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Foreign Intelligence Service Head Lytvynenko Graduated From Russian FSB Academy's Institute Of Cryptography, Communications And Information Technology. Jul 23, 2021 411
The alternative Method to Finish Modular Exponentiation and Point Multiplication Processes. Somsuk, Kritsanapong Report Jul 1, 2021 10051
USING MACHINE LEARNING ON ENCRYPTED DATA. Ciobota, Catalin Emanuel Jul 1, 2021 1931
Quantum Blockchain inks deal with cryptography expert to optimise Bitcoin mining operations. Jun 3, 2021 370
THE QUANTUM THREAT TO CRYPTOGRAPHY. Castelluccio, Michael Jun 1, 2021 731
TII's Cryptography Research Centre partners with world-leading universities. May 26, 2021 542
Cryptocurrency is evolution of money with new assets: Visa. Bassant Mohammed May 25, 2021 361
Random Number Generator and Secure Communication Applications Based on Infinitely Many Coexisting Chaotic Attractors. Noor, Abdullah; Taskiran, Zehra Gulru Cam Report May 1, 2021 4074
NFC Forum Offers Mobile Device Security with Cryptography. Apr 26, 2021 297
NFC Forum Offers Mobile Device Security with Cryptography. Apr 26, 2021 306
NFC Forum Offers Mobile Device Security with Cryptography. Apr 26, 2021 307
TII unveils UAE's first secure cloud technologies programme. Apr 19, 2021 386
TII unveils first Post-Quantum Cryptography library in UAE. Mar 29, 2021 566
Authentication mechanism of network communication nodes based on information safety of the Internet of Vehicles/Soidukite Interneti infoturbepohine kommunikatsioonisolmede autentimismehhanism. Wu, Qiong Mar 1, 2021 3862
Taiwanese scholar enters semifinals in post-quantum cryptography competition. Feb 25, 2021 250
Deep Learning Assisted Differential Cryptanalysis for the Lightweight Cipher SIMON. Tian, Wenqiang; Hu, Bin Report Feb 1, 2021 6617
A New Visual Cryptography Method Based on the Profile Hidden Markov Model. Ozcan, Hikmetcan; Gulagiz, Fidan Kaya; Altuncu, Mehmet Ali; Ilkin, Sumeyya; Sahin, Suhap Report Feb 1, 2021 9087
CRC collaborates with Yale University. Jan 6, 2021 538
Encounter Metrics and Exposure Notification. Peralta, Rene; Robinson, Angela Report Jan 1, 2021 5348
Bio Digital Twin and Quantum Computing Frontline Next Gen Tech, says NTT Research CEO Kazuhiro Gomi. Nov 9, 2020 899
A Comparison on Broadcast Encryption Schemes: A New Broadcast Encryption Scheme. Bodur, Huseyin; Kara, Resul Report Nov 1, 2020 9028
Cryptography in Terms of Triangular Neutrosophic Numbers with Real Life Applications. Hamza, Ali; Jafar, Muhammad Naveed; Habib, Ahtasham; Farooq, Sara; Turkarsalan, Ezgi Nov 1, 2020 3977
Searchable Encrypted String for Query Support on Different Encrypted Data Types. Azizi, Shahrzad; Mohammadpur, Davud Report Oct 1, 2020 6010
Physics experiment has demonstrated quantum cryptography. Sep 19, 2020 158
ACT: An Ultra-Light Weight Block Cipher For Internet of Things. Jithendra, K.B.; Kassim, Shahana T. Sep 1, 2020 5642
Constructing Keyed Hash Algorithm Using Enhanced Chaotic Map with Varying Parameter. Liu, Hongjun; Kadir, Abdurahman; Ma, Chao; Xu, Chengbo Report Aug 31, 2020 4494
Traceable Attribute-Based Secure Data Sharing with Hidden Policies in Mobile Health Networks. Liu, Xueyan; Luo, Yukun; Yang, Xiaotao Report Aug 31, 2020 7793
Anonymous and Efficient Certificateless Multirecipient Signcryption Scheme for Ecological Data Sharing. Pengfei, Su; Yong, Xie; Ping, Liu Aug 31, 2020 13735
A Lattice-Based Authentication Scheme for Roaming Service in Ubiquitous Networks with Anonymity. Zhou, Yousheng; Wang, Longan Jul 31, 2020 13501
Cryptanalysis and Improvement of a Group Authentication Scheme with Multiple Trials and Multiple Authentications. Xia, Zhe; Liu, Yining; Hsu, Ching-Fang; Chang, Chin-Chen Jul 31, 2020 6726
A Lightweight Cryptography Algorithm for Secure Smart Cities and IOT. Abed, Ahmed Mohsin; Boyaci, Ali Report Jul 14, 2020 3746
