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Cumyn, Alan: Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend.

Cumyn, Alan

Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend

Simon & Schuster, 2016, pp416, 7.99 [pounds sterling]

978 1 4711 4467 7

What happens when a new pupil starts at your school, and he's different from anyone you've ever met? Shiels and the rest of the school aren't exaggerating when they say that Pyke isn't like anyone they've ever met--he's a Pterodactyl! The idea for this novel is one that has been written many times before--girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, girl's life changes forever. Only this time, he's not your average boy. Pyke flies in to school and within no time the pupils accept his presence and fall for his unusual charms. Shiels has her life all planned out and she is very adept at controlling everyone else's as well. Her guard is slowly lowered and things fall down around her ears. This is such an unusual story and I had many unanswered questions whilst reading it. I desperately wanted to know about Pyke and where he came from. How did he enrol in school and who thought this was a good idea! I think the charm of this novel is that we never know what Pyke thinks, he seems to be the catalyst for all the other events that take place around him. This is a unique novel with drama and humour in equal measure.

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Author:Dean, Erica
Publication:School Librarian
Article Type:Book review
Date:Sep 22, 2016
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