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Current Good Manufacturing Practices/Food Plant Sanitation.


by W A Gould.

From the UK point of view this text is of considerable interest because it details all the current Good Manufacturing Practices prescribed by the US Department of Agriculture as applied to the manufacturing and processing of food. In the UK we have a considerable amount of legal requirement that surrounds the whole food business so it is equally important to see how others run their 'business'. Having said all that, we don't have to assume that all that comes from the USA is either good or suits us.

Dr Gould starts by examining why we need guidance of how we do things and the background to Good Manufacturing Practices and Sanitation. The reader is introduced to the various CGMPs, and controls for use in a modern food plant are discussed. The text has been developed to ensure, that those who have to run food plants understand the areas of major concern when manufacturing high quality foods. Plants must be kept clean and this whole activity is fully discussed, including methods of training.

Very much a practical book, it contains twentyone chapters. Their titles are: The implications of CGMPs and food plant; Current Good Manufacturing Practices - the regulation; Types of food plant inspections; Planning plant sanitation program; Construction factors; Equipment design for plant sanitation; Warehouse, storage, shipping and receiving; Other facilities and food plant sanitation; Food containers and packaging materials; Control of rats, mice and other rodents; Insects and insect control; Control of birds; Food plant microorganisms; Water and food plant sanitation; fundamentals of chemistry and cleaning compounds; Cleaning the food plant; Employees and food plant sanitation; Food safety and hazard analysis; Making the plant inspection and critical control point inspections; Recalls; The role of quality assurance and food plant sanitation, together with a an appendix on the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, as amended.

From the above it is quite clear that the chapter titles are fully descriptive and they cover ground that is of common interest to those involved in manufacturing food that is of good quality, and is safe to store and consume.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Jul 1, 1990
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