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Explosion near earth revealed by layers of manganese crust. Oct 5, 2020 237
TECTONIC CRUSTAL DEFORMATION OF CORINTH GULF, GREECE, BASED ON PRIMARY GEODETIC DATA. Lazos, Ilias; Chatzipetros, Alexandras; Pavlides, Spyros; Pikridas, Christos; Bitharis, Stylianos Oct 1, 2020 7345
Fracturing and Porosity Channeling in Fluid Overpressure Zones in the Shallow Earth's Crust. Koehn, Daniel; Piazolo, Sandra; Sachau, Till; Toussaint, Renaud Jul 31, 2020 10052
Coronavirus lockdowns are changing the way the Earth physically moves, study finds; Researchers from the Royal Observatory of Belgium have reported a drop in seismic noise -the hum of vibrations in the Earth's crust. By, Shivali Best Apr 2, 2020 244
A Feasibility Study on Monitoring Crustal Structure Variations by Direct Comparison of Surface Wave Dispersion Curves from Ambient Seismic Noise. Muhumuza, K. Mar 1, 2020 6662
Paintings describe details of the earth's crust. Farman Ali Feb 24, 2020 812
Effects and Correction of Atmospheric Pressure Loading Deformation on GNSS Reference Stations in Mainland China. Yue, Caiya; Dang, Yamin; Xu, Changhui; Gu, Shouzhou; Dai, Huayang Report Jan 1, 2020 6175
Hats off to Billy Porter's crustal pin suit. ANI Sep 23, 2019 509
Crustal Velocity Models Retrieved from Surface Wave Dispersion Data for Gujarat Region, Western Peninsular India/Modelos de velocidad cortical obtenidos de la informacion de ondas de dispersion superficiales en la region de Gujarat, en el occidente peninsular de la India. Joshi, Vishwa Jun 1, 2019 5193
[PM.sub.2.5] POLLUTION IN CHINA AND HOW IT HAS BEEN EXACERBATED BY TERRAIN AND METEOROLOGICAL CONDITIONS: Frequent air stagnation events due to the interaction of meteorological conditions and terrain in China exacerbate its severe air pollution. Wang, Xiaoyan; Dickinson, Robert E.; Su, Liangyuan; Zhou, Chunlue; Wang, Kaicun Report Jan 1, 2018 9409
Permeability Changes Resulting from Quartz Precipitation and Dissolution around Upper Crustal Intrusions. Scott, Samuel W.; Driesner, Thomas Jan 1, 2018 12589
Earth's Crust Material May Have Rained Down From A Steamy Atmosphere. May 6, 2017 561
Scientists Discover Parts Of Earth's Original Crust. Mar 20, 2017 399
Ceres is more than just a rock: pliable layer of crust envelops dwarf planet's solid core. Crockett, Christopher Sep 3, 2016 391
Interaction of the lithospheric mantle and crustal melts for the generation of the Horoz Pluton (Nigde, Turkey): whole-rock geochemical and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic evidence/Litosfaarilise vahevoo ja maakooretekkega magmade suhted Horozi intrusiooni (Turgi) tekkes kivimi geokeemiliste ning Sr-Nd-Pb isotoopgeoloogiliste andmete alusel. Kocak, Kerim; Zedef, Veysel Report Sep 1, 2016 12975
Earth's crust under stress. Aug 25, 2016 194
Detection of discontinuities in the height component of GNSS time series. Rapinski, Jacek; Kowalczyk, Kamil Report Jul 1, 2016 2433
Earth is young at heart. Conover, Emily Brief article Jun 25, 2016 219
Plate tectonics could grind to a halt: shifting crust just 1 stage in Earth's life cycle, study suggests. Sumner, Thomas Jun 25, 2016 447
The quest for the Moho: for more than a century, scientists have yearned to find out what's going on at the mysterious boundary between Earth's crust and mantle. Schanker, Gwendolyn; Lippsett, Lonny Jun 22, 2016 3565
Life dwells deep within Earth's crust: what's living there and how? Schanker, Gwendolyn Jun 22, 2016 1110
