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Cult-favorite Dark Horse comic book hero Hellboy 20 years old.

Byline: Matt Moore

PHILADELPHIA -- It's been two decades since Mike Mignola created a horned, red-hued devilish beast with a penchant for cigars and a big gun.

Since that first appearance in the pages of Dark Horse Comics' "San Diego Comic-Con Comics'' No. 2, Hellboy has become a top-seller for the publisher, transformed into animation and spawned a pair of films starring Ron Perlman as Hellboy.

Not to mention a bevy of comic book titles anthologized and reprinted time after time.

"I didn't think it would last four issues,'' Mignola told The Associated Press Thursday. "That was my goal. Do four issues then hope I can find another job.''

It's lasted, he conceded, though the character is in the midst of an impossibly difficult adventure: being dead.

Mignola said he's working to figure out what happens to his creation, who died in 2011 and -- for now -- is in hell.

"How do you end a book where you've already killed the guy off?'' he asked. "It's going someplace and there's certain things that have to get done, but as far where it's going, I can't really say.... It's building to a certain kind of climax.''

While that climax builds, Milwaukie, Ore.-based Dark Horse is marking the 20th anniversary with international events March 22 in Portland, Los Angeles, London, Buenos Aires and Skokie, Ill.
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Author:Moore, Matt
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Date:Mar 14, 2014
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