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Crushes! What's going on?

You know how it start. One day, out of the blue, you begin to feel awkward around your next-door neighbor, a classmate, or when you watch that celeb with the beautiful eyes in a music video. you start to get butterllies in your stomach and your hands begin to sweat. you're suddenly shy and giddy at the same time--it's a wonderful, but kind of scary feeling.

So what's happening? You're developing a crush. As we get older, our bodies start to change and our emotions change, too. A crush is a special feeling you have for another person. Your feelings might make you look forward to seeing this person every day. They can make you feel happy and scared at the same time. Sometimes, you can even feel embarrassed in front of your crush and get confused about how to act.

It's important to remember to be yourself. When you're true to yourself, you may find your crush likes you for your own happy personality or kooky hairstyle. Pretending you like certain hobbies or acting differently than you usually do won't let your crush see the real you--and you want your inner beauty to shine through!

Life would be perfect if your crush always liked you back, but sometimes he or she might not be interested in you. If you find out that your crush likes you back, that's fantastic! Get to know each other by being friends first. That way, you can decide together if you really like each other or if, you should just stay friends.

But what if you find out your crush doesn't have the same feelings for you? What do you do? Though it may hurt, give your crush some space. Sometimes your crush may want to be friends, but sometimes he or she won't. No matter, how you feel, you should respect your crush's decision.

You'll probably feel sad--even heartbroken! It's OK to cry and feel disappointed. Sometimes, writing in a journal can help you sort through your feelings. People throughout history have used heartache to be creative. Try writing poetry or a song about how you feel. You may find that your feelings start to fade. If your first crush ends in heartbreak or disappointment, don't let it discourage you from the excitement of experiencing a new one.

It can be very hurtful and discouraging to hear that your crush doesn't like you. So what do you do when someone confesses to having a crush on you and you don't share the same feelings? Remember to be kind, but at the same time, try to be firm. Try one of these statements:

* I would like to just be friends with you.

* Thanks for your honesty, bur I think of you as my friend.

* You're a nice person, but I'd like to just stay friends.

* I'd like to be friends with you, but we can't be anything more than that.

Melanie is a member of Girl Scouts of the USA, the largest organization for girls in the world. Through the Girl Scouts' Healthy Living Initiative, girls learn to make healthy choices for themselves and take action. to improve community health.

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