Vertical crustal movements in Estonia determined from precise levellings and observations of the level of Lake Peipsi/Maapinna vertikaalliikumised Eestis, tuginedes tappisnivelleerimistele ja Peipsi jarve veetaseme vaatlustele. Kall, Tarmo; Liibusk, Aive; Wan, Junkun; Raamat, Rivo Report Mar 1, 2016 13670
Differentiation of the rotational movements of the European continent's Earth crust. Tretyak, Kornyliy; Vovk, Andriy Report Jan 1, 2016 4735
The European Plate Observing System and the Arctic. Atakan, Kuvvet; Bjerrum, Louise W.; Bungum, Hilmar; Dehls, John F.; Kaynia, Amir M.; Keers, Henk; Ki Dec 15, 2015 4910
Moon might have formed in 2 stages: chemicals missing from lunar rocks may be under crust. Crockett, Christopher Dec 12, 2015 432
Isostatic crustal thickness under the Tibetan plateau and Himalayas from satellite gravity gradiometry data/Espesor isostatico de la corteza bajo la meseta Tibetana y los Himalayas a partir de datos satelitales de gradiente gravitatoria. Tenzer, Robert; Bagherbandi, Mohammad; Sjoberg, Lars E.; Novak, Pavel Report Dec 1, 2015 6099
The creation of a model of relative vertical crustal movements in the polish territory on the basis of the data from active geodetic network EUPOS (ASG EUPOS). Kowalczyk, Kamil Report Jul 1, 2015 4768
Earth's crust shifts over slippery base: weak rock layer may help plates slide around planet. Sumner, Thomas Mar 7, 2015 666
Ice ages boost production of ocean crust. Sumner, Thomas Brief article Mar 7, 2015 201
Western drought causing earth's crust to rise. Dec 1, 2014 434
Shear-wave velocity structure of Australia from Rayleigh-wave analysis. Corchete, V. Report Dec 1, 2014 9560
Inquiry into vertical movements of the earth's crust based on samples from Eastern Lithuania. Puziene, Ruta; Anikeniene, Asta; Karsokiene, Gitana Report Jun 1, 2014 5050
Four-billion-year-old ancient rocks yield clues about Earth's earliest crust. May 30, 2014 268
Density and velocity model of metamorphic rock properties in the upper and middle crystalline crust in the Kola superdeep borehole (SG-3) section. Gorbatsevich, Feliks F. Report Apr 1, 2014 5834
Earth's Crust Dripped to Mantle in Archean Eon. Jan 5, 2014 521
Distribution of the crustal magnetic field in Sichuan-Yunnan region, Southwest China. Bai, Chunhua; Kang, Guofa; Gao, Guoming Report Jan 1, 2014 6733
Delineation of fractured aquifer using numerical analysis (factor) of resistivity data in a granite terrain. Andrade, Rolland Report Jan 1, 2014 4322
Crustal evolution of a paleozoic intra-oceanic island-arc-back-arc basin system constrained by the geochemistry and geochronology of the Yakuno ophiolite, Southwest Japan. Suda, Yoshimitsu; Hayasaka, Yasutaka; Kimura, Kosuke Report Jan 1, 2014 5911
The crust below the Indo-Myanmar Ranges of northeast India: A preliminary model in differential isostasy. Dec 31, 2013 3517
Titan's stiff resistance... Beatty, J. Kelly Dec 1, 2013 343
Evaluation of levelling data for use in vertical crustal movements model in Poland. Kowalczyk, Kamil; Rapinski, Jacek Report Oct 1, 2013 3761
Microscopic life discovered in oceanic crust. Sep 28, 2013 254
Molten magma can survive in Earth's upper crust for hundreds of millennia. Aug 26, 2013 440
Reference crust-mantle density contrast beneath Antarctica based on the Vening Meinesz-Moritz isostatic inverse problem and CRUST2.0 seismic model. Tenzer, Robert; Bagherbandi, Mohammad Report Jun 1, 2013 4825
Buried crustal remnants last eons. Wayman, Erin Brief article May 18, 2013 171
