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Cruel World.

The Palestinian tragedy is a shameful mark imprinted on every page of the international community sadistic history. Even time would not be able to erase the stories of the ongoing crimes Israel is committing against the weak, young, restless and forgotten children of Palestine.It pains me to see how the descendants of the holocaust victims are using the same methods Hitler used against their ancestors to punish the Palestinian people. As I look around this disgusting planet called Earth, what do I see? I see people filled with apathy and world government officials who are eager to justify their lack of actions and commitment to helping others. Israel is the occupying force of Palestinian lands for the past sixty years. Israel has the full and unprecedented support of the United States of America. Israel possesses the most modern and sophisticated weapons of the world. Israel enjoys the full support of AmericaEoe1/4aos puppet governments around the world. Israel has a well equipped, well trained and least disciplined army in the world. I say least disciplined because they allow themselves to harshly punish Palestinian youth who are at best equipped with small rocks and stones. The descendants of David are becoming the Goliath that David defeated. What ever happened to Moses and his Ten Commandments? The sixth commandment states: You shall not murder. Unfortunately, the Israeli leaders past and present are killers of Palestinians. The eightEoe1/4aos commandment states: You shall not steal. The Israeli government is illegally and immorally occupying Palestinian lands and exploiting its natural and human resources. The ninth commandment states: You shall not bear witness against your neighbor. The Israeli leadership is bearing witness against the Palestinians. The last and tenth commandments states: You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor. Israel is coveting anything that belongs to the Palestinians.Believe me when I say, Moses would have never approved of the brutality exercised by the Israeli state against the Palestinians. The Palestinian people are standing at a cross road. They are being led to opposite directions by leaders who have been committed to serving others but the Palestinian people themselves. In addition they are being politically exploited by unforgiving Israeli leaders who could care less about the Palestinian people and their aspirations to an independent Home Land.The Palestinians are tackling several issues all at once, such issues consist of: First: An illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine.Second: The ongoing humiliation they suffer on the hand of the occupier. Third: A weak and helpless international community that is divided and in dyer need to revamp its priorities. Third: A weak and uncommitted leadership that is serving anything but the national rights of its people.Fourth: A cancerous wall being constructed around them by Israel to keep them isolated and for ever helpless.This is the reality that every Palestinian, young or old is subjected to endure on daily basis. By: Mitri I. Musleh

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Publication:Palestine News Network (West Bank, Palestine)
Date:Feb 13, 2010
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