An Intelligent 2D Secret Share Construction using Visual Cryptography for Secure Transmission. Kumar, N. Rajesh; Krishnan, R. Bala; Manikandan, G.; Raajan, N.R. Jul 1, 2020 4782
PCA-CIA Ensemble-based Feature Extraction for Bio-Key Generation. Kim, Aeyoung; Wang, Changda; Seo, Seung-Hyun Jul 1, 2020 9415
Security Implementation Using RSA and Enhanced RSA. Vanitha, K.; Kumar, Varada Sandeep; Dara, Dara Anil Kumar; Scholar, PG Jul 1, 2020 2816
Fuzzy Matching Template Attacks on Multivariate Cryptography: A Case Study. Li, Weijian; Huang, Xian; Zhao, Huimin; Xie, Guoliang; Lu, Fuxiang Case study Jun 30, 2020 6492
Preserving Data Privacy in the Internet of Medical Things Using Dual Signature ECDSA. Cano, Maria-Dolores; Canavate-Sanchez, Antonio Jun 30, 2020 7610
Cryptographic Strength Evaluation of Key Schedule Algorithms. Afzal, Shazia; Yousaf, Muhammad; Afzal, Humaira; Alharbe, Nawaf; Mufti, Muhammad Rafiq May 31, 2020 7679
LWE: An Energy-Efficient Lightweight Encryption Algorithm for Medical Sensors and IoT Devices. Toprak, Sezer; Akbulut, Akhan; Aydin, Muhammed Ali; Zaim, Abdul Haim Report May 2, 2020 5121
A Novel Cryptosystem Based on Steganography and Automata Technique for Searchable Encryption. Truong, Nguyen Huy Report May 1, 2020 10021
EAP-SRES: An Enhanced Authentication Protocol for Secure Remote Education Systems Using NFC Technology. Chikouche, Noureddine; Cherif, Foudil May 1, 2020 6339
DICT orders updating of govt websites' cryptographic protocols. Apr 20, 2020 353
NTT Research Scientist, UCLA Professor Win IACR Test-of-Time Award. Apr 16, 2020 349
NTT Research Scientist, UCLA Professor Win IACR Test-of-Time Award. Apr 16, 2020 336
NTT Research Scientist, UCLA Professor Win IACR Test-of-Time Award. Apr 16, 2020 349
Minimizing Key Materials: The Even-Mansour Cipher Revisited and Its Application to Lightweight Authenticated Encryption. Zhang, Ping; Yuan, Qian Mar 31, 2020 4239
A Kind of Quaternary Sequences of Period 2[p.sup.m][q.sup.n] and Their Linear Complexity. Wang, Qiuyan; Wu, Chenhuang; Yang, Minghui; Yan, Yang Mar 31, 2020 4687
CCII and FPGA Realization: A Multistable Modified Fourth-Order Autonomous Chua's Chaotic System with Coexisting Multiple Attractors. Yu, Fei; Shen, Hui; Liu, Li; Zhang, Zinan; Huang, Yuanyuan; He, Binyong; Cai, Shuo; Song, Yun; Yin, Mar 31, 2020 9065
Trustology launches credentials wallet for crypto funds. Mar 9, 2020 180
Trustology launches credentials wallet for crypto funds. Mar 9, 2020 178
NTT Research, UCLA, Georgetown Collaborating on Cryptography and Blockchain. Mar 2, 2020 417
NTT Research, UCLA, Georgetown Collaborating on Cryptography and Blockchain. Mar 2, 2020 404
NTT Research, UCLA, Georgetown Collaborating on Cryptography and Blockchain. Mar 2, 2020 417
Trapdoor Digital Shredder: A New Technique for Improved Data Security without Cryptographic Encryption. Youn, Taek-Young; Jho, Nam-Su Mar 1, 2020 6194
The Novel Efficient Dual-field FIPS Modular Multiplication. Zhang, Tingting; Zhu, Junru; Liu, Yang; Chen, Fulong Feb 1, 2020 6710
Storage and Communication Security in Cloud Computing Using a Homomorphic Encryption Scheme Based Weil Pairing. Dogan, Demet Cidem; Altindis, Huseyin Feb 1, 2020 4581
ECAC - A Regulatory Body under MoIT for E-Transactions in Pakistan and to Ensure Security of Digital Economy. Jan 31, 2020 1708
Elliptic Curve Signcryption Based Security Protocol for RFID. Singh, Anuj Kumar; Patro, B.D.K. Jan 1, 2020 10616
UN-Substituted Video Steganography. Abu Maria, Khulood; Alia, Mohammad A.; Alsarayreh, Maher A.; Abu Maria, Eman Jan 1, 2020 8040
Scalable Revocable Identity-Based Signature Scheme with Signing Key Exposure Resistance from Lattices. Xie, Congge; Weng, Jian; Wen, Jinming Jan 1, 2020 10081
