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Custom mixing directory.

Custom mixing directory

The following directory lists the custom mixers along with plant locations, equipment, mixing capabilities and capacity. A directory listing companies that offer various custom services to the rubber industry follows the directory.

AC Products, Inc. 172 E. La Jolla St. Placentia, CA 92670 (714) 630-7311 Sheldon Weinstein, President Hugh Muller, Vice President Equipment: Five high speed dispersion mixers and 10 low speed mixers Mixing capabilities: All water based and solvent soluble resins and polymers Capacity: 2 million gals/year

Alleghany Rubber, Inc. 545 Guy Paine Rd. P.O. Box 3006 Macon, GA 31205-3006 (912) 788-6282 Fax: (912) 781-4338 David S. O'Brien Equipment: Banbury, mills, extruder Mixing capabilities: SBR, NR, nitrile, EPDM Capacity: 30 million lbs/year

Alloy Polymers, Inc. 3310 Deepwater Terminal Rd. Richmond, VA 23234 (804) 232-8000 S. Pahuja, President Equipment: Nine lines - Werner & Pfleiderer twin screw high intensity mixers Mixing capabilities: Specialize in engineering polymers Capacity: 75 million lbs/year

American Silicones Inc. 420 N. Taylor Rd. P.O. Box 90 Garrett, IN 46738 (219)357-6161 Fax: (219) 357-6165 Jack Cochrane & Tom Lapsley Equipment: Dough mixers, twin-roll mills, screw extruders Mixing capabilities: Only silicone and fluorosilicone rubber Capacity: 1 - 1.5 million lbs/year

Associated Rubber Co. Spring St. P.O. Box 245 Tallapoosa, GA 30176 (404) 574-2321 Bruce George, Sales Manager Equipment: Three #11 Banburies, 3-A Banbury, lab Banbury, three calenders, Barwell preformer, extruders Mixing capabilities: SBR, NR, NBR, CR, ECO, CSM, EPDM, IIR, CIIR, fluoroelastomers; CPE Capacity: 90 million lbs/year Associated Rubber Co., Huntingdon Division P.O. Box 765 Huntingdon, TN 38344 (901) 986-3689 Equipment: 1 #11 Banbury Capacity: 30 million lbs/year

Avon Custom Mixing Services Division of Chase Corp. 55 High St. Holbrook, MA 02343 (617) 767-0511 Mark F. Chase, Operations Manager Craig Murphy, Factory Manager Equipment: Two #11 Banburies, #3 Banbury, eight mills (84", 60", 48"), six calenders Mixing capabilities: All elastomers including silicone; rubber & plastic custom mixing services Capacity: 8 million lbs/year

Bata Rubber Products Division 4501 Pulaski Highway Belcamp, MD 21017 (800) 222-8558 (301) 272-2000 James E. Vess, Director/Manager Equipment: Banbury internal mixers and open mills Mixing capabilities: All except fluoroelastomers; calendering; Barwelling; straining Capacity: 40 million lbs/year

Beebe Rubber Co. 20 Marshall St. Nashua, NH 03061 (603) 883-5576 Equipment: #3A Banbury, #11 Banbury, five mills (60" to 84") Mixing capabilities: NR, CR, IIR, EPDM, SBR, NBR, CSM, polysulfide, all others except silicone; styrenic plastics Capacity: 27 million lbs/year

Blair Rubber Company P.O. Box 4284 1252 Mina Ave. Akron, OH 44321 (216) 666-3600 Fax: (216) 666-9334 T.B. Blair, President; R.K. Lewis, V.P. Technical Director; A.W. Giles, Customer Service Equipment: Internal mixer and open mill, calendering, slitter, autoclaves Mixing capabilities: Natural, nitrile, EPDM, neoprene, chlorobutyl, butyl, hypalon, SBR Capacity: 5 million lbs/year

