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Customs catches counterfeits.

Agents of the Border Protection seized .two shipments of counterfeit BLACKHAWK (including SERPA holsters) at the Port of Miami, in early 2013. The seizure was a collaboration between BLACKHAWK! and CBP officials, sending a strong message to overseas counterfeiters that American companies will not accept infringement of their intellectual rights or allow dangerous imitations of their products onto the market.

Chuck Buis, Brand Director at BLACKHAWK!, thanked all the agencies involved, adding, "We work hard to ensure our customers aren't exposed to imitation BLACKHAWK! products. Knowing we have agencies like the US Customs and Border Protection working on the front lines to protect our customers is invaluable to us."

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Title Annotation:THE INSIDER
Author:Huntington, Roy
Publication:American Handgunner
Date:Jan 1, 2014
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