polarRLCE: A New Code-Based Cryptosystem Using Polar Codes. Liu, Jingang; Wang, Yongge; Yi, Zongxiang; Lin, Zhiqiang Jan 1, 2020 8128
Security and Privacy in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network and Vehicle Cloud Computing: A Survey. Sheikh, Muhammad Sameer; Liang, Jun; Wang, Wensong Jan 1, 2020 19083
Cryptanalysis of the Lightweight Block Cipher BORON. Liang, Huicong; Wang, Meiqin Dec 31, 2019 6488
Analysis and FPGA Realization of a Novel 5D Hyperchaotic Four-Wing Memristive System, Active Control Synchronization, and Secure Communication Application. Yu, Fei; Liu, Li; He, Binyong; Huang, Yuanyuan; Shi, Changqiong; Cai, Shuo; Song, Yun; Du, Sichun; W Dec 31, 2019 9598
The future of fintech. Das, Sanjiv R. Dec 22, 2019 12836
CCA Secure Public Key Encryption against After-the-Fact Leakage without NIZK Proofs. Zhao, Yi; Liang, Kaitai; Yang, Bo; Chen, Liqun Nov 30, 2019 6547
Global Quantum Cryptography Market Growing Popularity and Emerging Trends in the Industry / ID Quantique, Microsoft, NuCrypt, Qasky. Nov 18, 2019 904
Precise and Infinity Optics Solutions collaborate to develop fingerprint recognition identification software. Nov 13, 2019 203
Precise and Infinity Optics Solutions collaborate to develop fingerprint recognition identification software. Nov 13, 2019 205
Multidivisible Online/Offline Cryptography and Its Application to Signcryptions. Yamamoto, Dan; Ogata, Wakaha Oct 31, 2019 18226
Provably Secure Identity-Based Encryption and Signature over Cyclotomic Fields. Wang, Yang; Wang, Mingqiang; Zou, Jingdan; Xu, Jin; Wang, Jing Oct 31, 2019 12445
The Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) Foundation Announces a Research Arm to Continue Its Advancement of Post-Quantum Cryptographic Standards. Oct 25, 2019 530
Taking stock of the future... Oct 23, 2019 793
Global Quantum Cryptography Market Analysis and Forecasts by Offering, Application, End-user & Region (2019-2027). Oct 17, 2019 692
Quantum Cryptography Market 2019 Emerging Technologies, Global Trends, Business Growth, Segments, Share, Industry Size, New Applications, Strategies and Regional Forecast 2023. Oct 17, 2019 1194
Quantum Cryptography Market 2019 Global Share, Size, Trends, Segments, Business Growth, Emerging Technologies, Sales Revenue and Regional Forecast 2023. Financial report Oct 2, 2019 865
A Revocable Attribute-based Cloud Security for Data Access using Encryption and Biometric Identification. Nejad, Maryam Safarian; Malakooti, Mohammad V.; Taba, Navid Hashemi Oct 1, 2019 4637
The Search for Quantum-Resistant Cryptography: Understanding the Future Landscape. Sep 30, 2019 782
Akamai Technologies Acquires KryptoCo Authentication Technology. Sep 25, 2019 216
Akamai Technologies Acquires KryptoCo Authentication Technology. Sep 25, 2019 223
The Enigma Code Breakers Who Saved the World. White, Tim Sep 22, 2019 1823
Hitachi: Chaskey Message Authentication Technology Developed for IoT Systems Supporting Key Infrastructure Adopted by ISO/IEC for Lightweight Cryptography. Sep 20, 2019 749
nCipher announces cloud-based hardware security module service. Sep 18, 2019 641
Global Market for Quantum Cryptography, 2018-2019 & 2019-2024 by Deployment Protocol, Algorithm Type, Component, Application, End-User Vertical. Aug 16, 2019 1206
whiteCryption Secure Key Box adds TLS support for end-to-end data security across networks. Aug 9, 2019 303
whiteCryption Secure Key Box adds TLS support for end-to-end data security across networks. Aug 9, 2019 286
whiteCryption Secure Key Box adds TLS support for end-to-end data security across networks. Aug 9, 2019 303
Quantum Cryptography Market 2019 Global Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Business Strategies, Application, Dynamics, Development Status and Potential of The Industry Till 2023. Aug 8, 2019 978
