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Curry in a hurry gives me such a sore tum.


QI AM always on the run at work and often have no choice but to eat takeaways like burgers and curries on the hop - and usually far too late. I'm living on Gaviscon. Is there any alternative?

AAPART from a radical change of lifestyle, which may not be possible at the moment, take two to three tablets of Gastronol every time you get that burning indigestion feeling after eating, allowing them to dissolve slowly under the tongue. Gastronol can be found in most health shops.

QMY baby has severe eczema which weeps but we are reluctant to use prescribed steroid creams. Is there a safe alternative?' ATRY Graphites cream, which is widely available in health shops. It can safely be applied to the affected areas of his delicate skin three to five times daily.

QI FEEL terribly low at certain times but cannot always account for it. I'm not on any medication and have no health problems. What is your advice?

AIT is often just as frustrating to be unable to get to the bottom of your feelings as it is to deal with the problem. See your GP immediately if you get seriously depressed to the point of thinking about harming yourself. But if it is just a case of low mood, try taking a two-month course of St. John's Wort - which you should be able to buy in your local health shop - at a dose of 20 drops in a little water before meals.

QI'M undergoing chemotherapy and my blood count is a bit on the low side. Is there anything safe to take to help increase it as I don't want to miss any of the sessions? ATHE remedy ferrum phos, known as an essential tissue salt, is well worth taking, at a dose of two tablets twice daily and won't interfere with your treatment. Also drink a small glassful of beetroot juice every morning to keep your iron stable. Both of these can be found in health shops.

QSOMETIMES I just can't think straight. There is a history of Alzheimer's disease in our family and I'm worried I'm heading in that direction. What can I do?

AAS long as you are not taking any blood-thinning medication, such as aspirin or Warfarin, and have no history of high blood pressure, then take one capsule of Gingko Phytosome twice daily long term, to try to improve your short-term memory and concentration. This remedy can be ordered by phoning 01292 317670.

QI SUFFER from cystitis. The worst part of it is the urge to get to the toilet yet I can't seem to pass much. Then I go without warning, particularly if I cough or exert myself. Any form of cold makes the situation worse. Please help.

AI THINK Causticum would help you, taken at a dose of one tablet twice a day for at least six weeks. It can be ordered from Nelson's Homoeopathic Pharmacy on 020 76293118.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 15, 2004
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