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Curriculum Alignment Initiative Report to the Coordinating Board for Higher Education.

ERIC Descriptors: Higher Education; Competence; Evidence; Public Agencies; High Schools; Colleges; Alignment (Education); Educational Legislation; State Legislation; Partnerships in Education; Public Policy; College Readiness; Academic Achievement

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It is recommended that the Coordinating Board for Higher Education approve the Curriculum Alignment Initiative (CAI) report, with recognition of the dynamic nature of competencies. It is further recommended that the board direct the Commissioner of Higher Education to make the CAI Report available online to interested government agencies and constituents as evidence of MDHE's significant progress in fulfilling its statutory requirements. It is also recommended that the Coordinating Board for Higher Education commend the arduous efforts undertaken by the participants and educational institutions involved in the CAI process. This document reports the mission and progress of the Missouri Department of Higher Education's (MDHE's) Curriculum Alignment Initiative (CAI) from inception in June 2007 to present. Appended are: (1) Senate Bill 389 on Curriculum Alignment; (2) Completed Entry-Level Competencies; (3) Draft Cross-Disciplinary Competencies; (4) Draft METS Optimal Entry-Level Competencies; (5) Completed Exit-Level Competencies; and (6) General Education & Exit Competencies Matrix. (Contains 1 footnote.)

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Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jun 12, 2008
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