The Effect of Group Research and Cooperative Reading-Writing-Application Techniques in the Unit of "What Is the Earth's Crust Made Of?" on The Academic Achievements of the Students and the Permanent. Aksoy, Gokhan; Gurbuz, Fatih May 1, 2013 382
Sandy Shook the Earth, Helping Scientists Study Crust and Upper Mantle. Apr 19, 2013 500
Moving and shaking: how does Earth's crust move? Feb 1, 2013 352
Martian meteorite is one of a kind: water-rich rock resembles known areas of Red Planet's crust. Lewis, Tanya Jan 26, 2013 350
To crustal deformation modeling of the West Bohemia swarm area, central Europe. Schenk, Vladimir; Schenkova, Zdenka Jan 1, 2013 2391
Sapin, Francois, Iwan Hermawan, Manuel Pubellier, Christophe Vigny, and JeanClaude Ringenbach, 2013, The recent convergence on the NW Borneo Wedge--a crustal-scale gravity gliding evidenced from GPS. Jan 1, 2013 187
Crustal study of Bagh and adjoining areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir based on gravity data. Dec 31, 2012 272
Crustal study of the core of Hazara Kashmir Syntaxis based on geophysical Data in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Dec 31, 2012 217
Crustal study of Muzaffarabad area based on gravity data. Dec 31, 2012 186
Multipede microstructures of the Swat region of NW Himalaya: Tectonic witness of late E-W bulk crustal shortening. Dec 31, 2012 372
Models of vertical movements of the Earth crust surface in the area of Poland derived from leveling and GNSS data. Kontny, Bernard; Bogusz, Janusz Report Jul 1, 2012 2177
Delta subsidence recalculated. Rustad, Harley Brief article May 1, 2012 268
Seismicity and 10-years recent crustal deformation studies at Aswan region, Egypt. Abdel-Monem, Mohamed S.; Mohamed, Haggag H.; Saleh, Mohamed; Abou-Aly, Nadia Report Apr 1, 2012 5918
Local doppler effect, index of refraction through the earth crust, PDF and the CNGS neutrino anomaly? Assis, Armando V.D.B. Apr 1, 2012 3336
Now, get unprecedented glimpse between earth's crust and mantle. Mar 11, 2012 240
Investigation of the recent Earth's crust deformations in the territory of Lithuania. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Stanionis, Arminas; Levinskaite, Daiva Report Mar 1, 2012 5171
Microbes may help unlock secrets of Earth's ocean crust. Jan 11, 2012 374
The 2011 Japanese earthquake: an overview of environmental health impacts. Ratnapradipa, Dhitinut; Conder, James; Ruffing, Ami; White, Victor Report Jan 1, 2012 5292
Determination of three-dimensional in situ stresses from anelastic strain recovery (ASR) of Wenchuan Earthquake Fault Scientific Drilling-1 (WFSD-1). Report Dec 31, 2011 546
A new result of the crustal structure and variation of the Moho in central Tibet-revealed by the 300 km long deep seismic reflection profile. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 678
The thermal structure and composition of Tibetan crust and upper mantle. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 589
Quantifying crustal flow in Tibet with magnetotelluric data. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 1111
Crustal-Lithospheric structure, geological evolution and continental extrusion of Tibet. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 251
Titanite geochronology from the mid to lower crust of the Pamir plateau, eastern Tajikistan. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 307
Heating the Over-Thickened Lithosphere, downward from Crust or upward from Mantle? Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 695
Structural, metamorphic and magmatic evolution of the SE Tibetan crust. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 572
