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Cultural Resources Council chooses JCI for online employment service - tailored service to meet specific needs of writers, actors, producers and more.

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 9, 1996-- JCI Technologies (Alberta Stock Exchange JCI.) Geoff Edmunds, Chairman, JCI Technologies Inc. (JCI-ASE) today announced an agreement with the Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) for a three-year contract to set up and operate Cultural JobMatch: an on-line computer service to electronically link cultural workers with prospective employers via the Internet.

Under the agreement with the CHRC, JCI will expand its current JobMatch service which categorizes resumes according to different job and industry categories, to include 550 new skills categories for occupations specifically related to cultural sectors. New categories will be added to highlight skills required for music and sound recording; the visual arts and crafts; literary arts and publishing; audio-visual and live performing arts; and, heritage (museums, libraries, archives and records management) jobs.

CHRC will have primary responsibility for marketing the service to employers and job-seekers in each cultural discipline.

"Cultural JobMatch is the service we need to handle the requirements of a sector try that employs over 600,000 people and is growing at twice the average industry growth rate in Canada," said Charles McGee, Acting Executive Director, CHRC. "We're expanding so our needs are immediate. Cultural JobMatch will help us fill positions in a timely manner which is imperative for continued advantage in the Canadian and global marketplace."

"Our aim is to provide clear, easy-to-use, online services that save people time and money in doing the business that is important to them," said Geoffrey Edmunds, Chairman of JCI Technologies. "Tailoring JobMatch to give cultural employers immediate access to resumes of artists, creators, actors, technical professional and others will make us an indispensable job placement tool."

Job-seekers wishing to use the service can register their resume for $24. Prospective employers will have free access to Cultural JobMatch to fine-tune their job search criteria according to specific job requirements until January 1, 1997. In the new year, employers can download detailed resumes of those job seekers with the specified skills for a fee of $7.00 for every resume ordered.

The Cultural Human Resources Council was established on May 1, 1995 to address the training and career development needs of workers in the cultural sector.

Headquartered in Victoria, B.C., and is listed on the Alberta Stock Exchange, JCI Technologies offers online classified services including: JobMatch(R), MLS Online, AutoMatch(R). -0-

The Alberta Stock Exchange has neither approved nor disapproved the information contained herein.

CONTACT: JCI Technologies Inc.

Geoff Edmunds, 604/ 881-8104



Cultural Human Resources Council

Chuck McGee, 613/ 565-7956 Ext. 26


Temple Scott Associates

Jennifer Rideout, 416/ 360-6183
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 9, 1996
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