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A Report of Recurring Pregnancy-induced Cushing's Syndrome. Bahrami, Amir; Ghorbani, Fatemeh; Aghamohammadzadeh, Nasser; Sadra, Vahideh; Djalal, Nader Nader; Ni Clinical report Jan 1, 2020 1879
Infantile Iatrogenic Cushing Syndrome due to Topical Steroids. Alkhuder, Lulwah; Mawlawi, Horia Dec 31, 2019 2183
Cushing Syndrome Secondary to Primary Neuroendocrine Lung Carcinoma. Zaina, A.; Akinsola, O.; Rajamani, K. Disease/Disorder overview Aug 31, 2019 2098
Challenges in diagnosis of disease reported 100 years back: Cushing syndrome; recent advances. Report Jun 30, 2019 1564
Plasma Steroid Metabolome Profiling for Diagnosis and Subtyping Patients with Cushing Syndrome. Eisenhofer, Graeme; Masjkur, Jimmy; Peitzsch, Mirko; Di Dalmazi, Guido; Bidlingmaier, Martin; Gruber Mar 1, 2018 7175
New Onset Hypertension and Diabetes in a 24 Year-Old Man. Smith, Elizabeth; Pisano, Catherine; Richards, Robert; DeSilva, Taniya; Lopez, Fred Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 1964
Otolaryngic manifestations of Cushing disease. Kuan, Edward C.; Peng, Kevin A.; Suh, Jeffrey D.; Bergsneider, Marvin; Wang, Marilene B. Brief article Aug 1, 2017 123
NIH researchers find potential genetic cause of Cushing syndrome. Jul 1, 2017 263
Screening for Cushing Syndrome at the Primary Care Level: What Every General Practitioner Must Know. Yorke, Ernest; Atiase, Yacoba; Akpalu, Josephine; Sarfo-Kantanka, Osei Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2017 4355
Circulatory Immune Cells in Cushing Syndrome: Bystanders or Active Contributors to Atherometabolic Injury? A Study of Adhesion and Activation of Cell Surface Markers. Aranda, Gloria; Lopez, Cristina; Fernandez-Ruiz, Rebeca; Esteban, Yaiza; Garcia- Eguren, Guillermo; Report Jan 1, 2017 6393
Iatrogenic Cushing's Syndrome with Subsequent Adrenal Insufficiency in a Patient with Psoriasis Vulgaris Using Topical Steroids. Pektas, Suzan Demir; Dogan, Gursoy; Cinar, Nese Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2050
Depression and Anxiety Scores Are Associated with Amygdala Volume in Cushing's Syndrome: Preliminary Study. Santos, Alicia; Granell, Esther; Gomez-Anson, Beatriz; Crespo, Iris; Pires, Patricia; Vives-Gilabert Report Jan 1, 2017 5033
Inhibition of Ubiquitin-specific Peptidase 8 Suppresses Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Production and Tumorous Corticotroph Cell Growth in AtT20 Cells. Jian, Fang-Fang; Li, Yun-Feng; Chen, Yu-Fan; Jiang, Hong; Chen, Xiao; Zheng, Li-Li; Zhao, Yao; Wang, Report Sep 5, 2016 3387
Ectopic Cushing's syndrome due to retroperitoneal ACTH-producing paragangliomas. Chen, Fan; Wang, Xiangyu; Wang, Yang; Meng, Hui; Hou, Xinguo; Zhu, Yaofeng; Gao, Wei; Jiang, Xuewen; Clinical report Sep 1, 2016 2179
Case report of Cushing's syndrome with an acute psychotic presentation. Wu, Yuejing; Chen, Jiong; Ma, Yongchun; Chen, Zhenxin Clinical report Jun 1, 2016 1912
POD-1/Tcf21 overexpression reduces endogenous SF-1 and StAR expression in rat adrenal cells. Franca, M.M.; Abreu, N.P.; Vrechi, T.A.M.; Lotfi, C.F. Report Dec 1, 2015 4512
Fatigue and weight gain in an adolescent. Hess, Mary Annette; Steadman, Laura Williams Clinical report Sep 1, 2015 1586
Anticonvulsants Delaying the Diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome in a Patient Who Presents with Schizophrenia. Zhao, Xin; Bai, Harrison; Tan, Li-Ming; Yang, Li Letter to the editor May 1, 2015 676
Linear growth arrest without weight gain due to overuse of topical clobetasol. Razavi, Zahra; Sanginabadi, Milad Clinical report Nov 1, 2014 1843
Psychiatric symptoms as a clinical presentation of Cushing's disease--case report--/Manifestari psihiatrice in boala Cushing --prezentare de caz--. Florescu, Alexandru; Galesanu, Corina; Ungureanu, Didona; Niculescu, Dan; Moisii, Liliana; Botezatu, Clinical report Sep 1, 2014 3748
A challenging case of an Ectopic Cushing syndrome. Nunes, Joana Menezes; Pinho, Elika; Camoes, Isabel; Maciel, Joao; Bastos, Pedro Cabral; de Moura, Co Case study Jan 1, 2014 3758