Crustal structure of the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau from magnetotelluric data. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 1184
Crustal fragments can move vast distances. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 289
Russians dig to reach below Earth's Crust. Brief article Aug 13, 2011 198
By land or by sea in the earth sciences' 'space race'. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article Aug 13, 2011 263
Continent prepares to do the splits: thinning East Africa crust shows how land gives way to ocean. Witze, Alexandra Brief article Apr 9, 2011 331
Resources, production and processing of Baltoscandian multimetal black shales. Lippmaa, E.; Maremae, E.; Pihlak, A.-T. Report Mar 1, 2011 3424
Continental hearts: ancient expanses called cratons pose a geological puzzle. Petit, Charles Dec 18, 2010 2941
Life discovered in deepest layer of Earth's crust. Nov 23, 2010 232
Scientists recreate extreme conditions 1800 miles below Earth's crust. Sep 24, 2010 247
New theory to reveal why midcontinent faults generate earthquakes? Jul 31, 2010 693
Split in Earth's crust doesn't always cause volcanic eruptions: Experts. Jun 17, 2010 356
200km deep subduction of Indian continent under Asia. May 29, 2010 205
Structure and permeability of deep-seated rocks in the Kola Superdeep Borehole section (SG-3). Gorbatsevich, Felix F.; Ikorsky, Serafim V.; Zharikov, Andrey V. Report Apr 1, 2010 5016
Estimation of crustal structure in Horonobe area, Hokkaido, Japan, using multiplet-clustering analysis. Moriya, Hirokazu; Asamori, Koichi; Kitamura, Itaru; Hotta, Hikaru; Ohara, Hidefumi; Niizato, Tadafum Report Jan 1, 2010 2528
The crystalline basement of Estonia: rock complexes of the Palaeoproterozoic Orosirian and Statherian and Mesoproterozoic Calymmian periods, and regional correlations/Eesti kristalne aluskord: paleoproterosoilised Orosiri ja Statheri ning mesoproterosoilised Calymmi ajastu kivikompleksid ja regionaalne korrelatsioon. Kirs, Juho; Puura, Vaino; Soesoo, Alvar; Klein, Vello; Konsa, Mare; Koppelmaa, Heino; Niin, Mati; Ur Dec 1, 2009 6363
Estimation of the generalized characteristics of spatial movements of the Earth crust using the data of GPS measurements/ Erdviniu Zemes plutos judesiu apibendrintuju charakteristiku nustatymas pagal GPS matavimu duomenis. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Aksamitauskas, Vladislovas Ceslovas; Stanionis, Arminas; Levinskaite, Daiv Report Dec 1, 2009 2629
Oceanic crust formation much more dynamic than previously believed. Nov 26, 2009 434
NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft to zero in on Mercury's crust. Sep 29, 2009 448
Scientists create first complete seismic image of crust beneath Himalayan Mountains. Sep 12, 2009 448
Base metal pollution assessment in water and sediment of Nomi River, Tokyo, Japan. Sharmin, Shaila; Zakir, H.M.; Shikazono, Naotatsu Report Sep 1, 2009 10425
The evaluation of current vertical earth crust movement on leveling measurement/ Dabartiniu vertikaliuju Zemes plutos judesiu itakos niveliavimo matavimams vertinimas. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Puziene, Ruta; Anikeniene, Asta Report Sep 1, 2009 2746
Where we live forged by "superpiles". Sep 1, 2009 485
'Upper crust' has the power; Letters Letter to the editor Aug 24, 2009 104
Motions and deformations of tectonic plates inferred from the ITRF 2005. Snajdrova, Miluse; Kostelecky, Jan Report Jul 1, 2009 2020
Crust palace. Jun 1, 2009 174
