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Cumberland Engineering.

Designed for processing injection and extrusion mold startup purge with a direct-drive, shredder-style rotor, Cumberland Engineering's new CLS 600+ Light Duty Single Shaft Shredder Series reduces startup purge and flash to less than 4-inch particles that can be granulated by a beside-the-press granulator. Standard hardened rotors with replaceable cutters and cutter seats are designed for processing the thicker sections of startup purge and blow-molding flash.


The unit offers a low-speed rotor (72 rpm) that transmits high cutting torque for tough applications, while the low-speed cutting action also reduces noise levels. A standard rotor is fabricated using abrasion-resistant steel for long life in high-wear applications while heavy-duty self-aligning outboard mounted bearings reduce the possibility of material contamination. Double-walled manual feed hoppers can be positioned for feeding through the front, back, or side of the machine with a tangential feed hopper used for ingestion of material without the need of a hydraulic ram. Equipped with a feed opening of 21.7 by 19.3 inches (550 by 490 mm), the CLS also features a 12-inch-diameter drum-style rotor for efficient cutting of various scrap. Four-edge 1.3-inch (34-mm) reversible cutters with bolt-in replaceable knife seats allow for maintenance.

Cumberland, based in South Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA, also offers a complete line of downstream extrusion equipment.
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Title Annotation:Industry News and Notes
Publication:Plastics Engineering
Date:Oct 1, 2009
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