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Custom mixing 1992 - a lot like 1991.

Outside of a couple of joint ventures, the North American custom mixing industry remains pretty much the same as it did at the beginning of this decade. Polysar Rubber Corp. has ceased being a major source of custom mixing through the buying and selling of different businesses over the past couple of years. However, the capacity remained intact as other operations took over. Polysar's silicone operations were retained by Nova Corp. and the Barberton, OH facility is being operated by Preferred Rubber Compounding.

Both of these companies are involved in joint ventures with Japanese companies as Nova has teamed up with Shin Etsu in a silicone mixing operation and Preferred just announced a venture with Japan Synthetic Rubber that will primarily supply Japanese transplant operations in the U.S.

North American capacity for custom mixed rubber remained virtually the same in 1991, according to Rubber World's annual survey of the industry. Estimated capacity is at 3.3 million pounds with little expansion projected for 1992.

Capacity expansions indicated for 1992 are: American Silicones is adding doughmixing capacity; J-Von is adding a twin screw line; Kardoes is installing a 4-roll 76" calendar; R&S Processing will install another mixer: and Techno Caoutchouc will add five million pounds of capacity with the purchase of a mixer for color compounds.

This year's survey revealed that the number of mixers that now have the capability to mix thermoplastic elastomers and/or plastics continues to increase. Nearly 10% of the respondents made purchases in 1991 to facilitate the mixing of TPE's, bringing to almost 40% the number of mixers who can process thermoplastics. SBR, NR and EPDM remain the top mixed elastomers, and a trend toward specialization continued as nearly one third of the companies indicate that more than half of production involves a single elastomer. This is the highest percentage in the nine years of the survey.
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Date:Feb 1, 1992
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