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Customized career paths.

Supermarkets might learn a thing or two about employee recruitment and retention from the Custom-Made Careers program used by the Wawa convenience store chain. It highlights the flexibility and freedom associates have to create and accelerate their own career paths.

Wawa's training programs are customized to the individual, depending on the experience brought to the job and the level of professional development being sought. The program provides opportunities for growth and leadership in the areas of customer service, food-service, general management and fuel operations. The program is supplemented with brochures handed out to potential employees.

The company has a history of promoting from within, with more than 90 of its current mid-level managers and two vice presidents having started their careers as part-timers. Wawa says its philosophy helps to explain why the majority of its employees have careers spanning 10 to 20 years and more.


"A Wawa associate can choose options from part-time to general manager to facilities," says recruiting director Marc Maiolino, who started as a part-timer more than 20 years ago. "Wawa associates truly have the ability to customize their careers and have access to the training and resources needed to achieve their goal."
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Author:Turcsik, Richard
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Date:Feb 1, 2007
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