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Goodbye, Joe! Aug 8, 2008 98
Christianity's violent history. Movie review May 2, 2008 703
A call to the laity to find its role. Book review Oct 5, 2007 486
Artists and spies: 'Avenue Montaigne' is a French bonbon; 'The Lives of Others' shouldn't be missed. Movie review Mar 9, 2007 978
Subtle triumphs: 'The Nativity Story' is moving and unsentimental; 'Climates' shows pain of human relationships. Movie review Dec 15, 2006 923
Murder and mayhem: 'Volver' depicts resourceful Spanish women; 'Borat' ridicules our disdain for 'backward' countries. Movie review Nov 24, 2006 919
Brutality and its aftermath: 'Flags of Our Fathers' shows Iwo Jima battle; 'Last King of Scotland' the reign of Idi Amin. Movie review Nov 10, 2006 866
Genuine strength: 'The Queen' finds it in Elizabeth II, 'A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints' in Queens. Movie review Oct 27, 2006 1022
Unfulfilled potential: 'All the King's Men' flounders; 'Half Nelson' is moving but inconclusive. Movie review Oct 13, 2006 1150
Cobblestones and feats of magic: 'The Illusionist' delights with old-fashioned pleasures; 'Man Push Cart' a portrayal of loneliness. Movie review Sep 29, 2006 906
Courage 'downtown' and at home: Oliver Stone's film about Sept. 11 disaster is powerfully moving; 'Little Miss Sunshine' disappoints. Movie review Sep 15, 2006 947
Fashion, farce and two films from France. Sep 1, 2006 1182
Superhero and humble spirit: 'Superman Returns' dazzles with effects; Rossellini film portrays St. Francis. Movie review Jul 28, 2006 935
Relaxed, lighthearted and sweet: 'Prairie Home Companion' is witty, elegiac; 'Nacho Libre' a lowbrow success. Movie review Jul 14, 2006 847
The last days of the West: Al Gore warns of climate change in 'Inconvenient Truth'; 'Down in the Valley' is a cowboy elegy. Movie review Jun 30, 2006 950
Deciphering the 'Da Vinci Code': the movie version of Dan Brown's book is entertaining if unimaginative. Movie review Jun 2, 2006 1059
Hindu widows and American victims: 'Water' exposes the plight of Indian widows; 'United 93' is good, but why is it here? Movie review May 26, 2006 903
From the suave to the naive: spin doctor wants to 'Thank You for Smoking'; 'Mongolian Ping Pong' is gentler fare. Movie review May 12, 2006 840
It's all about the cash: 'Inside Man' bank robbery is a clever ride; 'Friends with Money' doesn't dig deep. Movie review Apr 28, 2006 1015
Deadbeats in action: 'L'Enfant' and 'Don't Come Knocking' make challenging viewing. Movie review Apr 14, 2006 835
Reaching across the boundaries: 'Joyeux Noel' follows WWI Christmas truce; multiracial 'Crash' didn't deserve its Oscar. Movie review Mar 31, 2006 905
Compelling foreign dramas: Germany's 'Sophie Scholl' and South Africa's 'Tsotsi' pose serious questions. Movie review Mar 17, 2006 789
Navigating promises: 'Three Burials' and 'Something New' examine relationships between race and class. Movie review Mar 3, 2006 1078
Real life and fantasy mix on film: in 'Tristram Shandy,' egos clash; 'Bubble' tells a working-class tale; 'Nanny MePhee' works her magic. Movie Review Feb 17, 2006 936
Exploring far-flung cultures: Albert Brooks goes to India in 'Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World'; 'The New World' weaves a poem about the origins of America. Movie Review Feb 3, 2006 854
Love, vengeance and high living: 'Brokeback Mountain' deserves its accolades; 'Munich' is too heavy; Woody Allen's 'Match Point' doesn't quite work. Movie Review Jan 20, 2006 917
Cunneen's 10 best of 2005: foreign films dominate this year's list. Movie Review Jan 6, 2006 990
Moral questions in love and war: 'Narnia' captivates; 'Syriana' explores polities in the Middle East; a 'Shopgirl' chooses between two men. Movie Review Dec 16, 2005 1347
Two views of the holy land. Movie Review Nov 18, 2005 890
Media and marriage: 'Good Night' examines Murrow-McCarthy clash in the 1950s; 'Squid' screenwriter revisits his parents' divorce. Movie Review Nov 4, 2005 999
