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Cubicle fabrics. (Product Spotlight).

KnollTextiles' Fall collection focuses on healthcare with the introduction of three multiuse cubicle fabrics. The yarn used for these fabrics disguises the dirt and pen marks that find their way onto cubicle curtains. The fabrics are made of 90 (or 94)% FR polyester and 10 (or 6)% polyester. Each has a variety of patterns and color schemes available.

The three patterns are: Box Garden, a small-scale geometric pattern with contrasting colors; Water's Edge, a large-scale simplification of Box Garden featuring adjacent blocks of calming pale colors; and Horizon Line, a simple, yet powerful, design woven with one color on the left and a second color on the right. This last pattern, when railroaded around the bed (i.e., run sideways), creates a horizon line 30" from the fabric's edge, giving the resident a sense of looking out and a feeling of openness. All three patterns are designed for bedspreads, window drapery, shower curtains, and panel/upholstered wall applications. All fabrics are 72" wide.

Also available from Knoll-Textiles are Forza--a strong new vinyl fabric that doesn't look like vinyl, with an advanced stain-, oil-, and mildew-resistant finish called Advanced BeautyGard--and Digit, a woven upholstery fabric with playful graphics and brightly contrasting colors. Digit is offered with or without Crypton[TM] and in nine colorways. It is made of 90% polyester and 10% rayon.

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Title Annotation:KnollTextiles' Fall collection focuses on healthcare with introduction of three multiuse cubicle fabrics
Publication:Nursing Homes
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Date:Feb 1, 2003
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