Red Hat Certificate System Achieves Common Criteria Certification. Aug 5, 2019 445
BRUTE-FORCE SOLVING. Jelen, Bill Aug 1, 2019 972
Secure and Efficient Hybrid Random Number Generator Based on Sponge Constructions for Cryptographic Applications. Yakut, Selman; Tuncer, Taner; Ozer, Ahmet Bedri Aug 1, 2019 5750
An Efficient Framework for Sharing a File in a Secure Manner Using Asymmetric Key Distribution Management in Cloud Environment. Pradeep, K.V.; Vijayakumar, V.; Subramaniyaswamy, V. Jul 31, 2019 5477
Quantum Xchange, ID Quantique mark one year of partnership. Jul 29, 2019 275
Quantum Xchange, ID Quantique mark one year of partnership. Jul 29, 2019 262
Quantum Xchange, ID Quantique mark one year of partnership. Jul 29, 2019 275
How Quantum Cryptography Works. Jul 1, 2019 166
DNA Based Cloud Storage Security Framework Using Fuzzy Decision Making Technique. Majumdar, Abhishek; Biswas, Arpita; Baishnab, Krishna Lal; Sood, Sandeep K. Report Jul 1, 2019 11213
Towards Secure IoT: Securing Messages Dissemination in Intelligent Traffic Systems. Alshaer, Jawdat Jul 1, 2019 5273
A Revocable Attribute-based Cloud Security for Data Access using Encryption and Biometric Identification. Nejad, Maryam Safarian; Malakooti, Mohammad V.; Taba, Navid Hashemi Jul 1, 2019 4617
Low-Cost and Secure Communication System for SCADA System of Remote Microgrids. Iqbal, Amjad; Iqbal, M. Tariq Jun 30, 2019 5482
Transitive Signature Schemes for Undirected Graphs from Lattices. Noh, Geontae; Jeong, Ik Rae Jun 1, 2019 7648
Lightweight Privacy Preservation for Securing Large-Scale Database-Driven Cognitive Radio Networks with Location Verification. Zhu, Rui; Xu, Li; Zeng, Yali; Yi, Xun May 31, 2019 9260
Time to rethink encryption. May 25, 2019 581
A Multi-Stage Encryption Technique to Enhance the Secrecy of Image. Mondal, Arindom; Alam, Kazi Md. Rokibul; Ali, G.G. Md. Nawaz; Chong, Peter Han Joo; Morimoto, Yasuhi May 1, 2019 7008
Programmer solves 20-year-old cryptographic puzzle. Apr 30, 2019 171
Secure Multiparty Computation and Trusted Hardware: Examining Adoption Challenges and Opportunities. Choi, Joseph I.; Butler, Kevin R.B. Apr 30, 2019 24562
A Short Server-Aided Certificateless Aggregate Multisignature Scheme in the Standard Model. Trinh, Viet Cuong Apr 30, 2019 10915
On the Development of an Optimal Structure of Tree Parity Machine for the Establishment of a Cryptographic Key. Dorokhin, Edgar Salguero; Fuertes, Walter; Lascano, Edison Apr 30, 2019 6344
Binomial Representation of Cryptographic Binary Sequences and Its Relation to Cellular Automata. Cardell, Sara D.; Fuster-Sabater, Amparo Apr 30, 2019 7525
Cyber Security Platform Solution Based on the Facial Imaging and Fingerprinting. Alshebli, Sulaiman; Kurugollu, Fatih; Shafik, Mahmoud Apr 1, 2019 6503
Cartoon Image Encryption Algorithm by a Fractional-Order Memristive Hyperchaos. Wang, Shu-ying; Zhao, Jian-feng; Wang, Xiao-yan; Zhang, Li-tao Mar 31, 2019 2713
A Forward-Secure Certificate-Based Signature Scheme with Enhanced Security in the Standard Model. Lu, Yang; Li, Jiguo Report Mar 1, 2019 10509
Pairing Free Certificate Based Signcryption Schemes Using ECQV Implicit Certificates. Braeken, A. Report Mar 1, 2019 9107
Methodology for Image Cryptosystem Based on a Gray Code Number System. Nathaniel, Babatunde Akinbowale Mar 1, 2019 4394
An Improved Lightweight Two-Factor Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol with Dynamic Identity Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography. Qiu, Shuming; Xu, Guosheng; Ahmad, Haseeb; Xu, Guoai; Qiu, Xinping; Xu, Hong Report Feb 1, 2019 11720
Lattice-based Threshold Ring Signature with Message Block Sharing. Chen, Jiangshan; Hu, Yupu; Gao, Wen; Liang, Hongmei Report Feb 1, 2019 8129
Secure and Efficient Privacy-Preserving Identity-Based Batch Public Auditing with Proxy Processing. Zha, Jiningo; Xu, Chunxiang; Chen, Kefei Report Feb 1, 2019 11288