Boston Industrial Products Division, Dana Corp. Highway 77 East P.O. Box 38 Newbern, TN 38059 (901) 627-2531 Mike Skaggs, Customer Service Mgr. Tom Dowdle, Sales Manager Equipment: F270 Banbury Mixing capabilities: NR, EPDM, SBR, NBR, CR, CSM, ECO, BR Capacity: 74 million lbs/year

Burke Industries, Inc. 2250 South Tenth Street P.O. Box 190 San Jose, CA 95112 (408) 297-3500 Ray Brown, Senior Vice President Equipment: #3, #9 and #11 Banburies, 48", 60" and 84" mills Mixing capabilities: All types Capacity: 36 million lbs/year

Burton Rubber Processing 14330 Kinsman Rd. Burton, OH 44021 (216) 834-4644 James L. Cull, V.P. Sales & Mktg.

Branches P.O. Box 377 Highway 34 Jonesborough, TN 37659

10 Clearview Drive Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada

Mach - 1 Compounding Macedonia, OH 44056 Equipment: Banburies, FCM, mills, Barwell Mixing capabilities: All rubber.

Capacity: 200 million lbs/year CCA Compounding P.O. Box 1648 1204 E. 12th Street Wilmington, DE 19898 (302) 573-2636 P. Timothy Knaus, General Manager Equipment: Two #4 Stewart Bolling, #10 Stewart Bolling Mixing capabilities: Thermoplastic and elastomer blends, especially olefins, EPDM, EPR, NBR, SBR and PIB Capacity: 55 million lbs/year

Central Rubber Co. 844 E. Jackson St. Belvidere, IL 61008 (815) 544-2191 Bob Byczek Fax (815) 544-6881 Equipment: Mills Mixing capabilities: NR, SBR, neoprene, Hypalon, nitrile, EPDM, silicone, butyl, urethane, Viton, Thiokol

Colonial Rubber Works 150 South Connell Ave. Dyersburg, TN 38024 (901) 285-4353 Glenn Thurman, General Manager,

Branch P.O. Box 640 Kingstree, SC 29556 Equipment: Rubber - Two #27 Banburies, three #12 Stewart Bolling Mixers, six #10 Stewart Bolling Mixers, five calenders (3-60", 1-96", 1-132"); Thermoplastics - One #6 FCM, two #9 FCMs, one #15 FCM, one - 36:1, 6" extruder, two - 140mm Boss Kneaders, and two #2 Stewart Bollings Mixing capabilities: Thermoset and thermoplastic Capacity: 1 billion lbs/year

Crl-Tech, Inc. 150 Recreation Park Dr. Hingham, MA 02043 (617) 740-2020 Richard Mastromatteo, President Woodford Garrigus, Technical Service Equipment: Three #3 Banburies, two 84" mills, three 60" mills, 40" mill, two refiners, 10", 8", 6" and 4" extruders Mixing capabilities: Specialty polymers including fluoroelastomer, fluorosilicone and silicone; specification compounding to meet ASTM, SAE, and Military requirements to FKM & FVMQ & Special alloys of FKM offered Capacity: 7.5 million lbs/year

Depco Inc. 36 Grand Blvd. Brentwood, NY 11717 (516) 231-1610 David Bean, President Equipment: Two mills (40" and 45") Mixing capabilities: Exclusively silicone Capacity: One million lbs/year

Discas 56 Eagle Street P.O. Box 2068 Waterbury, CT 06708 (203) 755-5755 Dennis J. Synnott, Director, Market Development Equipment: #9 Banbury, 60" mill, 40" mill, three lab mills, lab Banbury, 6", 3-1/2", 2-1/2" and 1-1/2" extruders, underwater pelletizer, Henschel mixer Mixing capabilities: Thermoplastic elastomers Capacity: Not available

Douglas Polymer Mixing Corp. 30 2nd St., S.W. Barberton, OH 44203 (216) 753-6900 Bernie Wurts, Manager, Production Planning Nolan Douglas, President Equipment: #3 to #27 Banburies and various mills Mixing capabilities: All polymeric type compounds, compounding design Capacity: 11 million lbs/year