Lyrical stories of poverty: Dickens' 'Oliver Twist' is brought to the screen; 'The Weeping Meadow' chronicles a painful time in Greek history. Movie Review Oct 21, 2005 1017
From despair to spun sugar: 'Keane' explores urban hopelessness; 'just Like Heaven' is a lighthearted look at the afterlife. Movie Review Oct 7, 2005 929
Gripping family dramas: "The Constant Gardener" and "Junebug" feature outstanding performances. Movie Review Sep 23, 2005 978
Growing up, at whatever age: 'The 40-Year-Old-Virgin' is a good guy at heart; superhero kid in 'Sky High' proves himself. Movie Review Sep 9, 2005 858
Fragmentary lives: Bill Murray looks back on past lovers in 'Broken Flowers'; a Frenchman decides between music and crime in 'The Beat That My Heart Skipped'. Movie Review Aug 26, 2005 855
Serious fantasy: 'Howl's Moving Castle' entrances; 'Batman Begins' tries a little too hard. Movie Review Jul 15, 2005 840
Friends, farce and super-cool gangsters. Movie Review Jul 1, 2005 839
Fun in outer space: 'Revenge of the Sith,' 'Hitchhiker's Guide' explore the universe; Argentinean 'Holy Girl' sticks to earthly relationships. Movie Review Jun 17, 2005 919
Films confront history: German 'Ninth Day' examines faith during the Nazi regime; 'Cinderella Man' tracks career of 1930s boxer. Movie Review May 27, 2005 940
Seeing Africa on film. Book Review May 20, 2005 752
Conflict across the centuries. Movie Review May 13, 2005 907
From baseball to haute cuisine: 'Fever Pitch' combines romance and Red Sox; 'Look at Me' satirizes French intellectuals. Movie Review Apr 29, 2005 849
Tragicomic experiments on film: 'Melinda and Melinda' tells two versions of same story; romance, drama in 'Upside of Anger'. Movie Review Apr 15, 2005 968
Slices of life abroad: 'Gunner Palace,' 'Millions' and 'Intimate Stories' are three films worth seeing. Book Review Apr 1, 2005 1080
Hope grows amid the ashes: 'Turtles Can Fly' and 'Born Into Brothels' show children's lives in Iraq and India. Movie Review Mar 18, 2005 1005
Fleeting hopes: 'Hitch' is a humorous take on dating; 'Head-On' looks at the desperate lives of Turkish immigrants; 'My Mother's Smile' lampoons canonizations. Movie Review Mar 4, 2005 1036
American obsessions: overhyped 'Aviator' palls; 'Lost Embrace' charms with its tale of Jewish life in Argentina. Feb 18, 2005 801
Growing up is hard to do: 'in Good Company' and 'Finding Neverland' show men learning to mature. Feb 4, 2005 722
Fighting against the odds: woman boxer learns the ropes in 'Baby'; 'Hotel Rwanda' owner saves Tutsi lives. Movie Review Jan 21, 2005 1318
Fantastic films of faraway places: 'Merchant of Venice,' 'Flying Daggers' and 'Conspiracy of Silence' traverse the globe. Movie Review Jan 7, 2005 856
The best movies of 2004. Movie Review Dec 24, 2004 1082
Sex and sensibility: 'Kinsey' and 'Bad Education' raise provocative questions. Movie Review Dec 17, 2004 1049
Another French resource. Letter to the Editor Dec 10, 2004 109
Incredible stories on screen: Jamie Foxx brings 'Ray' to life; 'The Incredibles' and 'Polar Express' animate the skies. Movie Review Nov 26, 2004 1253
Facing change with grace: African villagers confront 'Moolaade' ritual; Californians examine life in 'Sideways'. Movie Review Nov 12, 2004 1037
The unbearable perils of being: 'Vera Drake' looks at women's dilemmas; 'I [heart] Huckabees' examines existential angst. Movie Review Oct 29, 2004 1045
The downtrodden and the undead: 'diaries' tracks an early Che Guevara, slackers fight zombies in 'Shaun'. Movie Review Oct 15, 2004 870
From page to screen: current film adaptations don't capture the wit of Thackeray, Waugh, Dubus. Oct 1, 2004 1055
'Silver City' and 'Hero' offer exciting drama. Sep 17, 2004 950
Dangerous journeys: suspense and drugs drive 'Collateral' and 'Maria Full of Grace'. Movie Review Aug 27, 2004 841
From romance to retro: engaging love in 'Before Sunset'; 'Anchorman' unevenly skewers the '70s. Aug 13, 2004 1027
Colman McCarthy chases a mirage. Letter to the Editor Aug 13, 2004 588
Woes of a president and a fishing village: 'Fahrenheit' hits home; 'Seducing' charms too much. Movie Review Jul 16, 2004 1045
