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Cultural Studies: A Critical Introduction.




Cultural studies; a critical introduction.

During, Simon.

Routledge, [c]2005

244 p.

$19.95 (pa)

During (English, The Johns Hopkins U.) asserts cultural studies supports those who gain least from social structures, celebrates and enhances cultural experiences, and aims to deal with culture as a part of everyday life rather than objectifying it. In this undergraduate text he describes the features of the discipline and how they relate to time (whether the past, present or future), space (local, regional, national and global), media and the public sphere (television, popular music, the Internet and technoculture), identity (including multiculturalism), sexuality and gender (feminism, gender, and queer culture), and the value of both low and high culture.
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Title Annotation:SOCIOLOGY
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Date:Aug 1, 2005
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