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Seu Jorge

Wrasse Records

c/o Rock Paper Scissors

216 West Allen Street, Suite 137, Bloomington, IN 47403

WRASS-160 $13.99

Seu Jorge was once a homeless kid in a Brazilian slum just outside of Reio de Janeiro. He spent years developing his talent with music and theatre, eventually landing a part of Knockout Ned in "City of God" which proved to be his first big break. Cru is the solo album debut that introduces Seu Jorge with his distinctive voice with an accompaniement of acoustic guitar and percussion. This superbly produced and enthusiastically recommended CD album features Tive Rzao (I Was Right, 4:32); Mania De Peitao (Large Chested Mania, 2:35); Chatterton (3:52); Bem Querer (My Dear, 3:21); Don't (3:06); Sao Gonca (4:22); Bola De Meia (Sock-filled Ball, 5:25); Una Mujer (4:37); Eu Sou Favela (I Am Favela, 2:27); and two bonus tracks, Mania De Peitao (Jamais Plus Jamais Mix, 2:51) and Tive Razao (Valtair Mix, 4:39).
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Author:Volk, Carol
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
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Date:Sep 1, 2005
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