Dow Corning STI Corporate Headquarters 47799 Halyard Dr. Suite 99 Plymouth, MI 48170 (313) 459-7792 S.F. Long, President J.A. Hickey, Ex. Vice President of Operations J.W. Carroll, V.P. Marketing/Sales Capacity: 30 million lbs/year

Eastern Region 594 Pepper St. Monroe, CT 06468 (203) 452-9199 Charles Romig, V.P. General Mgr. M. Furlo, Plant Mgr. R. Wilson, Sales Mgr. Equipment: Mills, extruders, doughmixers, full lab mixing, testing Mixing capabilities: Silicones, fluorosilicones, color masterbatches Capacity: 8 million lbs/year

Midwestern Region U.S. 6 Hwy. - East Kendallville, IN 46755 (219) 347-5813 Ross Shingledecker, V.P. Gen. I Mgr.; Ron Romanowski, Tech Service Mgr. Mary Lou D'Alessandro, Sales Mgr. Equipment: Mills, extruders, doughmixers, development lab Mixing Capabilities: Silicones, fluorosilicones, color masterbatches Capacity: 18 million lbs/year

Western Region 20832 Currier Rd. Walnut, CA 91789 (714) 595-6331 D. Closs, Vice President/G.M. B. Jones, Plant Manager R. Tanton, Sales Manager Equipment: mills, extruders, doughmixers, full lab Mixing capabilities: Silicones, fluorosilicones, color masterbatches Capacity: 4 million lbs/year

Dyna-Mix Custom Mixed Rubber P.O. Box 369 Country Club Road Grafton, WV 26354 Marlowe N. Christopher, Vice President/Sales; Lynn Nye, Technical Mgr. (800) 255-2681 (304) 265-5100 (in WV) Equipment: #11 Banbury Mixing capabilities: All general purpose elastomers

Eagle Elastomers 338 Remmington Rd. Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44224 (216) 923-7070 Neil McHale, Director of Sales Equipment: 36" special mill, 60" mill, 60" calender, 2-1/2" extruder, 3-1/2" extruder, 42"x 42" press Mixing capabilities: Fluoroelastomers Capacity: 2.50 million lbs/year

Elastomer Processing Corp. 2448 West 24th Street Chicago, IL 60608 (312) 254-4039 Fax: (312) 254-6768 Merle Owen, Director of Sales Equipment: #9 Banbury, #3 Banbury, 84" mill, two 60" mills, 48" mill, 60" calender, 36" calender, extruder Mixing capabilities: All types excluding silicone Capacity: 7 million lbs/year

Fluorocarbon/PRP Division 12257 FM 529 P.O. Box 3402 Houston, TX 77253 (713) 466-4365 Tom Turner, Sales Manager Equipment: Banbury and open mill Mixing capabilities: Nitriles, neoprenes, fluoroelastomers, Aflas, natural rubber, EPDM and silicones

Gayson, Inc. P.O. Box 222 Ringwood, NJ 07456 (201) 728-8100 L. Raymond Olson, President Equipment: Banbury, two 2-roll mills, three 3-roll mills Mixing capabilities: Silicone, specialty colors; custom compounding of colors for silicones

Global Processing Co. 11831 Wakeman St. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 (213) 945-1241 Fax: (213) 698-7818 Fred Williams, President Equipment: Two - #4 Stewart Bolling mixers, two-60" mills, 1-42" mill and 1 - 50" mill Mixing capabilities: All types except silicone, specialize in fluoroelastomers Capacity: 8 million lbs/year

GLS-Plastics 1066 Dieckman Rd. Woodstock, IL 60098 (815) 338-8662 Michelle Woodham, Marketing Assistant Equipment: Banbury, extruders, high intensity mixers and Lowes dissolver Mixing capabilities: Thermoplastics

