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Curbside value partnership expands to two Pennsylvania counties.

Pennsylvania's York and Lancaster counties have set a goal to increase residential curbside recycling among participating municipalities by 10 percent before the end of 2007.

The Aluminum Can Council's Curbside Value Partnership (CVP) has selected PROP (Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania) and the Solid Waste Management Authorities of Lancaster and York counties to participate in its campaign to increase participation in local curbside recycling programs.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for two counties in Pennsylvania to work together to educate residents about recycling," John Frederick, executive director of the PROP, says. "So many counties across the state face the same challenges when it comes to marketing their curbside recycling programs. This partnership will help demonstrate that working together to share messages and resources can be a win for everyone."

With more than 35 partnerships in place, the invitation-only CVP program, sponsored by the Aluminum Association and Can Manufacturer's Institute and their funding members, including Alcoa, Anheiser-Busch Metal Container, ARCO, Ball, Novelis and REXAM, works with individual communities to increase participation and awareness of local curbside recycling programs.

In Lancaster and York counties, the campaign will focus on educating residents on materials that can be recycled through their curbside programs.

"Sometimes people really want to do the right thing but they don't realize that putting unacceptable materials in the bin, such as plastic toys and mirrors, actually hurts the entire recycling stream," Tim Breneisen, recycling manager, Lancaster County Sold Waste Management Authority, says. "We want to get people in the habit of recycling all of the accepted materials, all of the time."

Created four years ago, the national CVP program is a research-based partnership with communities, haulers, material recovery facilities (MRFs) and other stakeholders to identify solutions to improving curbside recycling programs and address recycling rates.

More information on the Curbside Value Partnership, including data and research that supports the partnership's findings, is available at www.
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Publication:Recycling Today
Date:Jul 1, 2007
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