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Cryptosoft Buys Identity, Access Management Specialist Device Authority.


22 April 2016 - UK-based encryption service company Cryptosoft has acquired identity and access management solutions company Device Authority Inc, the company said.

Cryptosoft said that the combination positions the company as an advanced policy-based security platform and device-derived cryptography and device-based data security solution from a single company.

This enables device and gateway manufacturers, IoT Service platforms, and "over the air" solution providers to provide device-driven trust and highly scalable security for the Internet of Things.

The agreement follows the strategic partnership between the two companies, formed in October 2015, and the subsequent integration of their technologies which provide the market with a unique scalable, certificate-less, data centric approach to securing information assets at any data level within a client's IoT ecosystem.

Leveraging patented M2M authentication technology, Device Authority's D-FACTOR authentication engine identifies devices to establish trust between endpoints, gateways and applications.

For IoT, D-FACTOR eliminates the vulnerabilities and inefficiencies of static keys and certificates by transforming devices into dynamic keys for authentication and device-derived crypto applications.

Cryptosoft's platform solves the data security and authentication challenges for the Internet of Things. The software platform significantly reduces the end-to-end attack surface, protecting critical company and customer data assets.

The Cryptosoft platform provides transparent protection of data at rest and in transit across any platform, device and service, delivering end-to-end protection of critical data.

Country: USA

Sector: Computer Software

Target: Device Authority Inc

Buyer: Cryptosoft


Deal size in USD:

Type: Corporate Acquisition


Status: Closed

Buyer advisor: , ,

Comment: Terms of the deal were not disclosed

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Publication:M & A Navigator
Date:Apr 22, 2016
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