Graphic Arts Rubber, Inc. 467 Dan Street Akron, OH 44310 (216) 253-0731 Glen Hoffman, Sales Manager Equipment: Three 60" mills, two 3-roll cloth calenders Mixing capabilities: All-no free black; custom calendering - custom mixing Capacity: 3 million lbs/year

Hoover-Hanes Pequanoc Dr. Tallapoosa, GA 30176 (404) 574-2341 Jack Williams, Vice President and General Manager Equipment: #270 Banbury, #12 Banbury, #9 Banbury, 84" mill, 100" mill Mixing capabilities: All grades of soft and hard rubber Capacity: 58 million lbs/year

J-Von 25 Litchfield St. Leominister, MA 01453 (508) 537-4721 Daniel Hunter, General Manager Equipment: 2-1/2" single screw extruder, 4-1/2" single screw extruder, 67mm twin screw extruder and 110mm twin screw extruder Mixing capabilities: Styrenic block copolymers, thermoplastic elastomers Capacity: 21 million lbs/year

Kardoes Rubber Co. P.O. Box 350 LaFayette, AL 36862 (205) 864-0777 Fax: (205) 864-0776 H. Frank Kardoes Equipment: 5-268 mixer Mixing capabilities: Natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, polybutadiene, nitrile Capacity: 30 million lbs/year

Kleen-Tex Inc. Plant III, Orchard Hill Rd. P.O. Box KTI La Grange, GA 30241 (404) 882-8134 800-241-2323 Fax: (404) 884-6378 John R. Smith, Division Manager Equipment: S-268 mixer Mixing capabilities: Nitrile, SBR, PBD, natural, EPDM, chlorobutyl Capacity: 24 million lbs/year

Laur Silicone Rubber Compounding, Inc. 4930 S. M-18 P.O. Box 509 Beaverton, MI 48612 (517) 435-7706 Dan Laur, Vice President Equipment: 24" mill, 60" mill, 10 gal. and 150 gal. double arm mixers, preforming strainers Mixing capabilities: Exclusively silicone rubber Capacity: One million lbs/year

Mach-1 Compounding 775 E. Highland Rd. Macedonia, OH 44056 (216) 467-8109 Edward M. Echan, Vice President, Plastic Compounding Operations; Rob Dirienzo, Sales Manager Equipment: #3D Banbury, Henschel, ribbon blender, F80 Banbury, #4 FCM Mixing capabilities: Thermoplastic thermoset, thermoplastic elastomer, alloys, fluoroelastomers, slabs, strips or pellets Capacity: 35 million lbs/year

Martin Rubber Co. of Ohio 9976 Rittman Road Wadsworth, OH 44281 (216) 336-6604 T.O. Martin, Jr., President Equipment: 3A Banbury, four 60" mills, one 60" calender, one 54" calender, one cameron slitter Mixing capabilities: All types except silicone and Viton; custom calendering, mixing, and slitting Capacity: 5 million lbs/year Master Processing Corp. 2500 Thompson St. P.O. Box 740 Long Beach, CA 90801 (213) 531-3880 L.G. Parasson, Sales & Marketing Branch Muscatine, IA (319) 262-2505 Equipment: Two 8" strainers, rubber refiner, #11 Banbury, three #12 Stewart Bolling, #10 Stewart Bolling, three 66" calenders, 60" calender, seven mills (60", 66", 84"), fabric slitter Mixing capabilities: All of the solids Capacity: 125 million lbs/year

Midwest Rubber Custom Mixing Division 745 Norton Ave. P.O. Box 270 Barberton, OH 44203 (216) 753-5056 Gerry Weigand, General Manager Equipment: #11 Banbury, Shaw K-7, #12 Stewart Bolling Mixing capabilities: Standard types Capacity: 60 million lbs/year

Oliver Rubber, Flexmix Division 6840 Forrest Park Rd. Dallas, TX 75235 (214) 350-7851 Fax: (214) 350-6281 (800) 346-5928 Dan Warner, Sales Mgr. - Flexmix; Lori Peterson, Sales Assistant Equipment: Multiple Banburies, mills, extruders, calenders and slitters

