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Cultivating nationhood in imperial Russia; the periodical press and the formation of a modern Armenian identity.


Cultivating nationhood in imperial Russia; the periodical press and the formation of a modern Armenian identity.

Khachaturian, Lisa.

Transaction Publishers


241 pages




Khachaturian (PhD, history, Georgetown U.) explores the formation of modern Armenian national consciousness among the Armenian intelligentsia living under Imperial Russian rule during the 19th century. He examines how the Armenian intelligentsia formulated, articulated, and popularized modern Eastern Armenian language, culture, and national identity within the pages of the Russian Armenian journals Hyusisap'ayl (Northern Lights, 1858-1864), Mshak (Cultivator/Tiller, 1872-1921), P'ordz (Effort, 1876-1881), and Murch (Hammer, 1889-1907), while also drawing from some other Armenian- and Russian-language periodicals and published monographs, memoirs, and letters. He also profiles significant Armenian literati connected to the press, particularly the editor and founder of Hyusisap'ayl, Step'anos Nazaryan, as well as Grigor Artsuni, Step'anos Palasanyan, K'erovpe and Rafael Patkanyan, Avetik Arashkhanyan, and Alek'sander Yerits'ean.

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Date:May 1, 2009
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