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Cubic Debuts New System That Meets U.S. Army's Basic Needs for Deployable Training.

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Cubic Defense Applications, the defense segment of Cubic Corp. (AMEX: CUB), today unveils its mobile command-and-control system designed to support instrumented combat training at U.S. military homestations.

Cubic's Initial - Homestation Instrumentation Training System, or I-HITS, is making its public debut at the annual meeting of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA), which runs through Oct. 8 at the new Washington Convention Center.

I-HITS is a derivative of Cubic's Deployable System for Training and Readiness (DSTAR), a system that integrates the company's combat training and communications technologies in a mobile package.

The U.S. Army's first deployment of Cubic's I-HITS will be in the Alaska Training Range arena, where it will be integrated with Cubic's Air Combat Maneuver Instrumentation system. This integration will enable aircrews and ground forces to train in joint settings.

Cubic will deliver three mobile instrumentation equipped units next year to the Alaska Training Range. The mobile units are environmentally controlled shelters outfitted with Cubic's PC-based Range Instrumentation System (PC-RIS), which provides advanced exercise control capabilities and streamlines the development of After Action Reviews.

"The I-HITS Alaska fielding will expand force-on-force training for the Army and enhance combat search-and-rescue exercises for the Air Force. This technology will significantly improve joint and combined arms training capabilities during 'Cope Thunder' exercises," said Gerald Dinkel, president and CEO of Cubic Defense Applications.

"Elsewhere, I-HITS can augment pre-Combat Training Center exercises at any homestation, mobilization station and forward-deployed area of operations. The system offers the complete functionality of an instrumented Combat Training Center in a mobile package. It can be deployed for any force-on-force exercise, including ground, air, joint and combined arms missions," Dinkel said.

The system can be packaged in modular transit cases, carried in Humvees and trucks, then deployed in tents or shelters at the training or operational sites. I-HITS also features portable communications systems and GPS-based player units that are fully integrated with the MILES 2000 laser-based training system. These technologies track the positions and casualty status of troops and vehicles in real time and relay exercise data to command centers for post-mission analysis.

I-HITS is fully compatible with Cubic's next-generation MILES 2000 XG system, which also will be featured at the AUSA show. MILES 2000 XG provides additional capabilities such as MILES XXI functionality, urban operations tracking and solutions for mines, grenades and M203 grenade launchers.

Over the past four years, Cubic has deployed more than 40,000 MILES products worldwide to U.S. Army, Marines, Air Force, National Guard and international forces.

"The first combat units that led coalition forces into Iraq -- including the Army's 3rd Infantry Division and the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force -- had all trained with Cubic's MILES products," said Dinkel. "These units were obviously well prepared and accomplished their mission. We are very proud that our engagement simulation technology is preparing our forces for combat -- today -- and saving lives on the battlefield."

The Cubic Defense Applications group, one of Cubic's two major segments, provides realistic combat training systems for military forces, as well as simulation training, force transformation assistance, educational services, operations & maintenance, and manufacturing services. The group also supplies products and systems for C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance) applications, search and rescue avionics and radio communications for military and civil markets. The corporation's other major segment, Cubic Transportation Systems, designs and manufactures automatic fare collection systems for public mass transit authorities. For more information about Cubic, see the company's Web site at
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