Kudelski Security Launches New Blockchain Security Center. Jan 31, 2019 623
An Upper Bound of the Longest Impossible Differentials of Several Block Ciphers. Han, Guoyong; Zhang, Wenying; Zhao, Hongluan Report Jan 1, 2019 5823
Quantum Cryptography: a new age in data security: Dr Andrew Shields highlights the importance of quantum cryptography in ensuring the future of data security. Shields, Andrew Dec 1, 2018 675
Private Blockchain-Based Secure Access Control for Smart Home Systems. Xue, Jingting; Xu, Chunxiang; Zhang, Yuan Report Dec 1, 2018 9431
PRaCto: Pseudo Random bit generator for Cryptographic application. Raza, Saiyma Fatima; Satpute, Vishal R. Report Dec 1, 2018 5543
Energy Efficient Secured Cluster based Distributed Fault Diagnosis Protocol for IoT. Ara, Tabassum; Prabhkar, M.; Shah, Pritam Gajkumar Report Dec 1, 2018 5498
NordVPN is Taking First Steps Towards Adopting the WireGuard Protocol. Nov 8, 2018 503
Quantum Xchange urges development of quantum-safe defensive solutions for data security. Oct 17, 2018 326
Quantum Xchange urges development of quantum-safe defensive solutions for data security. Oct 17, 2018 311
Quantum Xchange urges development of quantum-safe defensive solutions for data security. Oct 17, 2018 326
Privacy protection of Users' Data in Social Network Systems based on Homomorphic Cryptography Techniques. Kapis, Kosmas; Mshangi, Maduhu Oct 1, 2018 7970
Global Demand for Cryptocurrency Market to Incur Considerable Upsurge During 2017-2025. Sep 26, 2018 185
DNS cryptographic key replacement expected soon in Azerbaijan. Sep 10, 2018 410
Application of RC4 Cryptography Method to Support XML Security on Digital Chain of Custody Data Storage. Widatama, Krisna; Prayudi, Yudi; Sugiantoro, Bambang Report Sep 1, 2018 3271
Building a Fabric of Trust for a 5G Future: Securing 5G networks and devices is no simple task, but a necessary one, and new technology will facilitate the process. Moore, Todd Sep 1, 2018 1239
Improved Conditional Differential Attacks on Round-Reduced Grain v1. Li, Jun-Zhi; Guan, Jie Technical report Sep 1, 2018 5739
A Security-Enhanced Identity-Based Batch Provable Data Possession Scheme for Big Data Storage. Zhao, Jining; Xu, Chunxiang; Chen, Kefei Technical report Sep 1, 2018 11089
Modified Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm for Reliable Real-Time Communications. Eltatar, Mahmoud A.; Abu-Hudrouss, Ammar M. Sep 1, 2018 3918
Motel of Secrets. Gabrick, Robert Aug 1, 2018 1132
'The Quantum Revolution: Security Implications and Considerations'. Aug 1, 2018 319
Everything You Need to Know About Blockchain. Jul 12, 2018 791
WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CRYPTOCURRENCY, BITCOIN, AND THE BLOCKCHAIN: And why all of it is relevant to your business. Wilkes, Clay Jul 1, 2018 2134
Return of the Technical Control and Analysis Elements for Theater Signals Intelligence Support. Hammon, Scott R. Reprint Jul 1, 2018 1882
Proposed Simulator Based on Developed Lightweight Authentication and Key Management Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network. Naser, Shaymaa Mahmood; Croock, Muayad Sadik Report Jul 1, 2018 3383
Improved Contrast for Threshold Random-grid-based Visual Cryptography. Hu, Hao; Shen, Gang; Fu, Zhengxin; Yu, Bin Report Jul 1, 2018 8180
Security Analysis of the Khudra Lightweight Cryptosystem in the Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks. Li, Wei; Ge, Chenyu; Gu, Dawu; Liao, Linfeng; Gao, Zhiyong; Shi, Xiujin; Lu, Ting; Liu, Ya; Liu, Zhi Report Jul 1, 2018 7277
w-Bit Shifting Non-Adjacent Form Conversion. Hwang, Doo-Hee; Choi, Yoon-Ho Report Jul 1, 2018 8781
Blockchain Audit Trail Comes to Pharma: A cryptographic 'fingerprint' provides tamperproof logs for equipment audits. Botta, Mike; Eschbach, Andreas Cover story Jul 1, 2018 2694
