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Customers praise Abcor's service and integrity.

More than 85 per cent of Northern Abcor's business is in the primary resource sector - mining and forestry.

The company's main clients include Inco Ltd., E.B. Eddy Forest Products, Falconbridge Ltd., Kidd Creek Mines, Dome Mine, Abitibi-Price, Algoma Steel and Mallette Kraft. The remaining 10 to 15 per cent of business involves a mix of clients who include the Regional Municipality of Sudbury and contractors throughout Northern Ontario.

Two of Northern Abcor's longest-standing clients are Inco and E.B. Eddy. Northern Abcor has been supplying industrial products and equipment to these two companies since its first days of operation.

What do clients like about Northern Abcor?


Representatives from Inco and E.B. Eddy say they are pleased with the "integrity, high standards and excellent service" provided by George Melnychuk and his employees.

"Northern Abcor's work philosophy is one we agree with," says E.B. Eddy purchasing manager Paul Zahorec. "Their standards are high, and their service is excellent."

Whenever there has been a problem with a product, Zahorec says Northern Abcor has either replaced the product or the supplier to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

"Sometimes Northern Abcor has gone above and beyond the call of duty," adds John Ticalo, Inco's supervisor of capital buying. "There is a lot of competition out there. However, Northern Abcor is a very reputable supplier and remains as one of our major suppliers."

Clients say they enjoy the complete service provided by Northern Abcor's staff. They believe that the company's employees, particularly its sales representatives are well-trained and provide excellent follow-up service.

Meeting the customer's needs is a priority for Northern Abcor.

"Our primary concern is our customer. The customer comes first, supplier second and employees third," says Ray Cantin, Northern Abcor's territory manager in Timmins.

In the past, Northern Abcor's presence in Sudbury helped Inco and E.B. Eddy fulfil a common objective of supporting the local business community.

Supporting local businesses not only helps the corporate image of companies such as Inco and E.B.Eddy, but there is also improved equipment servicing.

Even though the local market has become more competitive in recent years, Northern Abcor remains as a major distributor to both companies.
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Title Annotation:Northern Abcor Process Equipment and Controls
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Date:Jun 1, 1992
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