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Curl up with a good cup of tea.

Santa Cruz, Calif.-based Good Earth Corp. has introduced Good Earth Medicinals, the first line of pharmaceutical quality herbal teas, created from authentic Swiss formulas that have been used safely and effectively for more than 75 years by Europeans. In fact, seven of the products are based on formulas developed by Johannes Kuenzle, a well known Swiss herbalist, pastor and author who lived from 1857 until 1945.

The tea varieties, the first offerings in Good Earth's wellness line, include Tea for Colds, Slimming Tea, Tea for Sleep, Tea for Tension, Tea for Digestion, Tea for Mood, Laxative Tea, and Tea for Flu, the only tea not based on a traditional formula. Rather, it is a modern European herbal combination derived from current scientific research.

The teas are unique in that each tea bag is individually sealed in its own vapor-barrier envelope with lot number and "Best if used by" date to ensure freshness. The package also includes an insert with directions for use, recommended dosage, warnings and ingredients.

The biologically active ingredients of each tea product all have been approved as safe and effective by the German Commission E and meet the exacting standards of European pharmacopoeias (the official guides for pharmacists and physicians that assure the accurate identification of herbs, their proper preparation and storage, content of essential constituents, purity and other parameters deemed important in maximizing the herb's usefulness as a medicine).

"These teas represent a new level of quality in the medicinal tea segment," says chief executive officer Ben Zaricor. "We are very excited that our customers will be the first in the United States to benefit from these established formulas."

Suggested retail price is $2.99 to $3.49 for a box of 15 bags.

The wellness tea segment totaled $42,383,368 in 1999, 1. 9 percent of the specialty tea category, according to KIM Inc. The specialty tea category sales breakdown also includes: medicinal tea at $28,775,383 (68 percent); herbal tea at $178,327,003 (39 percent); lifestyle tea at $13,607,985 (32 percent); black tea at $141,570,869 (30 percent); green tea at $101,768,534 (22 percent) and chai at $1,852,960 (1 percent).

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Title Annotation:Good Earth Corp. introduces medicinal herbal teas
Comment:Curl up with a good cup of tea.(Good Earth Corp. introduces medicinal herbal teas)
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Date:Feb 1, 2001
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