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Customer support a priority at Stiles.

It is interesting to observe how different manufacturers react to difficult economic times. When it comes to making decisions regarding investments in production machinery and other capital goods, there are essentially three kinds of companies:

* Companies who withdraw into a protective cocoon and completely abandon any plans to upgrade their equipment until the recession is over.

* Companies who buy the cheapest possible piece of equipment just to get by until the recession's over.

* Companies who carefully investigate and purchase high quality equipment from a supplier who offers comprehensive customer support and who works as a partner to help make their plants more efficient.

Guess which of the three companies will emerge from every recession stronger, more efficient and more profitable.

Check out supplier's credentials

The first place to start when evaluating machinery options is to look at the supplier. How long have they been in business? What brands of equipment do they carry? How long have they carried them? What is their reputation? How stable is the company? How will they service the machinery? Do they have parts in inventory? Can they help me with planning and engineering? Can they help me get financing?

Stiles Machinery, your partner in productivity

For over a quarter century, Stiles Machinery has made a commitment to supply the highest quality machinery in the world and provide the most comprehensive customer support services in the industry.

It all starts with our sales engineers. Each Stiles sales engineer functions as a kind of productivity consultant who works with you to develop the most efficient solution to your production challenges. Before coming to Stiles Machinery, many of them served as production engineers, plant managers, even owners, of woodworking companies just like yours. They understand the unique challenges you face.

Planning and engineering

Before we recommend a machine, we take the time to study your company's processes, consider your long range objectives, and help you evaluate market potential. Our engineers will conduct productivity studies and demonstrate return-on-investment. They'll even suggest ways in which you may be able to process your parts more efficiently.

Spare parts support

It's really quite simple. Every hour you're down costs you money. That's why Stiles Machinery maintains the industry's largest and most complete inventory of spare parts. Our three facilities are linked by a computerized inventory control system and each has a fully stocked parts department and a trained staff to serve you. What all this boils down to is, nine times out of ten we have the part you need and can have it to you in 24 hours or less.

Field service

Stiles Machinery fields a nationwide team of more than 30 factory-trained service representatives who travel to your plant to install and service your machinery. These people are backed by engineers, product managers and electronic specialists from Stiles, as well as our machinery suppliers around the world. They all have one thing in common, a commitment to keeping your plant up and running.

Phone service hotline

One of the truly unique aspects of working with Stiles Machinery is your access to our Service Hotline. If you have a question or problem relating to your machinery, simply call (616) 698-6615 and describe the situation to the service representative who answers. Most likely he can provide a solution right over the phone; avoiding a costly service call.

Education and training

In early 1990, Stiles Machinery answered the industry's call for training and education when it opened the Stiles Education Center. Headed by Duane Griffiths, 1988 WMIA Educator of the Year, the Education Center provides comprehensive training covering machinery set-up, programming, operation, tooling, troubleshooting and maintenance. To date, over 300 people have participated in these training programs.

Choose your supplier carefully

Recessions can offer an ideal opportunity to upgrade equipment, automate a production process and generally make your plant more efficient. The key to success is careful evaluation of your alternatives. When it comes to choosing a machinery supplier, consider those who have made a quantifiable commitment to supporting you after the sale.

To find out how Stiles Machinery can help you, contact Steve Waltman, vice president sales & marketing at Stiles Machinery Inc. (616) 698-7500. Circle #346
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