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CrownPeak Redefines Web Site Search with First On-Demand Product to Learn from Content and User Behavior.

BOSTON -- New CrownPeak Search(TM) Raises the Bar on Traditional Site Search; Built from Ground Up to Maximize Value of Web Content

In a focused effort to maximize the value of web content, CrownPeak (, the software service leader in content management, today unveiled CrownPeak Search, the first on-demand web site search system to automatically learn from both the behavior and content on customer's web sites and automatically deliver the most relevant search results.

Two years in development, CrownPeak Search monitors every search request and every user interaction to learn and improve over time, adapting future searches to ensure lightning-fast, highly relevant results. It is the first on-demand search tool built specifically to add value to web content, helping organizations dramatically enhance the site search experience for site visitors.

CrownPeak announced the new product -- only the second in the company's four-year history -- at the Gilbane Conference on Content Management Technologies, here though Dec. 2.

Like the company's market-leading CrownPeak CMS content management solution, CrownPeak Search is offered as "software-as-a-service," so there is no hardware to buy, no packaged software to install, and no changes needed to existing environments. Upfront costs have been minimized in favor of economical monthly maintenance fees, virtually eliminating risk. Against industry norms that place deployments at weeks or even months, CrownPeak Search can be live in 48 hours or less, and customers can add or disable the search capability on-demand. Early customers include Crain Publishing and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

Because CrownPeak Search is delivered as a software service, CrownPeak is available to work with customers on fine-tuning search results. Customers no longer have to dedicate a staff member to monitor and tune their search engine. CrownPeak customers get a dedicated account manager who works with them every quarter to perform a "tune-up" on the search system. This tune-up process is included in CrownPeak's standard monthly software fees.

"We have created the most reliable and flexible hosted site search system on the market," said Jim Howard, CEO, CrownPeak. "CrownPeak Search is extremely feature-rich, highly scalable, very rapid and reliable, and provides great capabilities for developers. Matching that powerful system with our proven service offering is the true breakthrough. We are the first company to combine machine-learning techniques with human intelligence, all wrapped up in a turnkey service. That makes our offering unique in this market.

"Every quarter, we do a full system review and then offer our customer a set of recommendations for tuning the system," Howard said. "Based on our customer's guidance, we then tune the system to optimize relevance and reliability. It's the best of both worlds -- world-class technology delivered as a fully managed service."

CrownPeak Search customers have as much control over their own content as they choose, while machine learning capabilities minimize administrative demands by automatically making necessary adjustments based on semantic analysis and various learning techniques. CrownPeak Search begins to re-prioritize results based on how new the content is, what search queries are performed, how popular the content is, and what types of content visitors select from results.

Additionally, progressive matching technology puts an end to the frustrating "no results found" message, by adjusting for misspellings and interpreting the intent behind the actual search phrase used, the returns are organized by exact match, partial match, synonyms, misspellings, related concepts, and so on.

"Whether it's quickly guiding users to the products they want to buy, correctly answering questions about products they just purchased, or giving users an easy way to see clusters of conceptually related ideas, CrownPeak Search will serve as the primary tool for giving site visitors a qualitatively better site search experience," said Howard. "Many of those who already have site search are seeking a better way to deliver content to users of their web sites. Those who have yet to deploy site search are seeking an economical, easy and high-quality way to deliver improved content to site visitors. CrownPeak Search is the next step in that evolution for both kinds of customers."

Among CrownPeak Search's standard features: promotion, ad insertion, embedded searches, directory creation, clustering and auto-indexing, advanced reporting and more. CrownPeak Search is infinitely scalable. As a fully memory-resident application, indexes and searches execute across the CrownPeak server farms, and indexes live on multiple machines. CrownPeak's proven infrastructure, hosted at IBM's world-class facilities, enables CrownPeak to provide a market-leading Service Level Agreement, guaranteeing uptimes, response times, redundancy measures, and disaster recovery procedures.

CrownPeak Search features include:

Feature Rich Site Search

--Progressive Search Results

--Fully automated or manual categorization and clustering

--Related Linking

--Spell Checking

--Support for dozens of document file types and 100+ text file types

--Ability to search and view results in context

Customization Capabilities

--Complete control over design and layout

--Keyword purchase and promotion

--Totally configurable search criteria

--Complete control over design and layout

--XML results return

Powerful and Flexible Site Indexing

--Incremental crawling

--Indexing of password protected sites

--Indexing of multiple domains

--Control over indexing timing and depth

Software As A Service

--Browser-based administrative interface

--Full reports on successful searches, queries not found, most popular search terms, etc.

--Email report summaries

--Quarterly tune-up for search results

As an expression of its confidence in the new product, CrownPeak is offering an implementation guarantee with CrownPeak Search. If a customer isn't satisfied with the system, CrownPeak will modify it until satisfaction is achieved.

About CrownPeak Technology

Based in Los Angeles, CrownPeak is the first company to provide world-class Web site management software as a service. CrownPeak solutions include CrownPeak CMS, an enterprise-class web content management solution and CrownPeak Search the first on-demand search tool designed specifically to automatically and continually learn from both the content and user's search behavior. CrownPeak delivers its unique combination of software and services to such clients as Crain Communications, Honeywell, Hyundai Motors, the University of Southern California, and the State of Virginia. CrownPeak solutions support hundreds of sites, thousands of users and millions of web pages. CrownPeak has been named to eContent's 100 most influential companies list, has won eWeek's prestigious Analysts Choice Award and InfoWorld's "Excellent" rating, and is a 2003 and 2004 SIIA Codie Award finalist as Best Content Management System.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 1, 2004
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