[CHADS.sub.2] scores in the prediction of major adverse cardiovascular events in patients with Cushing's syndrome. Wang, Yuh-Feng; Chuang, Mei-Hua; Chuang, Tzyy-Ling; Huang, Kung-Yung; Lyu, Shaw-Ruey; Huang, Chih-Yu Report Jan 1, 2014 3322
Retrospective analysis of Cushing's disease with or without hyperprolactinemia. Huan, Cheng; Lu, Chao; Xu, Guang-ming; Qu, Xin; Qu, Yuan-Ming Report Jan 1, 2014 5899
Cushing's syndrome in pregnancy: a diagnostic conundrum. Garla, Vishnu; Kheetan, Reem; Saleem, Tipu Report Nov 1, 2013 1386
Classification, diagnosis and treatment of ACTH-independent macronodular adrenal hyperplasia. Su, Heng-Chuan; Dai, Jun; Huang, Xin; Zhou, Wen-long; Huang, Bao-xing; Cao, Wan-li; Sun, Fu-Kang Case study Sep 1, 2013 2467
Addison's disease patient presenting with cushing's syndrome findings: Cushing Sendrom Bulgulari ile Prezente olan Addison Hastasi. Unal, Asli Dogruk; Gozu, Hulya Iliksu; Demirag, Nilgun Guvener Case study Mar 1, 2013 1998
Bronchopulmonary carcinoid presenting as dexamethasone suppressible Cushing's syndrome. Sofka, Sarah; Jackson, Timothy Case study Jan 1, 2013 1618
Diagnostic puzzler: hypertension in teen: a routine hospitalization for drainage of a forearm abscess leads to the discovery of high blood pressure and hypokalemia in an adolescent male. What's your diagnosis? Barna, Michael; Wilson, Kevin; Chiaruttini, Robert; Muchowski, Karen Case study Sep 1, 2012 1353
Harvey Cushing: Cushing's disease. Ellis, Harold Sep 1, 2012 959
What is Cushing's disease? Brief article Sep 1, 2011 274
Anatomical variations may interfere with bilateral inferior petrosal sinus sampling results/Anatomik varyasyonlar bilateral petrozal sinus orneklemesi sonuclarini etkileyebilir. Elbuken, Gulsah; Karaca, Zuleyha; Cakir, Ilkay; Donmez, Halil; Selcuklu, Ahmet; Colak, Ramis; Tanriv Case study Dec 1, 2010 2711
Adrenal suppression and Cushing's syndrome secondary to ritonavir and budesonide. Gray, D.; Roux, P.; Carrihill, M.; Klein, M. Letter to the editor May 1, 2010 1265
Thirty-four patients with Cushing's Syndrome: our clinical experience in the past 20 years/ Otuz dort Cushing's Sendromu olgusu: 20 yillik klinik deneyimlerimiz. Evran, Mehtap; Sert, Murat; Tetiker, Tamer Report Dec 1, 2009 3310
Novel therapeutic approaches in Cushing's disease: PPar-gamma agonists/ Cushing hastaliginda yeni tedaviler: PPAR-gamma agonistleri. Usman, Aydan; Gulcelik, Nese Ersoz Report Dec 1, 2009 2875
Conn's syndrome, subclinical Cushing's syndrome and thyrotoxicosis presenting as hypokalemic periodic paralysis: a case report/ Hipokalemik periyodik paralizi ile seyreden conn, subklinik cushing ve tirotoksikoz olgusu. Anaforoglu, Inan; Simsek, Alimdar; Algun, Ekrem Case study Dec 1, 2009 2436
Trilostane approved by FDA; veterinarians treating dogs with Cushing's disease now have new tool. Straus, Mary Oct 1, 2009 665
Ectopic Cushing's syndrome: some facts. Salvatori, Roberto Report Jan 1, 2009 2116
Ectopic Cushing's syndrome: experience from a tertiary care centre. Bhansali, A.; Walia, Rama; Rana, S.S.; Dutta, P.; Radotra, B.D.; Khandelwal, N.; Bhadada, S.K. Report Jan 1, 2009 4536
Cushing's disease: a serious glandular glitch: excess fluid consumption and urination are the key signs of this serious disorder. Ewing, Tom Disease/Disorder overview Sep 1, 2008 1211
Cushing's guidelines clarify when testing is appropriate. Mahoney, Diana Report Apr 15, 2008 992
Diagnosing hypercortisolism. Singh, Ravinder J. Dec 1, 2006 1062
Diagnosis: adrenal disease: early diagnosis and treatment may help. But neither Cushing's nor Addison's disease can be prevented or truly cured. Ewing, Tom Aug 1, 2006 1325
Uncovering a case of Cushing's syndrome. (Clinical Rounds). Apr 1, 2003 489
Drug interaction: ritonavir and fluticasone. Nov 1, 2001 184
MO: ALJ Rules RN Not Eligible for SS Disability: AIJ `Failure to Consult Vocational Expert' Not Fatal. Tammelleo, David A. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 522
Cushing's syndrome. pamphlet Apr 1, 1989 3062

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