Shallow crustal structure of the Central Bohemian Pluton, Czech Republic, inferred from refraction measurements. Malek, Jiri; Novotny, Oldrich; Zanda, Libor Report Apr 1, 2009 5508
Technique measures heat transport in the Earth's crust. Mar 31, 2009 449
Earth's crust melts easier than previously thought. Mar 19, 2009 360
Brede winner to earn a crust; Fulham v Man Utd. Mar 7, 2009 89
Kingsmill can earn his crust. Mar 2, 2009 122
New map of Lithuanian vertical Earth's crust movements/ Naujas Lietuvos teritorijos vertikaliuju Zemes plutos judesiu zemelapis. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Sliaupa, Saulius; Anikeniene, Asta Report Mar 1, 2009 3355
The research on the Earth's surface movement measured on the first class levelling lines correlations with geological factors in the territory of Lithuanian Republic/ Pirmosios klases niveliaciju linijose Lietuvos teritorijoje ismatuotu Zemes pavirsiaus judesiu sasaju su geologiniais rodikliais tyrimas. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Puziene, Ruta Report Mar 1, 2009 3685
Home cooking; Waitrose Baked buttermilk chicken with a herb crust. Recipe Feb 12, 2009 199
Home cooking Cod with a chilli-sesame crust; coffee break. Feb 9, 2009 124
MAGILTON: EARN YOUR CRUST; Ipswich v Cardiff, 3pm. Dec 13, 2008 104
Diamonds reveal what is happening inside the earth. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 250
Earning an honest crust; Jade Wright spends the day at Liverpool's newest sandwich bar Pret a Manger. Oct 30, 2008 345
Aged crust. Perkins, Sid Report Oct 11, 2008 103
Some properties and structure of the crystalline crust from superdeep drilling data (SG-3, SG-4, KTB). Gorbatsevich, Felix F. Report Oct 1, 2008 3606
Waitrose: Homecooking; Pork steaks with a tomato and parmigiano reggiano crust. Recipe Sep 27, 2008 205
How ad lad earns his crust. Sep 12, 2008 212
Synthetic silica in silicone rubber for improved clarity. Conn, Rodney; Schumacher, Kai; Meyer, Jurgen; Scholz, Mario Jun 1, 2008 2611
The Western Bohemia uppermost crust Rayleigh wave tomography. Kolinsky, Petr; Brokesova, Johana Report Jan 1, 2008 6958
Contaminacion del sedimento superficial por plomo y cinc en los principales puertos de las rias Gallegas. Prego, R.; Ferro, P.; Trujillo, C. Jan 1, 2008 4416
Regional geodynamic network HIGHLANDS, the Bohemian Massif. Schenkova, Zdenka; Schenk, Vladimir; Mantlik, Frantisek; Gracova, Milada Report Oct 1, 2007 2151
Moho reflections from strong near quarry blasts: an example for the central Ore Mountains, Czech Republic. Kampfova, Hana; Malek, Jiri; Novotny, Oldfich Report Jul 1, 2007 3388
Determining a 1-D velocity model of the uppermost crust from P and S arrival times using the neighbourhood algorithm: synthetic test. Jansky, Jaromir; Plicka, Vladimir; Novotny, Oldrich Report Apr 1, 2007 3923
Paradise revisited: images of the first woman in the poetry of Joy Kogawa and the fiction of Thomas King. Filipczak, Dorota Jan 1, 2007 5734
Unravelling the effects of soil properties on water infiltration: segmented quantile regression on a large data set from arid south-west Africa. Mills, A.J.; Fey, M.V.; Grongroft, A.; Petersen, A.; Medinski, T.V. Dec 1, 2006 10816
Uncharted territory: ultraslow ridges hold new clues to crust's formation. Gramling, Carolyn Cover story Apr 1, 2006 2302
The effect of organic mulch amendments on the physical and chemical properties and revegetation success of a saline-sodic minespoil from central Queensland, Australia. Grigg, A.H.; Sheridan, G.J.; Pearce, A.B.; Mulligan, D.R. Mar 15, 2006 4817
Digging deep. Janes, Patricia Brief Article Sep 5, 2005 101
