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Custom packing, guaranteed quality, full information brought to marketplace by Canadian lobster industry.

The business of selling seafood has changed dramatically over the past decade and no where does that apply as much as within the Canadian lobster industry.

Custom packaging, convenience of handling and high-quality, guaranteed safe products could be termed the new buzz words being applied to lobster and lobster products from Atlantic Canada today. Add the benefits of a showy, consistently delicious, flavourful product that is recognized world-wide as the "King of Seafood" and you have one of the best buys in seafood.

There can be no question that lobster is recognized as one of the most visible high end products to grace any dining room. Bright red lobster is used in advertising and promotion by hundreds of restaurants, hotels and tourism sectors around the world. When they serve it, they tout it!

In fact, we at CALPA don't have to sell the product itself, it is already highly visible and accepted world wide as a gourmands favorite. What we do have to do is inform the consumer and the food industry about the new handling and processing methods, nutritional benefits and the versatility of lobster for use in any cuisine. Not to mention the favorable cost and stable supply which comes with purchasing frozen product.

CALPA, the Canadian Atlantic Lobster Promotion Association was formed in 1989 by a small group of industry members in response to an overall concern for the long-term economic well-being of their industry. Charged with the generic promotion of Canadian lobster and Canadian lobster products to world markets, CALPA goals include improvement of communications, quality products and professional business practices. To that end CALPA acts as an information funnel and spokesperson for the industry.

Focus on User Requirements

Changing culinary trends and consumer concerns about both the nutritional content and safety of what they eat are being addressed by the Canadian Lobster industry. So too are the needs of the food service industry for easy handling and storage, packaging to meet their unique needs and quality products at cost effective pricing. Written documentation relating to these issues and more is provided by CALPA on request.

For instance nutritional data tells us that lobster meat contains healthy amounts of iron, zinc, selenium, calcium, iodine, high quality protein, nine essential amino acids, Vitamins A, B, By. A 3.5 oz serving contains approximately 93 calories, 80 mg of cholestrol and virtually no saturated fats. Its nutritional benefits are expanded by the fact that it does not need the application of fats, high calorie ingredients or cooking applications that are seen as negatives by consumers to create flavorful dishes. Many of our frozen products are ready to use, requiring very little preparation or cooking.

These frozen products are a vital part of our marketing structure. When you buy Canadian frozen lobster you buy guaranteed freshness. Advances in technology have changed the way the product is shipped to market. While live lobster is still an important part of sales, the bulk is frozen into a variety of packaging options.

Whole cooked lobster for example is packed in laminated pouches sealed with brine and blast frozen; double wrapped in wax paper, packed and blast frozen; packed in a liner, frozen, glazed and packed in cartons. whole blanched lobster, cooked for 2 minutes then immediately frozen allows cooking to be completed by the end user for a fresh boiled taste.

Whole frozen lobster range in size from 175 grams (6 1/2 oz)to 900 grams (approx 2 lb).

Various sizes of Lobster Tails, cooked or raw, are individually quick frozen, wrapped in cellophane pouches and layer packed in boxes.

The most versatile of all frozen packs contain meat which has been removed from the shell. Buyers have a wide range of frozen packaging and presentations to choose from: -- cooked, shucked meat packaged

in cans with brine -- meat manually removed, vacuum

packed -- tail and/or claw meat, in various

combinations -- broken meat, vacuum packed -- deboned body meat, packed in

poly bags or vacuum packed -- combinations to fit the end user requirements.

In order to meet user requirements processors are introducing new product presentations, such as ready-to-cook "nuggets," bisque base, stock, and even prepared entrees. The message we have to send is that individual processors are receptive to custom production to meet user requirements.

Lobster from Atlantic Canada continues to hold its position as the "King of Seafood" due to the recognition of fishermen, processors, distributors and regulating bodies, that the resource must be well managed and nurtured. Strict controls are in place at all levels including the handling and processing of both live and packaged lobster. This commitment holds firm the reputation of Canadian lobster as a quality product with high end user appeal.

As of February, 1992 all CALPA Member processors are adhering to regulations established under the Quality Management Program developed by the seafood industry and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the program ensures that processing of seafood meets the standards necessary for consumer protection.

Information Service

As part of its service to buyer's and users CALPA has numerous information and promotional items available. Informational and educational material is provided free of charge and covers a multitude of subjects ranging from How To Handle Frozen Lobster to background on the Quality Management Program and Processing Methods. CALPA also supplies recipes and how to cook information free of charge.

A buyers guide for the food service industry as well as a listing of suppliers is available as part of a kit about Canadian Atlantic Lobster. Those on CALPAUs mailing list number in the thousands. CALPA can assist you with your promotional efforts, and has chefs for demonstrations. As well, promotional items available include tent cards, pins, and numerous other items. We can also help you source the product presented according to your specifications.

If you have any questions, or would like further information about Canadian Atlantic Lobster, please contact us at: CALPA, Beach Point, Prince Edward Island, Canada COA IVO. Phone: 902-962-3069 Fax: 902-962-4207.
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