KT to Bring Next Tech Revolution to Space and North Korea. Jun 30, 2018 554
Network Security and Cryptography. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 122
Network Security and Cryptography. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 111
Adaptation of a Cryptosystem Based on the Arithmetic of Finite Fields to Elliptic Curves. Abid, Ounasser; Khadir, Omar Jun 1, 2018 3093
Popular encrypted email standards are unsafe. May 14, 2018 697
Stay away from bitcoin. May 13, 2018 932
Network Security and Cryptography: A Self-Teaching Introduction. Brief article May 1, 2018 108
Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Real Estate and the UAE. Apr 30, 2018 2637
What is digital currency? Wadsworth, Amber Apr 15, 2018 4931
A New Scheme to Secure Communication and Data, based on the Integration of Cryptography and Steganography. Dehkordi, Massoud Hadian; Asgari, Amin; Moradian, Ali Report Apr 1, 2018 2951
Securing One Time Password (OTP) for Multi-Factor Out-of-Band Authentication through a 128-bit Blowfish Algorithm. Reyes, Ariel Roy L.; Festijo, Enrique D.; Medina, Ruji P. Report Apr 1, 2018 4568
Improving Vehicular Authentication in VANET using Cryptography. Al-Mutiri, Rasha; Al-Rodhaan, Mznah; Tian, Yuan Report Apr 1, 2018 5562
TaaS Launches the Updated Cryptographic Audit, Cornerstone of Its Declaration of Transparency. Mar 28, 2018 474
Circulant UOV: a new UOV variant with shorter private key and faster signature generation. Peng, Zhiniang; Tang, Shaohua Report Mar 1, 2018 9646
PERFECT ONLINE PRIVACY: A tool developed for blockchains makes it possible to carry out a digital transaction without revealing any more Information than absolutely necessary. Orcutt, Mike Mar 1, 2018 336
Businesswoman Amanda's innovative work earns top honour. Feb 22, 2018 246
Explore machine learning, cryptography and the latest trends in the Python Ecosystem at PyCon PH 2018. Feb 19, 2018 489
The bitcoin revolution. Feb 15, 2018 1436
When to use blockchain for security purposes. Feb 11, 2018 1595
YouBase, Toda-Algorand advance cryptographic technology. Feb 6, 2018 171
YouBase, Toda-Algorand advance cryptographic technology. Feb 6, 2018 162
YouBase, Toda-Algorand advance cryptographic technology. Feb 6, 2018 171
Number theory and cryptography in your smartphone. Ipina, Rubi; Vallejo, Jose A. Report Feb 1, 2018 5708
Standards committee seeks computing, cryptography experts. Jan 30, 2018 132
OTI accepts cryptocurrency as source of purchase payment. Jan 12, 2018 182
2018 Levchin Prize recipients announced. Jan 12, 2018 417
OTI accepts cryptocurrency as source of purchase payment. Jan 12, 2018 180
2018 Levchin Prize recipients announced. Jan 12, 2018 408
2018 Levchin Prize recipients announced. Jan 12, 2018 417
Xerox AltaLink Devices Achieve Common Criteria Certification. Jan 7, 2018 569
Efficient Certificateless Anonymous Multi-Receiver Encryption Scheme without Bilinear Parings. Gao, Ronghai; Zeng, Jiwen; Deng, Lunzhi Jan 1, 2018 11323
Anonymous Communication via Anonymous Identity-Based Encryption and Its Application in IoT. Jiang, Liaoliang; Li, Tong; Li, Xuan; Atiquzzaman, Mohammed; Ahmad, Haseeb; Wang, Xianmin Jan 1, 2018 6200
A Provably Secure Anonymous Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol Based on ECC for Wireless Sensor Networks. Zhang, Ke; Xu, Kai; Wei, Fushan Jan 1, 2018 7670
Oblivious Transfer via Lossy Encryption from Lattice-Based Cryptography. Li, Zengpeng; Xiang, Can; Wang, Chengyu Jan 1, 2018 8593
An Anonymous Handover Authentication Scheme Based on LTE-A for Vehicular Networks. Xu, Cheng; Huang, Xiaohong; Ma, Maode; Bao, Hong Jan 1, 2018 10450
Securely Outsourcing ID3 Decision Tree in Cloud Computing. Li, Ye; Jiang, Zoe L.; Wang, Xuan; Fang, Junbin; Zhan, En; Wang, Xianmin Jan 1, 2018 7317
