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Current materials of interest.

1. The Judge Advocate General's School, U.S. Army (TJAGSA) Materials Available through the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)

Each year, TJAGSA publishes deskbooks and materials to support resident course instruction. Much of this material is useful to judge advocates and government civilian attorneys who are unable to attend courses in their practice areas, and TJAGSA receives many requests each year for these materials. Because the distribution of these materials is not in its mission, TJAGSA does not have the resources to provide these publications.

To provide another avenue of availability, some of this material is available through the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC). An office may obtain this material through the installation library. Most libraries are DTIC users and would be happy to identify and order requested material. If the library is not registered with the DTIC, the requesting person's office/ organization may register for the DTIC's services.

If only unclassified information is required, simply call the DTIC Registration Branch and register over the phone at (703) 767-8273, DSN 427-8273. If access to classified information is needed, then a registration form must be obtained, completed, and sent to the Defense Technical Information Center, 8725 John J. Kingman Road, Suite 0944, Fort Belvoir, Virginia 22060-6218; telephone (commercial) (703) 767-8273, (DSN) 427-8273, toll-free 1-800-225-DTIC, menu selection 2, option 1; fax (commercial) (703) 767-8228; fax (DSN) 426-8228; or e-mail to

If there is a recurring need for information on a particular subject, the requesting person may want to subscribe to the Current Awareness Bibliography (CAB) Service. The CAB is a profile-based product, which will alert the requestor, on a biweekly basis, to the documents that have been entered into the Technical Reports Database which meet his profile parameters. This bibliography is available electronically via e-mail at no cost or in hard copy at an annual cost of $25 per profile. Contact DTIC at

Prices for the reports fall into one of the following four categories, depending on the number of pages: $7, $12, $42, and $122. The DTIC also supplies reports in electronic formats. Prices may be subject to change at any time. Lawyers, however, who need specific documents for a case may obtain them at no cost.

For the products and services requested, one may pay either by establishing a DTIC deposit account with the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) or by using a VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit card. Information on establishing an NTIS credit card will be included in the user packet.

There is also a DTIC Home Page at to browse through the listing of citations to unclassified/unlimited documents that have been entered into the Technical Reports Database within the last twenty-five years to get a better idea of the type of information that is available. The complete collection includes limited and classified documents as well, but those are not available on the web.

Those who wish to receive more information about the DTIC or have any questions should call the Product and Services Branch at (703)767-8267, (DSN) 427-8267, or toll-free 1-800-225-DTIC, menu selection 6, option 1; or send an e-mail to
 Contract Law

AD A301096 Government Contract Law Deskbook,
 vol. 1, JA-501-1-95.

AD A301095 Government Contract Law Deskbook,
 vol. 2, JA-501-2-95.

AD A265777 Fiscal Law Course Deskbook,

 Legal Assistance

AD A384333 Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act
 Guide, JA-260 (2000).

AD A333321 Real Property Guide--Legal Assistance,
 JA-261 (1997).

AD A326002 Wills Guide, JA-262 (1997).

AD A346757 Family Law Guide, JA 263 (1998).

AD A384376 Consumer Law Guide, JA 265 (2000).

AD A372624 Uniformed Services Worldwide Legal
 Assistance Directory, JA-267 (1999).

AD A360700 Tax Information Series, JA 269 (2002).

AD A350513 The Uniformed Services Employment
 and Reemployment Rights Act
 (USAERRA), JA 270, Vol. I (1998).

AD A350514 The Uniformed Services Employment
 and Reemployment Rights Act
 (USAERRA), JA 270, Vol. II (1998).

AD A329216 Legal Assistance Office Administration
 Guide, JA 271 (1997).

AD A276984 Deployment Guide, JA-272 (1994).

AD A360704 Uniformed Services Former Spouses'
 Protection Act, JA 274 (2002).

AD A326316 Model Income Tax Assistance Guide,
 JA 275 (2001).

AD A282033 Preventive Law, JA-276 (1994).

 Administrative and Civil Law

AD A351829 Defensive Federal Litigation, JA-200

AD A327379 Military Personnel Law, JA 215 (1997).

AD A255346 Reports of Survey and Line of Duty
 Determinations, JA-231 (2002).

AD A347157 Environmental Law Deskbook,
 JA-234 (2002).

AD A377491 Government Information Practices,
 JA-235 (2000).

AD A377563 Federal Tort Claims Act, JA 241 (2000).

AD A332865 AR 15-6 Investigations, JA-281 (1997).

 Labor Law

AD A360707 The Law of Federal Employment,
 JA-210 (1998).

AD A360707 The Law of Federal Labor-Management
 Relations, JA-211 (1999).

 Legal Research and Communications

AD A332958 Military Citation, Sixth Edition,
 JAGS-DD (1997).

 Criminal Law

AD A302672 Unauthorized Absences Programmed
 Text, JA-301 (2003).

AD A303842 Trial Counsel and Defense Counsel
 Handbook, JA-310 (1995).

AD A302445 Nonjudicial Punishment, JA-330 (1995).

AD A302674 Crimes and Defenses Deskbook,
 JA-337 (1994).

AD A274413 United States Attorney Prosecutions,
 JA-338 (1994).

