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Curran, Bob. Bloody Irish; Celtic vampire legends.

Merlin Publishing, dist. by Independent Publishers Group. 186p. c2002; 1-903582-19-9. $14.95. SA

For fans of vampires and Celtic lore this volume is a real find. Based on legends and stories that Curran heard during his travels through Ireland, these stories are written in a style reminiscent of something older and quainter, reflecting the Irish countryside in which most of the tales take place. Not all the stories deal with the conventional blood-sucking vampire--though, to be sure, they are well represented. Some of the vampiric creatures drain the life force, energy, or the very goodness from their victims. Curran tells about them all. In addition, his introduction is erudite and filled with material discussing the Celtic and Irish contribution to vampire legends.

There are four tales in all, beginning with the weirdly interesting "Beside the Fire," in which a man wanders through an ancient ruin, falls into strange visions and discovers something he can barely imagine exists. "The Way Through the Wood" shows us that there is something more frightening than merely getting lost in the forest. Likewise, "The Withered Hand" and "Miss O'Hare" speak of darker realms, sinister forces, and things that exist beyond the ken of mere mortals.

The tales are long and create a moody atmosphere the careful reader will enjoy. Better readers and fans of this literature will be the best customers for this book. Joseph DeMarco, Libn., St. Joseph's Sch., Philadelphia, PA
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Author:DeMarco, Joseph
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 2002
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