Cryptographic Algorithm Invocation Based on Software-Defined Everything in IPsec. Yang, Ximin; Wang, Deqiang; Feng, Wei; Wu, Jingjing; Tang, Wan Jan 1, 2018 5536
Cryptanalysis of Compact-LWE and Related Lightweight Public Key Encryption. Xiao, Dianyan; Yu, Yang Jan 1, 2018 7663
An Efficient and Provably-Secure Certificateless Proxy-Signcryption Scheme for Electronic Prescription System. Li, Li; Zhou, Siqin; Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond; Li, Xiaohong; He, Debiao Jan 1, 2018 8398
Applied Cryptography and Noise Resistant Data Security. Hussain, Iqtadar; Ahmed, Fawad; Khokhar, Umar M.; Anees, Amir Jan 1, 2018 867
Key Substitution Attacks on Lattice Signature Schemes Based on SIS Problem. An, Youngjoo; Lee, Hyang-Sook; Lee, Juhee; Lim, Seongan Jan 1, 2018 12573
System to Safeguard the Identity of Persons in Photographs through Cryptography and Steganography Techniques Using Chaos. Siordia, Octavio Flores; Gutierrez, Juan Carlos Estrada; Leyferman, Carlos Eduardo Padilla; Santiago Jan 1, 2018 6438
A Vendor-Neutral Unified Core for Cryptographic Operations in GF(p) and GF([2.sup.m]) Based on Montgomery Arithmetic. Schramm, Martin; Dojen, Reiner; Heigl, Michael Jan 1, 2018 13867
Quantum Cryptography for the Future Internet and the Security Analysis. Zhou, Tianqi; Shen, Jian; Li, Xiong; Wang, Chen; Shen, Jun Jan 1, 2018 4247
Secure and Efficient Access Control Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks in the Cross-Domain Context of the IoT. Luo, Ming; Luo, Yi; Wan, Yuwei; Wang, Ze Jan 1, 2018 8350
Portable Implementation of Postquantum Encryption Schemes and Key Exchange Protocols on JavaScript-Enabled Platforms. Yuan, Ye; Xiao, Junting; Fukushima, Kazuhide; Kiyomoto, Shinsaku; Takagi, Tsuyoshi Jan 1, 2018 9215
ID-Based Public Auditing Protocol for Cloud Data Integrity Checking with Privacy-Preserving and Effective Aggregation Verification. Kang, Baoyuan; Si, Lin; Jiang, Hong; Li, Chunqing; Xie, Mingming Jan 1, 2018 4676
Side-Channel Attacks and Countermeasures for Identity-Based Cryptographic Algorithm SM9. Zhang, Qi; Wang, An; Niu, Yongchuan; Shang, Ning; Xu, Rixin; Zhang, Guoshuang; Zhu, Liehuang Jan 1, 2018 8207
Efficient Compression and Encryption for Digital Data Transmission. Carpentieri, Bruno Jan 1, 2018 5704
Hybrid Secure Authentication and Key Exchange Scheme for M2M Home Networks. Coruh, Ugur; Bayat, Oguz Jan 1, 2018 15800
Critical Analysis of Hash Based Signature Schemes. Gagnidze, A.; Iavich, M.; Inasaridze, N.; Iashvili, G.; Vyalkova, V. Report Jan 1, 2018 3150
Improvement the Wireless Network Security by Requiring the News Cryptographic Primitives. Asimi, Younes; Asimi, Ahmed; Tbatou, Zakariae; Guezzaz, Azidine; Sadqi, Yassine Report Jan 1, 2018 3328
An Efficient Stream Data Processing Model for Multiuser Cryptographic Service. Li, Li; Li, Fenghua; Shi, Guozhen; Geng, Kui Jan 1, 2018 6709
Combining Cryptography with EEG Biometrics. Damasevicius, Robertas; Maskeliunas, Rytis; Kazanavicius, Egidijus; Wozniak, Marcin Report Jan 1, 2018 7811
Image Encryption Technology Based on Fractional Two-Dimensional Triangle Function Combination Discrete Chaotic Map Coupled with Menezes-Vanstone Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem. Liu, Zeyu; Xia, Tiecheng; Wang, Jinbo Jan 1, 2018 6627
A Symmetric Key Based Deduplicatable Proof of Storage for Encrypted Data in Cloud Storage Environments. Park, Cheolhee; Kim, Hyunil; Hong, Dowon; Seo, Changho Jan 1, 2018 12899
Energy and Area Costs of Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithms for Authenticated Encryption in WSN. Lara-Nino, Carlos Andres; Diaz-Perez, Arturo; Morales-Sandoval, Miguel Jan 1, 2018 9358
Secure and Efficient User Authentication Scheme Based on Password and Smart Card for Multiserver Environment. Zhao, Yan; Li, Shiming; Jiang, Liehui Jan 1, 2018 10069