Paeco Rubber Div. of Akro Corp. 225 W. Lake St. P.O. Box 472 Ravenna, OH 44266 (216) 296-9691 (216) 673-4100 James E. Roscoe, Plant Manager; Joel Donnenwirth, Tech Sales Mgr. Equipment: #10 Stewart Bolling Mixing capabilities: All except specialty rubbers or thermoplastics Capacity: 20 million lbs/year

Passaic Rubber Co. 45 Demarest Dr. P.O. Box 505 Wayne, NJ 07474-0505 (201) 696-9500 Fax: (201) 696-0686 John Mathey or Jeff Leach Equipment: #4 Stewart Bolling, five mills (60" to 84"), two 54" calenders, 4" extruder Mixing capabilities: All polymers Capacity: 5 million lbs/year

Pawling Corp. 157 Charles Colman Boulevard Pawling, NY 12564-1188 (914) 855-1000 Maurice V. Smith, Vice President and Technical Director Equipment: Two #11 Banburies, #3 Banbury, two 84" mills, 60" mill, 48" mill, dicer, three strainer/extruders; complete laboratory & testing facilities Mixing capabilities: Natural and synthetic polymers including silicone Capacity: 40 million lbs/year Pelmor Laboratories Inc. 401 Lafayette St. Newtown, PA 18940 (215) 968-3334 Equipment: #1B Banbury, three mills (18", 40", 60") Mixing capabilities: Generally all types, specializing in Viton Capacity: 500,000 lbs/year

Pilgrim Custom Mixing 84 Water St. Fall River, MA 02722 (508) 675-0181 Ext. 318-322 John P. Davis, Manager Joseph A. Davis, Manager Equipment: Three #11 Banburies, two 60" mills, three 84" mills, strainer Mixing capabilities: All general purpose polymers Capacity: 13 million lbs/year

Polymerics, Inc. 2828 Second St. Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221 (216) 928-2210 Dave Topliff, General Manager Equipment: #9 Banbury, 60" mill, 84" mill, extruder Capacity: 12 million lbs/year

Polysar Rubber Services 2603 W. Market St. Akron, OH 44313 (216) 836-0451 T.C. Green, Vice President and G.M. R.W. Houkom, G.M. Silicones D.J. Kraus, Manufacturing Manager

Regional Plant Locations: 1020 Lambert St. Barberton, OH 44203 (216) 745-1184 N. Griffin, Site Manager

Colonial Oaks Industrial Park P.O. Box 327 East Brunswick, NJ 08816 (201) 257-9600 A.T. Lipsky, Site Manager

1038 Evans Ave. Akron, OH 44305 (216) 630-9460 Ray Brabson, Site Manager Equipment: Two #4 Banburies, two #11 Banburies, #12 Banbury, two F270 Banburies Mixing capabilities: Most organic rubbers and thermoplastics, silicone, separate black and non-black facilities Capacity: Approximately 100 million lbs/year

Quabaug Custom Mixing North Brookfield, MA 01535 (800) 325-5022 (617) 867-7731 Kevin Donahue Equipment: Two Banburies, one #9 Banbury, two lab Banburies, extruder/ strainer Mixing capabilities: SBR, neoprene, nitrile, butyl, EPDM, hydrins Capacity: 50 million lbs/year

R&S Processing Co., Inc. 15712 Illinois Ave. P.O. Box 2037 Paramount, CA 90723 (213) 531-1403 James Inga, President Equipment: #9 Banbury (black), #4 Stewart Bolling (colors) Mixing capabilities: NR, IR, SBR, IIR, EPDM, ECO, CR, urethane, fluoroelastomers, NBR Capacity: 18 million lbs/year

Rainbow Mastermixing Inc. 455 Dan St. Akron, OH 44310 (216) 374-1810 Daniel R. Unk, President Equipment: 60" rubber mills, granulators, 42" rubber mill Mixing capabilities: All types, specializing in colors and fluoroelastomers Capacity: 2 million lbs/year