Magic and mystery: 'Weeping Camel' more wondrous than 'Harry Potter'; 'Father and Son' disappoints. Movie Review Jul 2, 2004 946
Two taut, timely films show costs of war: 'control room' and 'strayed' engage; 'Shrek' falters. Movie Review Jun 18, 2004 1043
Foreign adventure is the theme of 'Troy' and 'Since Otar Left'. Movie Review Jun 4, 2004 1013
'The Agronomist' and 'I'm Not Scared' celebrate the value of courage. Movie Review May 21, 2004 980
Moral visions on film: 'Dogville' satirizes America; 'Spring' is a lyric meditation on time. Movie Review May 7, 2004 947
Under the microscope: 'Kitchen Stories' offers original humor; understated 'Diary' tells story of a soul. Movie Review Mar 26, 2004 947
Gibson's chutzpah: 'the Passion' should be about more than pain. Mar 5, 2004 1026
Miracle. Feb 27, 2004 117
Two movies in contrast: Afghan women under Taliban rule; a talking dog goes to school. Movie Review Feb 13, 2004 890
War and oppression: movies explore blindness of war-makers, class division in Iran. Movie Review Jan 30, 2004 1016
Battling evil and mortality: Lord of the Rings' comes to magnificent end; a dying intellectual looks back in 'Invasions'. Movie Review Jan 16, 2004 1001
Romance and desire: 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' shines; 'Something's Gotta Give' is coy look at love. Movie Review Jan 9, 2004 1001
Struggling with morality: 'In America' an Irish family seeks to put tragedy behind them. Movie Review Dec 26, 2003 580
Bravery and sweetness of men and elves: maritime 'Master and Commander' celebrates ideas of bravery; 'Elf' is a sweet fish-out-of-water tale. Movie Review Dec 12, 2003 1218
A farcical, entertaining Thanksgiving in 'April': 'Elephant' is elegiac. Movie Review Nov 21, 2003 130
At the movies. Movie Review Nov 21, 2003 916
Connecting faith and film: film director Robert Bresson's spare, reflective movies reveal moments of grace in human life. Nov 14, 2003 1435
Friends and strangers: revenge is empty in 'Mystic River'; 'Station' charms. Movie Review Oct 31, 2003 929
In translation or otherwise nothing is lost. Movie Review Oct 17, 2003 893
Comical quirks: films find humor, pathos in two ordinary lives. Movie Review Sep 19, 2003 934
Shock and inspiration: The Magdalene Sisters' takes a harsh look at a bygone institution; 'Seabiscuit' offers a tonic tale of hope. Movie Review Aug 15, 2003 879
Youthful tales: Maori girl, animated fish enliven summer. (At The Movies). Movie Review Jul 18, 2003 950
Inspired honesty: realism marks three summer film stand-outs. (At The Movies). Movie Review Jun 20, 2003 1505
Underdog stories: spirited humor livens films about the down-and-out. (Movies). Movie Review May 16, 2003 1470
Human moments: adventurous directors put Iran on the movie map. (At The Movies). Movie Review Apr 18, 2003 1463
Battlegrounds: schizophrenic's terror, Brazil gangs make for heavy film going. (At The Movies). Movie Review Mar 21, 2003 957
In a maelstrom: two movies explore the horrors of Nazi power. Movie Review Feb 14, 2003 1207
Film theatrics: from the streets of London, New York, Madrid. Movie Review Jan 17, 2003 1411
Worldly-wise: travel the globe in winter cinematic offerings. (At the Movies). Movie Review Dec 20, 2002 1548
Pain and healing: melodrama stays on surface; `Ararat' goes deeper. (At The Movies). Movie Review Nov 29, 2002 1538
Beyond control: family, politics, even `Heaven' are unpredictable. (Movies). Movie Review Nov 1, 2002 1551
Community and devotion fall favorites. (At The Movies). Movie Review Oct 11, 2002 1508
From catholic school to `Perdition': Dangerous Lives. (At The Movies). Movie Review Aug 2, 2002 1422
Ancient lessons: Inuit epic stands out among summer alternatives. (At The Movies). Movie Review Jul 5, 2002 1494
Films show ways to shun work out of business. (At The Movies). Movie Review May 24, 2002 941
Games of love; film tours to enjoy of India, Texas, Mexico. (Movies). Movie Review Apr 19, 2002 1595
Looking back: memories of friendship, war mark latest films. (At The Movies). Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 1006

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