Crust deformation monitoring in the Polish part of Snieznik Massif-continuing researches. Jamroz, Olgierd; Kaplon, Jan Report Jul 1, 2005 1273
Icy heat: satellites look at heat flow through Antarctica's crust. Perkins, S. Jun 11, 2005 425
Seismic noise can yield maps of Earth's crust. Brief Article Jun 11, 2005 310
Seismic vibes gauge Earth's crust. Perkins, Sid Brief Article Jan 15, 2005 212
Variaciones espaciales y temporales del registro del limite K/T en Haiti: implicaciones acerca del evento o eventos. Maurrasse, Florentin. J-M. R.; Lamolda, Marcos A.; Aguado, Roque; Peryt, Danuta; Sen, Gautam Report Jan 1, 2005 12404
La sucesion sedimentaria del ODP Leg 173 y su comparacion con las secuencias tectonosedimentarias de los margenes compresivos de la Placa Iberica: revision general. Wallrabe-Adams, H.J.; Altenbach, A.V.; Kempe, A.; Kuhnt, W.; Schaefer, P. Report Jan 1, 2005 9127
The Ramzova tectonic zone: the contact between Lugicum and Silesicum. Opletal, Mojmir; Pecina, Vratislav Report Jul 1, 2004 3403
Deformation analysis of the upper part of the earth crust in the Snieznik Massif (Polish and Czech sides between 1993 and 2003). Cacon, Stefan; Svabensky, Otakar; Kontny, Bernard; Weigel, Josef; Jamroz, O.; Cmielewski, Kazimierz; Report Jul 1, 2004 3053
The analysis of GPS measurements in Tatra Mountain. Mojzes, Marcel; Papco, Juraj Report Jul 1, 2004 2623
Integration of epoch-wise GPS measurement campaigns into a permanent reference frame. Hefty, Jan; Kovac, Marian; Igondova, Miroslava Report Jul 1, 2004 2484
Some aspects of the application of the Wiechert-Herglotz method to refraction data from western Bohemia. Novotny, Oldrich; Jansky, Jaromir; Malek, Jiri Report Apr 1, 2004 3582
Recent crustal mobility of the Upper Nysa Klodzka Graben, SW Poland. Badura, Janusz; Jamroz, Olgierd; Zuchiewicz, Witold Report Jan 1, 2004 2433
Mobility of local tectonic structures in western part of the Paczkow Graben (Sudetic Foreland) on the grounds of present investigations. Blachowski, Jan; Cacon, Stefan Report Jan 1, 2004 3321
Geochemical constraints of origin and evolution of migmatites in the central part of the Moldanubian Zone (Temelin area), Bohemian Massif. Rene, Milos Report Jul 1, 2003 6516
Probe could ride to Earth's core in a mass of molten iron. (Going Down?). Perkins, S. May 17, 2003 521
A Stirring Tale from inside Earth. Monastersky, R. Brief Article Mar 20, 1999 684
Recycled crust hails a glittering taxi. Brief Article Jan 27, 1996 300
Recycling the continents. Brief Article Oct 14, 1995 234
Mohorovicic discontinuity. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 117
Disappointment in the deep Pacific. Brief Article Mar 27, 1993 299
A new mandate for deep-ocean drilling. Dick, Henry J.B. Dec 22, 1992 1799
Deep drilling: probing beneath the earth's surface. Rosen, Jerome Jun 1, 1991 5292
Underneath an early continent. Sep 22, 1990 370
Boring plains belie bounty beneath. Monastersky, Richard Jun 4, 1988 289
Rooting for continental roots; the discovery that the old cores of continents are unusually thick is rifting traditional notions about continental drift. Weisburd, Stefi Dec 13, 1986 2773
The Moho is immutable no more. Weisburd, Stefi Nov 22, 1986 761
... and the oldest piece of earth. Aug 30, 1986 89
Probing the earth's crust, deeply. Aug 16, 1986 286
Ocean-ridge chemistry at new heights. Weisburd, Stefi May 31, 1986 829
New data resolve stressful problem. Dec 21, 1985 174
Rocking the fold: a new crustal model. Weisburd, Stefi Feb 23, 1985 896

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