c. magically appear at every place he's at so he has unlimited opportunities to chat you up if he wants to.

d. find out what he's good at, like snowboarding, and then mention to him how much you've always wanted to learn to board.

e. get your best friend to get a vibe from his best friend as to whether or not he'd go out with you.

f. dress to the nines, wait for him by his locker, and flirt away.

5. You get a hall pass during fifth and, as you're strolling along, you realize your crush is walking toward you, None in the hall with him, you ...

a. stop to ask him why he's not in class--did he get called to the office?

b. manage to mutter "hi" but then just keep on moving because you're beyond weirded out.

c. stop, smile sweetly, and say, "Are you following me?"

d. tell him you're off to see the guidance counselor, and ask whether he's got any advice on how to keep her yapping so you'll miss the rest of your mega-dull geometry class.

e. act like he's invisible and wait to see if he talks to you first.

f. tell him it must be fate, then remind him that he still hasn't called you.



You pride yourself on tuning in to the needs of others. When your best guy bud fails his bio exam and is totally bumming, who's he gonna call? You--and that's cool. You're a great listener, you can keep a secret, and you're all sympathy and shoulders to lean on. Still ... does the "I feel your pain" vibe cut it when it comes to getting a boyfriend? It can ... sometimes.

YOUR BEST ICEBREAKER "Hey, are things going better between you and Coach Stevens?"

WHY IT WORKS If a guy feels comfy enough to open up to you about a prob, you've got his trust. You can also make him feel great by telling him how well he handled a tough sitch.

WHEN TO WATCH IT Someone had to birth him, so chances are he already has a morn. In other words, don't serve up criticism he didn't ask for. And timing is key: Never hang around waiting for him to leave a rough b-ball practice so you can "be there" for him--he could get annoyed. You don't want him thinking he's another act of charity in your do-gooder day.

THE BOTTOM LINE Be genuine--and patient. It takes time for a guy and girl to build a solid, close bond--but it definitely can be worth the effort.


You spend every waking second daydreaming about your crush--what you will talk about while strolling in the softly falling snow, what Maroon 5 tune will be "your song," what you'll name the four kids and golden retriever you're gonna have one day. Meanwhile ... he has no clue you like him. Can you get acquainted without facing total embarrassment? Sure thing.

YOUR BEST ICEBREAKER If you've never spoken to him, work up the ol' courage, smile, and say, "Thanks, Brendan!" next time he passes you an assignment sheet in English class. If you've said "hi" before, make a point of engaging him in small talk as often as possible--about homework, the upcoming holidays, even the weather! Sounds corny, but it works.

WHY IT WORKS Liking a guy on the DL can be fun, like a juicy secret. Plus, it's safe--as long as you dig him from a distance, no chance of getting hurt. But you'll never know if you guys click.

WHEN TO WATCH IT If you've decided to get to know him, don't be disappointed when you find out he's human! The more you've built him up, the more likely you are to get jolted when you find out he chews like a cow or got a D in math. Don't pre-judge who he is--let him show you.

THE BOTTOM LINE Just be yourself--and let him be himself.


You're all over your crush like a tight shirt. He joins drama club--you join drama club. He skateboards every Saturday--you're strapping on a helmet and kneepads. He hits Mickey D's after school--you get a Big Mac attack. How can you tell how much is too much? It's a cinch.

YOUR BEST ICEBREAKER Say nothing. Repeat: nothing. Not "Randy! What a coincidence that you're here!" because it'll seem phony. Most boys are smart enough to notice when a girl is always around. Some guys find this flattering. If so, he'll come over and talk to you.

WHY IT WORKS Sensing a little encouragement from you can take the heat off a shy guy who's nervous about making bold moves. But still ...

WHEN TO WATCH IT Being constantly available is a bad idea. Your enthusiasm could come off all Swimfan-ish. Backing off is the best move. If he feels you're stalking him, he's gonna tell his buds, and you'll be the butt of a major joke.

THE BOTTOM LINE You know when following him around is crossing the line. Focus instead on pursuing activities you really like. If he happens to like doing the same things, great!

Mostly D's


Your crush is your knight in shining hightops: When you need history help, he's the one you sidle up to in study hall. Your strategy is to make him feel good by complimenting his knowledge and talents. It can work ... or it can backfire.

YOUR BEST ICEBREAKER "I know you're really good at this, Dan, and I can't figure it out!"

WHY IT WORKS It's a win-win when a boy knows a girl admires his mad skills and truly appreciates his help.

WHEN TO WATCH IT Don't do things you have no interest in just because he's terrific at them. He'll see through this and think you're playing him.

THE BOTTOM LINE A boy will really feel cool showing off his smarts and skills, as long as you don't slather on the compliments too thick. Also, don't get so wrapped up on his chiseled jaw that you space out on that math problem he's helping you with--that's just wasting his time.

Mostly E's


You talk to everyone about your crush ... everyone but him. Your buds hear all about how that sweater brings out his blue eyes, and they grapevine it along to his crew. You troll for any word that might mean he likes you back. Is this plan really the way to go? Well ... not so much.

YOUR BEST ICEBREAKER Icebreaker? Make that an iceberg bigger than the one that sunk the Titanic. You've already mega-clued your guy into how much you dig him by sharing the skinny with everyone you both know. Take stock of the sitch before you blab another word.

WHY IT WORKS The only advantage to shouting your crush from the rooftops is that it leaves your guy with no doubts. He's got the message that you dig him because you've told his buds umpteen times, and they've told him.

WHEN TO WATCH IT If your crush is a private person, he's going to feel vulnerable since everyone is watching for him to make a move. Or not. He might feel way too pressured to react.

THE BOTTOM LINE Next time you're tempted to chatter about your guy, zip your lips. It's better to pull back, let things chill, and see whether your crush approaches you once the pressure's off. If he does, awesome. If not, you've learned to keep your feelings a bit more on the QT next time.

Mostly F's


You never get nervous around boys. You're a genius at flirt moves, like playing with your hair and making solid eye contact. You've got confidence to burn--just use it the right way.

YOUR BEST ICEBREAKER "Jamie, I just think you're so cool."

WHY IT WORKS You make things happen. You know how to tell a guy, "We should hang out," so he gets psyched, not scared. Your attitude is fun and low-pressure, not super-aggressive.

WHEN TO WATCH IT Some guys do get weirded out when a girl is up front. Try a funny, casual IM to warm him up before making a bolder move.

THE BOTTOM LINE Juggling more guys than Paris Hilton? Not good. Being a strong, smart, fun-loving social butterfly? Great!
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