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Cruising News - Destinations Africa / Middle East.

Feb 14, 2010

Asia-Transpacific Journeys Asia-Transpacific Journeys is adding Turkey to its roster of exotic itineraries with programs blending tradition with luxury travel. Marilyn Downing Staff, CEO of Asia Transpacific Journeys, said that tour leadership by experts in Turkish cultures makes for an insightful experience and luxurious yet culturally authentic accommodations have recently opened in Turkey, making it easier to access far-flung areas of the country. The per-person cost for 14 days is USD8,195 (exclusive of international air) and includes most meals, and medical and evacuation insurance. Departures are scheduled for May 4, 2010 and Sept. 21, 2010. This journey can also be arranged on a private basis around a travelerOs dates for just friends or family. A private Custom Journey to Turkey can also be created from scratch to emphasize a travelerOs particular interests and timeframe. For more information, visit Feb 10, 2010

Dubai The world's tallest skyscraper has unexpectedly closed to the public a month after its lavish opening, disappointing tourists headed for the observation deck and casting doubt over plans to welcome its first permanent occupants in the coming weeks. Electrical problems are at least partly to blame for the closure of the Burj Khalifa's viewing platform N the only part of the half-mile high tower open yet. But a lack of information from the spire's owner left it unclear whether the rest of the largely empty building N including dozens of elevators meant to whisk visitors to the tower's more than 160 floors N was affected by the shutdown. The indefinite closure, which began Sunday, comes as Dubai struggles to revive its international image as a cutting-edge Arab metropolis amid nagging questions about its financial health. Feb 8, 2010

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia has announced the discovery of a 7th century village, which has been unearthed in the Raaka district, Dammam, near the shores of the Arabian Gulf. The site contains a compound village, which contains more than 20 houses, containing rooms and accommodation units, in which coins, fractures of pottery, limestone (steatite), and glass pieces dating back to the 1st and 2nd centuries AH (7th & 8th century AD) were found. This valuable finding was a residential settlement belonging to the beginning of Islam; the Umayyad and Abbasid perhaps earlier, as deciphered from the pieces of pottery and porcelain, glass, steatite, and metal coins found there, that can be dated to 1st and 2nd centuries AH. The site features two-stage architecture; the first one represents the beginning of the residential units that might date back to the first century AH. The second phase witnessed several modifications to the original design of the housing units, as well as many other public utilities, in addition to the level of flooring over the old. Each house consists of area of 16 x 12 m at an average and contains three or four rooms of different sizes in addition to an independent external courtyard. Perhaps one of these rooms was used for the storage of date palm, while the rest of the rooms were probably used for residential purpose. The courtyard contains a number of furnaces like the modern day "Tanors." In the area of excavation, there are three archaeological hills; the first one is marked as area (A), located on the north side, the second one is area (B), located in the middle, and the third (C) is located in the southern part of the site. On the surface of the site, especially on the hills there is a widespread of pottery and broken glass pieces dating back to the early Islamic era. It is also bordered by stone walls along each side. Next to each group of three houses that constitute the village is found a water system comprised of a circular water well built from medium-sized irregular stones brought in from the nearby seashore. The well is connected to an oval-shaped building, construed to be a water tank with two channels for drainage, one of them flows toward the north side while the other flows towards the south-eastern side. The structure of channels contains pottery jars to control the volume of water drained. In the end, Dr. Al Ghabban expressed hope that the find would remind Saudis of a long and rich cultural heritage, stating, "These sites have historic value and will help in understanding the history of this region.O Feb 10, 2010

South African Airways Vacations South African Airways Vacations introduced a Luxury Cape Town package priced from USD2,229 per person (including air). In time for ValentineOs Day, South African Airways Vacations introduced the Luxury Cape Town package starting at USD2,229. The nine-day package includes economy class air transportation on South African Airways from New York or Washington, D.C. to Cape Town, four nights at the luxurious boutique 15 on Orange Hotel in Cape Town, two nights at the quaint RijkOs Country House, an estate wine tour, some meals and meet-and-greet services by a South African Airways Vacations representative in South Africa and all transfers. SAA Vacations is a division of South African Airways and utilizes the airlineOs extensive route network to create packages throughout South Africa, Botswana, Victoria Falls, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. For more information, call 888-722-4872 or visit Feb 8, 2010

Zambezi Queen A new river boat called Zambezi Queen is offering two- and three-night voyages on the Chobe River, through Chobe National Park in Botswana. The area teems with wildlife, including approximately 120,000 elephants and over 400 species of birds. Prides of leopard and lion, huge groups of buffalo, waterbuck, roan, eland, sable, giraffe and the rare puku can also be seen. The river itself is home to hippos and crocodiles. The 135-foot-long boat made its inaugural journey a few weeks ago in Botswana. The contemporary, three-story Zambezi Queen has 14 suites furnished with a double or two single beds and private balconies. The vessel also boasts a library with books on the fauna, flora and history of the area, games, a DVD player with wildlife documentaries, and computer facilities with Internet access. Pete Goff-Wood, one of South AfricaOs top chefs, oversees the dining room on the third level. Also on the third level is a bar and lounge area with a wood-burning fireplace. The top deck offers shaded spaces and a pool. The Zambezi Queen does not use conventional propellers but a jet propulsion system that reduces damage to the river bed and enables the boat to operate in very shallow water. At night it switches to a low-emission power system for lighting, refrigerators and other equipment. This system also allows guests to enjoy the sounds of the bush. Heat for water is provided by solar panels, which transfer the sunOs heat to storage boilers. Taps and showers incorporate the water-saving designs, and all wastewater is stored in holding tanks to prevent discharging into the river. Zambezi Queen is owned by business partners Tony Stern and Brett McDonald. For more information, visit Feb 12, 2010

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