Efficient Parallel Implementation of Matrix Multiplication for Lattice-Based Cryptography on Modern ARM Processor. Park, Taehwan; Seo, Hwajeong; Kim, Junsub; Park, Haeryong; Kim, Howon Jan 1, 2018 6607
Adaptive Secure Cross-Cloud Data Collaboration with Identity-Based Cryptography and Conditional Proxy Re-Encryption. Huang, Qinlong; He, Yue; Yue, Wei; Yang, Yixian Jan 1, 2018 7208
Hardware/Software Adaptive Cryptographic Acceleration for Big Data Processing. Xiao, Chunhua; Zhang, Lei; Xie, Yuhua; Liu, Weichen; Liu, Duo Jan 1, 2018 12498
Differential Cryptanalysis on Block Cipher Skinny with MILP Program. Zhang, Pei; Zhang, Wenying Jan 1, 2018 5830
Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation Protocol for Fog Computing-Assisted Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Scenario. Chen, Yanan; Lu, Zhenyu; Xiong, Hu; Xu, Weixiang Jan 1, 2018 11086
Storage Made Easy Announces FIPS 140-2 U.S. Federal Government Validation of Its Enterprise File Fabric[TM] Cryptographic Algorithm. Dec 19, 2017 550
State of the Art in Biometric Key Binding and Key Generation Schemes. Jegede, Abayomi; Udzir, Nur Izura; Abdullah, Azizol; Mahmod, Ramlan Report Dec 1, 2017 10433
Integrating and Securing Video, Audio and Text Using Quaternion Fourier Transform. Khalil, M.I. Report Dec 1, 2017 5118
University of Nicosia to record degrees using cryptography. Nov 2, 2017 303
New Proxy Blind Signcryption Scheme for Secure Multiple Digital Messages Transmission Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography. Su, Pin-Chang; Tsai, Chien-Hua Report Nov 1, 2017 10181
Certificateless multi-signer universal designated multi-verifier signature from elliptic curve group. Deng, Lunzhi; Yang, Yixian; Chen, Yuling Report Nov 1, 2017 7509
Enova Technology Receives FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validation for X-Wall MX+ Cryptographic Modules. Oct 27, 2017 431
Anomalous Behaviour of Cryptographic Elliptic Curves over Finite Field. Fujdiak, Radek; Dzurenda, Petr; Mlynek, Petr; Misurec, Jiri; Orgon, Milos; Sergey, Bezzateev Report Oct 1, 2017 5751
A Survey On Medical Image Protection Using Various Steganography Techniques. Santhi, G.; Adithya, B. Report Oct 1, 2017 2692
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National cryptologic museum debuts service & sacrifice, real time regional gateway exhibits. Jul 1, 2017 1223
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Warrant officer cryptologic career program. King, Shawn; Black, Dubby Jul 1, 2017 2793
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Middle enlisted cryptologic career advancement program. Pifer, Lee J. Jul 1, 2017 1196
Military occupational specialty specific enlisted cryptologic internship programs. Costa, Jeffrey; Shain, Kristie; Droutsas, Paul; Spence, Marshall Jul 1, 2017 2311
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Weak Cryptographic Policies Increase CU Cyberrisks. May 31, 2017 641
Ram Group announces breakthrough in creating world's first full-body biometric authentication technology. May 11, 2017 327
Ram Group announces breakthrough in creating world's first full-body biometric authentication technology. May 11, 2017 323
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SK Telecom, Deutsche Telekom establish alliance for worldwide quantum-safe network ecosystem. Mar 1, 2017 363
SK Telecom, Deutsche Telekom establish alliance for worldwide quantum-safe network ecosystem. Mar 1, 2017 363
WhatsApp Reportedly Has Security Backdoor, But There's Nothing To Fear. Jan 13, 2017 667
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Improved Biclique Cryptanalysis of the Lightweight Block Cipher Piccolo. Han, Guoyong; Zhang, Wenying Report Jan 1, 2017 6165
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