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Cupid lives on campus.

Miami University in Ohio has an unusually large number of graduates who have married other Miami University graduates--26,046 people, or about 14 percent of the school's living alumni population.

To celebrate, Miami University's division of university advancement this month is mailing out valentines to the 13,023 couples, also known as "Miami Mergers" The university has been sending out Valentine's Day cards to coupled alumni since 1973.


According to the university, one unofficial survey found that the percentage of marrying alums from the same college is typically in the 3 to 8 percent range.

Could there be truth to that old Miami myth that says whomever you kiss under the Upham Hall arch at midnight you'll eventually marry? No one really knows, but the Miami Mergers blog, where couples write about their romance on the alumni association's Web site, might shed some light on the situation.
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Title Annotation:Miami University sends Valentine's Day cards for coupled alumni
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Date:Feb 7, 2008
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