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Custom-made solutions with inbuilt flexibility for the industry.

Recognising that commuter type aircraft had special design requirements, Canada-based DEW Engineering developed the DEW-Bridge, a product that is versatile enough to service a wide range of aircraft, including the Dash-8, ATR and CRJ, as well as other regionals and narrow-body aircraft. The DEW-Bridge provides flexibility to airports and airlines with its unique pedestal system. This particular system does not require the traditional, expensive pit foundations and allows for easier bridge relocation if necessary. Both ground and second level installations are possible with the DEW-Bridge rotunda configuration. Interestingly, the cab platform can accommodate aircraft with non-collapsible handrails. The DEW-Bridge can also be fitted with 400Hz, 28V and preconditioned air units.

In addition, the enterprise has developed a shorter model of the already existing radial drive DEW-Bridge to accommodate limited space concourses currently being built at airports in North America. While working on various projects, it became evident to DEW Engineering that flexibility in bridge length is desirable.

Modifications were made to the boarding bridge to give airlines and airports the versatility they require. Northwest Airlines will have received nine of these DEW-Bridges for Memphis International Airport by the end August 2000 for use with its CRJ fleet and twenty-five for Detroit Midfield (by the end of August 2001) for use with the Saab and CRJ aircraft.

The original DEW-Valet baggage system bridge mount unit can be mounted on a boarding bridge. DEW Engineering has expanded this product line to include apron mounted and free-standing baggage units to provide clients with a greater degree of flexibility. The apron mounted unit allows airports with ground loading boarding bridges to provide a plane-side baggage check. The free-standing DEW-Valet was designed for use on the terminal building but does not require support from it.

New contract work includes the Springfield Branson Regional airport, which recently placed an order with DEW for two boarding bridges. These DEW-Bridges will service aircraft such as the ATR, CRJ, Embraer, SAAB 340, DC-9 and the 737. The airport also chose the apron mounted DEW-Valet baggage system to provide passengers with the luxury of a plane-side luggage check as well as bridge access to the aircraft. The bridges are due to be installed in the autumn of 2000.

Burlington International airport will also receive two DEWB-ridges later this year. One of the gates will service the Airbus 320 and the second gate will service Embraer regional jets as well as Canadair regional jets.

Elko Regional airport placed an order for one ground level DEW-Bridge to service the 737, Embraer 120 and the Canadair regional jet. This airport should take delivery of the DEW-Bridge early in 2001.
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Publication:Airports International
Date:Oct 1, 2000
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