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Cushioning women's feet.

Premier Brands of America will add three new insoles designed specifically for women.

The Clear Gel Insole is three-quarter-length and made of a very soft, clear gel that will not crowd toes or show in a shoe or dress boot. The Gel Instyle Insole has a slim, soft gel design that is invisible in slingbacks and sandals. The Clear Gel Ball-of-Foot Cushion protects with extra padding while helping absorb shock and friction.

"The typical woman today is on her feet long hours, often juggling multiple roles. Foot comfort is critical as she goes about her day," says Pamela Cress, marketing director at the Mt. Vernon, N.Y.-based company.


The three items will launch this month for private label and under the Premier brand. For more information, call (800) 872-9677, extension 18.
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Title Annotation:nonfoods NEWS
Publication:Grocery Headquarters
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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