 International and Operational Law

AD A377522 Operational Law Handbook,
 JA-422 (2003).

 Reserve Affairs

AD A345797 Reserve Component JAGC Personnel
 Policies Handbook, JAGS-GRA (1998).

The following United States Army Criminal Investigation Division
Command publication is also available through the

AD A145966 Criminal Investigations, Violation of the
 U.S.C. in Economic Crime
 Investigations, USACIDC Pam 195-8.

* Indicates new publication or revised edition.

2. Regulations and Pamphlets

The following provides information on how to obtain Manuals for Courts-Martial, DA Pamphlets, Army Regulations, Field Manuals, and Training Circulars.

(1) The United States Army Publications Distribution Center (USAPDC) at St. Louis, Missouri, stocks and distributes Department of the Army publications and blank forms that have Army-wide use. Contact the USAPDC at the following address:


U.S. Army Publications

Distribution Center

1655 Woodson Road

St. Louis, MO 63114-6181

Telephone (314) 263-7305, ext. 268

(2) Units must have publications accounts to use any part of the publications distribution system. Consult Department of the Army Regulation 25-30, The Army Integrated Publishing and Printing Program (15 July 2002). The U.S. Army Publishing Agency web site provides administrative departmental publications and forms to include Army regulations, circulars, pamphlets, optional forms, standard forms, Department of Defense forms and Department of the Army forms. The web site to access the departmental publications and forms is http:// Consult Table 5-1, AR 25-30, for official departmental publications web sites.

3. The Legal Automation Army-Wide Systems XXI--JAGCNet

a. The Legal Automation Army-Wide Systems XXI (LAAWS XXI) operates a knowledge management and information service called JAGCNet primarily dedicated to servicing the Army legal community, but also provides for Department of Defense (DOD) access in some cases. Whether you have Army access or DOD-wide access, all users will be able to download TJAGSA publications that are available through the JAGCNet.

b. Access to the JAGCNet:

(1) Access to JAGCNet is restricted to registered users who have been approved by the LAAWS XXI Office and senior OTJAG staff:

(a) Active U.S. Army JAG Corps personnel;

(b) Reserve and National Guard U.S. Army JAG Corps personnel;

(c) Civilian employees (U.S. Army) JAG Corps personnel;

(d) FLEP students;

(e) Affiliated (U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard) DOD personnel assigned to a branch of the JAG Corps; and, other personnel within the DOD legal community.

(2) Requests for exceptions to the access policy should be e-mailed to:

c. How to log on to JAGCNet:

(a) Using a Web browser (Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher recommended) go to the following site:

(b) Follow the link that reads "Enter JACJCNet."

(c) If you already have a JAGCNet account, and know your user name and password, select "Enter" from the next menu, then enter your "User Name" and "Password" in the appropriate fields.

(d) If you have a JAGCNet account, but do not know your user name and/or Internet password, contact your legal administrator or e-mail the LAAWS XXI HelpDesk at LAAW-SXXI

(e) If you do not have a JAGCNet account, select "Register" from the JAGCNet Intranet menu.

(f) Follow the link "Request a New Account" at the bottom of the page, and fill out the registration form completely. Allow seventy-two hours for your request to process. Once your request is processed, you will receive an e-mail telling you that your request has been approved or denied.

(g) Once granted access to JAGCNet, follow step

(c), above.

4. TJAGSA Publications Available Through the LAAWS XXI JAGCNet

For detailed information, see the September 2003 issue of The Army Lawyer.

5. Legal Technology Management Office (LTMO)

The Judge Advocate General's School, U.S. Army, continues to improve capabilities for faculty and staff. We have installed new computers throughout TJAGSA, all of which are compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Microsoft Office 2000 Professional throughout TJAGSA.

The Judge Advocate General's School, U.S. Army, faculty and staff are available through the Internet. Addresses for TJAGSA personnel are available by e-mail at or by calling the LTMO at (434) 971-3314. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses for TJAGSA personnel are available on the TJAGSA Web page at http:// Click on "directory" for the listings.

For students who wish to access their office e-mail while attending TJAGSA classes, please ensure that your office e-mail is web browser accessible prior to departing your office. Please bring the address with you when attending classes at TJAGSA. If your office does not have web accessible e-mail, you may establish an account at the Army Portal,, and then forward your office e-mail to this new account during your stay at TJAGSA. Dial-up internet access is available in TJAGSA billets.

Personnel desiring to call TJAGSA can dial via DSN 521-7115 or, provided the telephone call is for official business only, use our toll free number, (800) 552-3978; the receptionist will connect you to the appropriate department or directorate. For additional information, please contact the Legal Technology Management Office at (434) 971-3264.

6. The Army Law Library Service

Per Army Regulation 27-1, paragraph 12-11, the Army Law Library Service (ALLS) must be notified before any redistribution of ALLS-purchased law library materials. Posting such a notification in the ALLS FORUM of JAGCNet satisfies this regulatory requirement as well as alerting other librarians that excess materials are available.

Point of contact is Mr. Dan Lavering, The Judge Advocate General's School & Legal Center, United States Army, ATTN: ALCS-ADD-LB, 600 Massie Road, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903-1781. Telephone DSN: 521-3306, commercial: (434) 971-3306, or e-mail at
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