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Cultural Resource Database.

Tenders are invited for Cultural Resource Database

General Requirements and Desired Product Features:

Contractor will work with the Karuk Tribe Department of Natural Resources staff, including Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, GIS Specialist and Data Steward, Food Security Project Coordinator, Deputy Director of Eco-Cultural Revitalization, and the Director of the Department of Natural Resources to design a geographic application, database, and field data acquisition and transfer methodology for cultural resources information that will meet the following specifications. A secure database is needed to archive, access, update, inform, and analyze new and existing cultural resources information. This information includes but is not limited to archeologic site records and investigations, academic publications, ethnographies, photographs, and raw and transcribed interview materials. The database must also be able to link/represent/store spatial information (points, lines and polygons) associated with these objects (PDF, JPEG, shapefile/feature class, word document, audio files, etc.) within a GIS. In addition, the database must be user-friendly while incorporating incoming field data and reports. Field data includes archeological surveys and reports, GPS data, photographs, and current information (availability and condition) pertaining to tribal food and fiber resources. The database should be stored and managed by ArcGIS, Microsoft Access and/or any other similar application(s) that has the capabilities of a relational database connected to a GIS. The Karuk Tribe currently has access to ArcGIS for Desktop and Microsoft Access. Please list any additional software and associated costs that would be required of users to work with and manage the database in the quotation. Users should be able to perform spatial queries on geographic data (in a GIS application) as well as regular database queries (i.e. SQL) on standardized metadata (such as type of resource and condition) in order to access publications/documents/projects/surveys/ethnographies related to a resource, location, or geographic span within the Karuk Tribe s Aboriginal Territory and Tribal homelands.

All Contracts That Exceed $2,500.00 Shall Be Subject To A Two Percent (2%) Tribal Employment Rights Fee In Accordance With The Tero Ordinance. If Applicable, Construction Contracts In Excess Of $2,000, When Required By Federal Grant Program Legislation, Are Subject To Compliance With The Davis-bacon Act (40 Usc 276a To A-7) As Supplemented By Department Of Labor Regulations (29 Cfr Part 5).

Pre-bid Conference Call: Friday, September 19, 2015, 1:00 pm

Major organization : KARUK TRIBE

Address : Karuk Tribe Administration Office,

64236 Second Avenue,

P.O. Box 1016,

Happy Camp, CA 96039,

Contact Person: Emma Lee Perez,

Country :United States

Email :,

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2015-10-02

Tender documents : T29176043.pdf

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Sep 6, 2015
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