Rauh Rubber Inc. 1310 DeValera Ave. Akron, OH 44310 (216) 633-4282 Joe Rauh, President Equipment: #11 Banbury, 60" mill, 84" mill, Barwell extruder/preformer, 3A Banbury, two 48" mills, rheometer, BR Banbury, lab mill Mixing capabilities: NR, SBR, EPDM, NBR, CR, EPR, IIR, ECO, TPE Capacity: 20-30 million lbs/year

Ristance Compounds 14155 Esther Ave. Mishawaka, IN 46545 (219) 259-9903 Equipment: mills, extruders, high intensity mixer Mixing capabilities: Silicone, PVC

Rubber Mixing Industries 1205 E. Bowman St. Wooster, OH 44691 (216) 264-4091 E. David Gordon Equipment: #3A Banbury, #11 Banbury, 68" 3-roll calender, 66" 3-roll calender, 78" 4-roll offset calender Mixing capabilities: NBR, SBR, EPDM, CSM, CR, IIR, custom calendering Capacity: 35-40 million lbs/year

S&D Rubber Co. King Street W. Hanover, MA 02339 (617) 878-2626 John P. Davis, Manager Joseph A. Davis, Manager Equipment: Three #9 Banburies, two strainers (4" and 8"), two mix mills (60" and 84") Mixing capabilities: All polymers Capacity: 15 million lbs/year

Star-Glo Industries 2 Carlton Ave. East Rutherford, NJ 07073 (201) 939-6162 E. Peterhoff, General Manager Equipment: Two #3A Banburies, two 66" calenders, eight mills, six extruders Mixing capabilities: NR, SBR, CISBR, NBR, CR, IIR, EPDM, CSM, ACM, urethane, Norsorex, fluoroelastomers, silicone; Capacity: 2 million lbs/year

Technical Rubber & Plastics 180 Getty Ave. Clifton, NJ 07015 (201) 546-0700 Marc Witt, Vice President Equipment: #3A Banbury Mixing capabilities: Most elastomers

Techno Caoutchouc Inc. C.P. 4180-468 St. Roch Nord Rock Forest, Quebec J1N 1E2 Equipment: Banburies Mixing capabilities: Most elastomers Capacity: 20 million lbs/year

Teknor Apex Company Pawtucket, R.I. 02861 (401) 725-8000 Fax: (401) 725-8095 Ron Gidlow, Custom Rubber Mixing; Lew Green, Thermoplastic elastomers Equipment: Banburies; internal mixers Mixing capabilities: Most elastomers

Tristani Rubber Industries Box 1051 Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico 00749 (809) 798-3131 Fax: (809) 740-3965 John T. Sherwood Mixing capabilities: Most elastomers Capacity: 7.2 million lbs/year

Uniroyal Plastics Company Elastomeric Products Division 312 North Hill Street P.O. Box 2000 Mishawaka, IN 46544-1399 (219) 256-8360 Richard Hupp - National Sales Mgr. Equipment: Banbury, open mill and internal mixer Mixing capabilities: All natural and synthetic; compounding; calendering; extruding Capacity: 200 million lbs/year

Valley Processing 491 Wilson Way Industry, CA 91744 (818) 961-0311 Sy Hasan, Vice President, Sales Equipment: #11 Banbury, two #12 Stewart Bollings, #4 Stewart Bolling, #3A Banbury, BR lab Banbury, 66" 4-roll fabric calender, 60" 3-roll gum calender Mixing capabilities: All organic elastomers, black and colors Capacity: 112 million lbs/year

Valley Rubber Mixing, Inc. 3261 Copley Road Copley, OH 44321 (216) 668-6513 James A. Berresford, president Jack L. Reilly, Vice President Equipment: Open mill, high intensity mixer to 1,000 lb. batch size Mixing capabilities: All polymers, all colors, most blacks Capacity: 2.5 million lbs/year

