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Crying shame of our legal system.

Like little children clutching a security blanket, we believe justice exists to protect us.

We still think right will prevail.

Four cases in Scotland destroyed the fairytale last week.

When the mighty scales of justice wobbled like kitchen junk from a car- boot sale.


Ask her why the law, which exists to protect her, has betrayed her.

You'll see the pain and confusion written all over the 23-year-old's face.

Amanda, who has learning difficulties, is one of four women who claim they were raped at a residential home in Ayrshire.

Three years ago they claim they were abused by a male care worker, Brian McWilliam. Rape charges were brought against him, then dropped.

For both their sakes, the allegations should have been tested in court.

It's suggested no prosecution was brought because of the women's disabilities...

Although the director of the home firmly believed the case should have been heard.

The Lord Advocate has promised to look into the case.


He's an old man, a pillar of the community, who was stoned in his Loch Lomond home by young louts.

Twice, frightened and vulnerable, he phoned police, to be told officers were too busy to attend.

In the end, the terrified 67-year-old took the law into his own hands. He got out an air rifle.

When his tormentors stoned him again, he fired it, hitting all three.

Alexander, a community councillor, got two years in prison.

Even the men he shot - who escaped any charges - were shocked by the sentence.

Society treats animals in zoos better than Alexander Brown.

When the elderly and the unfortunate cry for help, they do not deserve to be ignored.

And while no one should use guns, it's inhuman to punish them so harshly for protecting themselves.


Her little boy John Rogers, 12, was battered to death with his own golf clubs and dumped in a burn. A lorry tyre was dumped on top of him.

The trial of the man accused of his murder, Peter Quigley, was abandoned after it turned into a farce.

Police had taken evidence from Mr Quigley, who is mentally handicapped, without having a responsible adult present. So it was inadmissible.

Now John's family will never know what happened to the boy who had gone looking for golf balls... and never came back.


One night last summer, an 11-year-old and a 12-year-old went to sleep in a tent in their back garden in Peterhead.

Their happy, innocent adventure was shattered when local waster Brian Geddes cut his way into the tent, assaulted and raped them at knifepoint.

He then took them to his house nearby and raped them again. Then he let them go.

Scumbag Geddes had a criminal record going back 20 years.

Seven years ago he broke into a woman's house and put her and her baby through a similar horrific sexual attack lasting three hours.

He served just 30 months for it. Then they let him out to attack again.

Had the legal establishment taken his behaviour seriously, he would still have been in jail. He showed himself to be a danger to women, but no one noticed.

Had justice been done, two little children would not have to bear dreadful emotional scars for life.

The wisdom of Solomon? More like the wisdom of the asylum.

Sure the scales of justice are tipped...

Against the innocent.

War a cheek she's got

Can you believe the greed of the woman who's applying for a war pension because her mother dropped her on the way to the air raid shelter 55 years ago? Anne Clelland, 58, claims her eye was damaged and she is entitled to a fiver a week.

Forget the legal technicalities. Anne Clelland should thank her lucky stars she survived the war. Millions didn't.

Spice of fame

They're barely out of nappies, but The Spice Girls, are lying about their ages to be closer to teenage fans.

Geri Halliwell, left, is 24... but says she's 22. Mel C claims she's 20, but says 22. Emma Lee Bunton,20, says she's 18, and Victoria Adams is 22, not 21. Remember the Bay City Rollers?

Hair is today's news

Of all the issues in Britain last week, none was more hotly debated than the state of Tony Blair's hair - or possible lack of it. it was all that mattered on either side of the political divide.

It goes to prove my theory that wars will start, governments will tumble and sweet old ladies will be murdered in their beds before a man will admit freely he is being follicularly challenged.

Stretching a point

Raquel Welch is said to be dating British boxer Gary Stretch, four years younger than her own son.

After years of seeing old wrinklies like Bruce Forsyth, Des O'Connor and Bill Wyman get off with girls younger than their daughters, it's good to see women turn the tables.
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Author:Reid, Melanie
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 10, 1996
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