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Curvy deck brings out the best in the house and the pool.

Curvy deck brings out the best in the house and the pool

On the hillside of this Los Angeles tract house, the swimming pool was a full floor down the grade. Its existence had been a selling point when Ellen and Bill Morehead bought the house, but they wanted to create better flow between the living-space level and the pool area.

Architect Michael Mekeel's deft plan did more than tie the two levels together. It also unified the fragmented rooms of the original house.

Several small and not very useful decks gave way to one large undulating one, its shape echoing the curves of the pool. French doors replaced windows on all rooms adjoining the deck, opening them to the outdoor living space and also to one another.

The hot tub--a requisite of the plan-- suggested where the access stairs should go. One staircase wraps around the hottub support walls at one side of the pool; the other, a freestanding metal spiral, is at the opposite end of the pool, where it ties in with the pipe-rail detailing around the edge of the deck.

Two storage areas are hidden from view. A large pool- and garden-supply room beneath the main deck extends back to the original concrete staircase (note how the step-up detail on the outside of the wall playfully mimics the old concrete stairs within). The other area is underneath the small deck directly behind the diving board. Here heater, filter, pump, and, in bad weather, patio furniture are housed--out of sight and out of the way.

Photo: Keyhole slot wrapped by staircase holds hot tub. Deck behind diving board sits atop pool machinery (note heater stacks)

Photo: Before, small flagstone deck had concrete steps dropping to pool, rustic redwood trellis overhead

Photo: Fluid shape of new deck complements curves of pool. Trellis extension follows the roof line

Photo: Gracefully curving forms define stylish but casual deck area topped by egg-crate trellis. Two sets of stairs wind down toward pool, set off by new brick paving. Impatiens, liriope, podocarpus hug wall at base of stairs

Photo: Space-efficient spiral stair uses 1/2-inch-thick brick pavers on treads, ties into pipe railing around deck

Photo: Storage room tucks under main section of deck, behind a wall recess where the life preservers hang
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Date:Sep 1, 1986
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