Hermann Weber & Co., Inc. 103 East Front Street Red Bank, NJ 07701 (201) 530-2100 Jeffrey Herring, President Services offered: Rubber calendering, milling; mixing

West American Rubber Co. 750 North Main St. Orange, CA 92668 (714) 532-3355 Paul Colton, Vice President, Technical Services Equipment: #3A and #11 Banburies Mixing Capabilities: All solid polymers Capacity: 24 million lbs/year

Custom Services

ACM Corporation 117 Industrial Road Summerville, SC 29483 (803) 821-1888 Rick Moore, President Services: Granulating and grinding of vulcanized and unvulcanized polymers from 1" down to 100 mesh Equipment: Grinders - ambient and cryogenic, granulators, bale granulators and grinders, and sizing equipment

Akron Dispersions, Inc. 3291 Sawmill Road P.O. Box 4295 Akron, OH 44321 (216) 666-0045 Michael J. Giustino, President Jeanne Volk, Customer Service Services offered: Chemical grinding and blending, rubber grinding, DLCs, liquid blending

Baker Rubber, Inc. P.O. Box 2438 South Bend, IN 46680 (219) 291-5101 Fax: (219) 291-5101 William E. Stoler, Sales Manager Services offered: Grinding of tires, buffings, tread rubber, SBR, EPDM and neoprene Equipment: Grinders and choppers; vibrating screens

Calendering Specialists, Inc. 1119 Commercial Blvd., South Arlington, TX 76017 (817) 467-1200 Don Ripley, Vice President, Production Manager Services offered: Custom calendering Equipment: Calender, 66" mills, slitters, dip tanks

The Crislip Corporation 121 Factory Street P.O. Box 4441 Creston, OH 44217 (216) 435-6381 D.E. Crislip, Jr., President Services offered: Tank lining and tank lining applicator rubber Equipment: Mills, calenders, autoclaves, presses, air compressors, steam tables, lathes

Entropex 1390 Lougar Ave. Sarnia, Ontario, Canada N7S 5N7 (519) 332-0430 Derek Smith, President Services offered: Dewatering, reprocessing

North American Reiss Corp. 1 Polymer Place P.O. Box 72 Blackstone, VA 23824 (804) 292-1600 Harry V. Newton, General Manager Services offered: Silicone rubber compounds Equipment: Rubber internal mixer, mills and extruders for straining and preforming

Procex Inc. 880 Cherry St. Kent, OH 44240 (216) 673-1114 Fax: (216) 673-1115 Hank Wornoff Services offered: Metal reclaiming - removing bonding agent, rubber and urethane from rubber-to-metal parts Equipment: proprietary

E.L. Puskas Company 448 E. South St. P.O. Box 229 Akron, OH 44309 (216) 376-5161 Ernest L. Puskas, Sr., President Services offered: Grinding, mixing and color matching

Salem-Republic Rubber Co. P.O. Box 389 475 W. California Ave. Sebring, OH 44672 (800) 221-5389, U.S.A. (800) 686-4199, Ohio Fax: (216) 938-9809 A.V. Ney, President, General Manager Equipment: Processing machinery and equipment, mills, extruders, calenders, cutting equipment, dryers, lathes, vulcanizers, autoclaves Services offered: Hand and machine-made hose, custom calendered uncured materials Capacity: custom calendered goods - 750,000 lbs/year

Sparton Enterprises, Inc. 3717 Clark Mill Road Barberton, OH 44203 (216) 745-6088 James Little Jr. President; Joseph Krunich, Sales Equipment: Grinders, granulators, sifters and sizing equipment Services offered: Rubber grinding, granulating, recycling Capacity: 90 million lbs/year

Tooltec Inc. 2225 Meyer Road Fort Wayne, IN 46803 (219) 426-4686 Karl Reuther II, President Services offered: Manufacturing of trimless rubber mold; compression molds and injection molds Equipment: Two CNC lathes, two CNC vertical machining centers, seven engine lathes, four Bridgeport mills, two radial drills, grinders

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