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Crypto A.M. shines its Spotlight on Tokenise.

Last week, Tokenise received a stock exchange license for Daxnet, its Digital Asset Exchange Network. The Self-Regulatory Organisation license granted by the Barbados Financial Services Commission (FSC) enables Daxnet to become a fully regulated stock exchange providing primary issuance and secondary market trading exclusively for tokenised securities.

As a newly FSC regulated entity, powered by Tokenise, Daxnet will launch a multi-jurisdictional platform with a single global order book, and is already welcoming listings from companies situated across the globe.

The system is being built to enable issuers to tokenise securities, providing streamlined processes and frictionless market access for issuers and investors. Tokenise is developing an end-to-end solution for primary issuance capital raising, secondary market trading and clearing and settlement of tokenised securities. The aim is to create a market and trading infrastructure that will provide access, liquidity and flexibility to investors wishing to trade tokenised assets.

Tokenise already operates under a FCA regulated entity in the UK which will help facilitate deals both in the UK and the EU for listed tokenised securities. This is a huge step towards the wider adoption of securities and allows both traditional and new asset classes to be tokenised and traded on a regulated stock exchange, facilitating equities, bonds and funds as well as paving the way to digitise new asset classes including direct ownership of assets such as property, royalties, private equity and securitisation vehicles.

Rights to ownership or income are embedded in the security, and the token reflects the underlying security on a oneto-one basis. To be more precise, the token overlays the security and as that token is traded, the beneficial owner changes and the register is updated on the blockchain. Whoever owns the token, ultimately is the owner of the security.

The vision for Tokenise is ambitious, but by using technology and relying on robust regulatory controls and a stringent legal framework, Tokenise is well on its way in creating a global network of regulated brokers and exchanges. This will enable institutions and investors from across the world, to have access to securities and assets that were previously reserved for investment firms and wealthy individuals.

Michael Kessler, Chief Executive Officer of Tokenise and Daxnet said: "We are delighted to have been granted the stock exchange license, I want to say a big thank you to our team. This is the first key step in providing a globally accessible capital markets solution, for entities looking to raise capital through the primary listing and secondary trading of tokenised securities. Allowing securities to be tokenised and traded can unlock access to greater liquidity. Ultimately, our vision is to build a global platform that democratises access to capital markets and creates a global stock exchange, working symbiotically with small and medium sized businesses up to global multinationals."

Tokenise has been granted a stock exchange license for a complete solution for digital securities


Mike Kessler, Chief Executive Officer of Tokenise

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Publication:City AM (London, England)
Date:Jul 9, 2019
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