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Cultural Forces in World Politics.

by Ali A. Mazrui Heinemann Educational Books Inc. 361 Hanover St. Portsmouth, NH 03801 262 pages (softcover)

The exquisite thinker/writer Ali Mazrui offers a masterful yet passionate analysis of the power of cultural forces which drive the engines of world politics, how religion, language, worldview, etc. shape the policies which directly impact human life worldwide.

Dr. Mazrui writes, "Culture is not only about power. The power of culture is sometimes a protective shield for freedom. There is such a thing as the culture of freedom. In a basic sense this book is therefore also about freedom. It may well be my most controversial ever."
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Author:Kazi, Kuumba Ferrouillet
Publication:The Black Collegian
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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