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Cruise control.

Why haven't conservatives endorsed gay marriage? It would seem to be an answer to the reckless promiscuity that, especially among males, is the most serious moral problem of the gay community and, when the sex is unprotected--as it increasingly is among young men--all too likely to spread AIDS, which is exactly what is happening right now. HIV infection, which had been declining in the 1990s, rose 17 percent among men having sex with other men between 1999 and 2002, according to a recent survey reported by Anahad O'Connor in The New York Times.

I'm therefore delighted to report that at least one conservative, David Brooks, supports gay marriage. "The conservative course is not to banish gay people from making such commitments, it is to expect that they make such commitments. We shouldn't just allow gay marriage. We should insist on gay marriage."
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Title Annotation:Tilting at Windmills
Author:Peters, Charles
Publication:Washington Monthly
Date:Jan 1, 2004
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